it’s all in the edit

morning guys! another day in gorgeous california with once again about 30 seconds to post this.  as i do it’s becoming glaringly obvious how my shots have a distinctly french focus, but these were my faves in a quick edit from yesterday. guess i’m just predictable!

do you always think about living in a town when you travel there? i love to imagine it, and this place is filled with details that would be inspiring to be part of on the daily.

we did walk the streets for hours and hours the other day and yesterday went up to napa to do some follow up from the fancy food show. it’s another world. like you’re in the middle of italy. or heaven.

and not to be cliche but i did have a great pain au chocolat up there ;p

today we’re running in and out of a ton of tea shops and restaurants back in san fran. but the sands thru in the hourglass are slipping and so is all my attention to work, so gotta run and get some done. have a wonderful weekend!

January 30, 2010. Architecture, California, San Francisco.


  1. Amy replied:

    I imagine living in places I visit alllll the time! I thought I was the only one who did that!


  2. ateliercheri replied:

    Sometimes, quick and pretty little posts are the best. Love this one! La tendance française?
    Celebrate it; I do!


  3. Elaine Power replied:

    love the picks the french inspired building is sooooo gorgeous, have a great weekend!


  4. jules replied:

    always do that when travelling – i pick out the house, the clothes, the car, the boyfriend, hehe

    love those shots, looks like a cool place to be.



  5. KeKe replied:

    I love the architecture!! California has some pretty amazing history with great architectural details attached to it. I must say you are lucky~


    • theparisapartment replied:

      thank you keke, i’m feeling pretty lucky right now.
      california is a place i just adore for the architecture but just have never spent an extended chunk of time here. i think it’s time!


  6. joanny replied:

    Your post is like you just woke up from a delicious dream and quickly jotted down the best details and imagery before you forget as the day wears on – so you can come back tonight and dream some more, how divine.
    I could forgo not having a garden to live and look out that window ( in the pics of your post) and walk downstairs to all those lovely shops and then to go and have a morning pain au chocolat, but oh fickle me – then again I see those vineyards and olive farms, lavender fields and oh my heart skipped a beat….
    the dowsers daughter


    • theparisapartment replied:

      this made me smile…i’ve been having those sort of ghostly dreams that fade fast and you’re so right! also about choosing between city and country life. who can choose? it was only a 45 minute drive so maybe a city pied a terre and a bit of terroir on a farm?


  7. Karena replied:

    Very lovely images, so glad you are having a fun time!


  8. cindy replied:

    yes, i find myself saying “oh I could live here so easily!” i have done it to so many cities I cant even narrow down a favorite. grass is ALWAYS greener in a new city….


    • theparisapartment replied:

      it’s like every town or city becomes more picturesque with the thrill of discovery around every corner.


  9. julienne replied:

    If I could get on a plane I would be there tomorrow to see the rest of the town! Just delightful


  10. kathleen crowley replied:

    Oh my goodness! I walk by that building all the time! Ive lived here so long that I forget how beautiful it actually is! I have to look up more. Thanks for the reminder!

    I love your blog!


  11. Molly Mackey replied:

    I Love the Napa Valley….did you make it to Calistoga. Calistoga is the coolest small hippie town. The mustard growing in the vineyards (the small golden yellow flowers are so beautiful.) Thanks for sharing…pictures are fab.

    Molly /


  12. pam robinson replied:

    san fran, napa, and … BOUCHON all of my favorite stops… love the posts… short and sweet… x pam


  13. Corporate Housing Barcelona replied:

    I love all the images here, It is very beautiful….Thanks


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