can’t believe how much i miss you

that’s YOU i’m talking to! my blog friends, my family, my family blog friends, my family friends…

it feels like days since i’ve checked my emails. i’ve been living with and brainstorming with my girl mb (et al), who’s organizational skill set me straight and i’m thrilled we’re forming a team. she could be coming to paris with me this spring to oversee all the projects from shooting the book to reviewing apartment, filming it, streaming live, and making the app! geez it sounds like a lot suddenly…well if mb is up for it, i sure am!

well, the emails and  stuff still call so i’ve got to go. (ifi’m gonna see any of this city, that is. plus it’s the first day of sun in 2 weeks!

fyi these are total non sequitur photos off my desktop, the two above saved from a quick trip into the blog pool without noting it, so if it’s your shot, please let me know  ;p


lynn goldfinger’s paris hotel boutique

January 28, 2010. Friends, Life.


  1. jules replied:

    Cooking up plans is fun, even better with company that you love.

    Enjoy it!

    Really excited to see everything you’re working on –



  2. La Petite Plume replied:

    Hey Queenie!

    I wish I were hanging on to your coat tails and leaving to France too:)) Love the first pic of the bed!!!!

    Royal wishes,


  3. yvonne rosenfield replied:

    That is a cozy bed.
    Have a wonderful trip. Stay safe and good luck.
    Wishing all goes well for you.



  4. a la parisienne replied:


    It sounds like you have many exciting things ahead for you! Hope all is well in your world!



  5. Write Girl replied:

    This sounds like such an exciting opportunity. I love projects and I’m sure your creative wings will soar. Best wishes to you : )


  6. Nina replied:

    Oh!! It’s nice to be missed! Haha! Isn’t it funny how these blogs and the strangers who comment can become so important? It’s nice that people can network in such a positive way without even meeting face to face.


  7. Karena replied:

    Oh yes I would be there in a moments notice!


  8. Bonnie replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    The pictures are so beautiful! So many wonderful things are happening for you! Are you still coming to LA? I hope you can!!!! The rain went away for now…

    Guess what? Yesterday I got 100 followers on my blog which I started almost one year ago on Valentines Day. I am ever so grateful to you for encouraging me to start a blog and for your help along the way. Thank you Claudia! You’re the best!
    Bonnie at Love Your Place


  9. kayellen replied:

    Stopping by to see what you are up to? Sounds like alot is going on~~creative friend!

    Enjoy your weekend:)!

    Kay Ellen


  10. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    You have so many exciting things to do !!! Hope to see you in Provence in spring


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