we have a new playmate

hi guys! sorry i dropped out for a while. i guess by now you know i burn fast and furious, then fizz out as soon as there’s a lapse. the red eye back from cali really did me in and the last thing i could do was get on the computer. one thing i’ve learned is to give into that feeling of nothingness  when it strikes!

so of course, even though i’ve been trying to stand still, life doesn’t.  in between my moments of downtime, i was graciously introduced by mandy of a la parisienne to a new friend who’s someone i know you’ll love. apart from her impeccable taste, she’s had several illustrious careers and survived some inconceivable tragedies and has come out the other side with a new career and lust for life.

her name is karina gentinetta and her blog is karinagentinetta.blogspot.com. she’s new to the blogging world and is already beginning to understand the beauty that only bloggers can explain or share. if you have a minute, check out her wonderful world on magazine street in new orleans, where she’s bringing fresh air to a city that sure appreciates it.

these pics are all hers from the shop. she  made me remember how much fun a store can be.

welcome to blogging karina, and thanks for believing in me too!



February 5, 2010. Antique Shopping, Blogroll, Friends, Furniture.


  1. Stephanie replied:

    Love her! Her shop is so gorgeous in person. Everywhere your eye lands there is something exquisite to see.


    • theparisapartment replied:

      hey stephanie! do you live nearby? i’m dying to get to new orleans!


      • Stephanie replied:

        I do. Karina is helping me re-decorate several rooms in my house right now. She’s become a friend and her store is so pretty! You must come down soon.



  2. Karena replied:

    I am heading over to her blog right now, thank you for sharing such beautiful images!


  3. yvonne Rosenfield replied:

    Glad you got some rest, The photo’s are lovely.
    The shop looks so pretty. You are such a good friend to tell us about it.


  4. Page replied:

    Great post! And I bought your book. I will be reading it from cover to cover (I do that sort of thing). I hope you will cover floors at some point too. We used to live in San Francisco so I recognized most of the spots you took pictures of – somehow SF looks better in the pictures. I really enjoyed the time we lived there, but I am really glad to be in S.California now, even though we’re broke and it is ghastly expensive. Glad to see you back. I really, really enjoy your blog and it is a very popular blog all over the web! God bless you, Page


  5. jules @ The Diversion Project replied:

    Oh how i do love a new playmate…and man what a cool, lovely, clever one at that.

    If only this etsy store was in the same country as me, it would be empty by now :)



  6. a la parisienne replied:


    Karina’s story and shop are such an inspiration!
    I am so happy that through blogging we will be able to share this journey with her!

    I hope you have a great weekend!



  7. Judith replied:

    Hi Claudia, I just love this post and I can’t wait to get to her blog to check it out! These pictures are amazing. Such an inspiration.
    Have a great weekend,


  8. julie y. replied:

    Just came across your blog! Great post. Her store is fab!! Thanks for sharing!


  9. Elaine replied:

    I love finding new blogs to check out. Will have to give it a look.


  10. FrenchBlue replied:

    Hi You!
    Did you ever make it to LA? Those dd chairs are killing me! Do you remember how much??
    Loving you and missing you too!


  11. Nia replied:

    Absolutely fascinating blog you have :) I am a huge fan of interior design and decoration and this blog just blew my mind. It has a certain character that many blogs are missing.


  12. chichunters replied:

    such beautiful pieces. love all of them


  13. Elaine B. replied:

    What lovely things! Thanks for sharing!


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