a day in a life

happy saturday! i’m here again with just about a minute to say hi. tomorrow am i’m meeting with mb’s friend who’s going to help me lay out the book! i know it sounds stupid but it was  real block. so i have homework but just wanted to post a few minutes of a super full day.

we were lucky to have a car and covered a ton of ground.

it’s like disney magic. but of all the things we did and saw,

i think the highlight was a detour into an estate sale held in a quintessential san fran home. it was the home of a woman who lived a san francisco life. the garage was full. there was a vanity, family photos, a pretty green oven, tons of costume jewelry and little chairs. she was a diva!

inside, her personalty really shone through.  she loved detail and had a ton of white gloves, lingerie bags and embroidered linen hand towels.

i think this was her but am not positive

it’s kind of weird and sort of sacred when you get to look so intimately into someone’s life.

i had to smile coming across her collection of lotto games.she must have had 45 versions.  i could  just imagine her hosting lotto parties  in this pretty little place on the hill in her bejeweled caftans.

ok well i better go! haven’t touched that homework. happy sunday!

January 31, 2010. California, San Francisco.


  1. Vicki Archer replied:

    Sounds fun Claudia…did you find some goodies? xv


    • theparisapartment replied:

      hi vicki! if you can believe it, i restrained myself. that’s no fun, i know, but i have so much to take home. i could have gone nuts with the loot in this town. it’s eVerYwHere!


  2. yvonne rosenfield replied:

    Your comment on weird and invading ,,I know what you mean..

    That makes me think of the Movie ZORBA ..
    there was a scene that gave me nightmares.
    The French woman is on her death bed and
    the Greeks are robbing her. It was so awful
    I never forgot it.



  3. Melissa replied:

    You are still here in my pretty city by the Bay! I’m back home now after Southern state jaunt….
    Looks like you are finding some pretty treasures.

    Oh how I would love to share a latte with you!


  4. Nadine Bouler replied:

    beautiful pics– thanks for the tour!


  5. joanny replied:


    The pics are real nice shots of SF the way the town is laid out you feel like you are in a stairway to heaven.

    I know what you mean about it being “weird and sort of sacred when you get to look so intimately into someone’s life.” In the past I worked in a Trust Department and had to go into peoples homes and sort through every single item and work with auctioneers to arrange for the sale of the property — sometimes it would get to me – for these items held memories & stories for someone. I was young at the time and at first it was just ‘stuff’ -after a while I came to a realization & new respect for how I handled the dispersed someones property.
    the dowsers daughter


  6. unknowntheartist replied:

    It is very interesting to be sift through other people’s items that they held dear to them in life. I am loving the front of the home, it is so cute ad elegant at the same time. The lady must have been quite the character :) Some great memories and collections found there, i bet :)
    (I must admit that, that is the second monogrammed item pic I have seen in 24 hours on the internet without trying so one more monogram and I am getting some done!)


  7. Karena replied:

    Claudia so interesting! So many intimate objects and the stuff of real life!


  8. ateliercheri replied:

    Love the way you told that story!
    Of all the treats, though, is not breathing that air off the bay the best?!


  9. theparisapartment replied:

    oh so true! we traveled the entire perimeter of the city and that is the best air!


  10. Libby replied:

    The woman’s likeness was used in a Gap display at least a year or so ago. Now I want to go through my Andy Warhol book collection to find her identity!


  11. La Petite Plume replied:

    Your Majesty!

    I want to go now!!!! I can’t take it! The mirrored furniture is TO DIE FOR!!! I just want it ALL:)) What fabulous pics, thank you sooooo much for sharing them with us!

    Royal wishes,


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