from the cockpit

hi everybody! i have to apologize for popping in and out these days…i’ve been crazy busy and to top it off am assisting liz on a shoot to dress 50 people. we’ve been starting at the crack of dawn and going till the wee hours. i didn’t quite know what i was getting into and have one more day of servitude tomorrow. i wish i could show some of the things we got but it’s hush hush. let’s just say it’s some of the prettiest clothes and accessories. there’s a sort of french rivera vibe but  i can’t give too much away cause she’s doing her thing   ;p   but i’ll keep you posted when it’s out. in the meantime she’s pretending to boss me around (of course i let her cause when i need her she’s johnny on the spot). and when we’re not drinking cafe au lait, and scheping to and from the car, we’re imitating each other’s boyfriend and trying to out-stripe each other. she did find me this little jacket and we’re having a ball as usual.  still, i’m exhausted so again, it’s short and sweet… and now to veg out for awhile with the housewives, hooray! stay toasty!

February 26, 2010. Fashion, Friends. 11 comments.

in the thick of it

a little flapper love for no reason at all~

hey guys, hope you’re home and chillin’ tonight!  i actually have to have a report ready by tomorrow (i feel like i’m in high school), so i have to make this short and sweet. i have to thank fifi flowers for sending me this painting she made from one of my photos of paris last spring. fifi, you always put a little more color in the world!

(you can see the original post above)

ok well sorry to cut it short but a call is coming in…i better go! have a great nuit!


February 24, 2010. art, flappers, Friends, Paris. 10 comments.

we’ve got a lot of what it takes to get along

hey guys! i’m on a conference call and should be listening more carefully…while watching golddiggers of 1933!

i better go…enjoy!

February 22, 2010. 1930's, Films, flappers. 11 comments.

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