taking two seconds


hey guys, i feel like i’m not giving my blog much love these days cause i don’t seem to have a minute to myself while i’m traveling which is weird. guess it’s different when you’re around kids and the family scene which as a single gal i don’t do on the daily so more time is available to languish in blogland. well, soon enough i’ll be home i guess so for now it’s back to it in about 3o seconds. for these few moments i just wanted to say hi and send you over to a giveaway at our girl karen sugarman’s place…she’s got some gorgeous handmade earrings she’s raffling off for valentine’s day so if you get a chance, take a look!

more as soon as i have another shot of time to get away! xoc

January 26, 2010. Blogroll, Giveaway.


  1. cityfarmer replied:

    ooohhh … there you are!

    beautiful jewels!


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    hi grandma joy!!! your angels are unfathomably beautiful, i don’t know how you can take it!
    you must feel like the queen of the world!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats on your new addition, she is heavenly!!!!!!


  3. KeKe replied:

    I LOVE the bedding ensemble~It’s richly colorful and decadent! Yummy!!


  4. Elaine replied:

    What a fabulous bed! And gorgeous oolors too!


  5. julienne replied:

    For a girl who is passionate about white and clean lines I NEED that bed head!!!!! I love the color, the shape and the texture would be just right. What a cruel thing to do to tempt me like this!!!Thank you Julienne


  6. theparisapartment replied:

    it is delish isn’t it? and rare to see so much color seem so fresh and mod. i’ve become a simple girl too but still love the over the top stuff and can’t get enough of the headboard either!


  7. Amy replied:

    beautiful! the headboard reminds me of a fuchsia, royal version of a gingerbread house. a dream room!


  8. Noel replied:

    Hi Sweet Dews~

    Karen’s stuff is GREAT – I love that necklace. Thanks for sharing.

    I hope you get some time for yourself soon.. It’s hard to balance everything at once huh? Us woman take A LOT upon ourself. :-)) Hope you’re having fun.

    xo Noel


  9. Nina replied:

    Love that necklace! It’s a very spring necklace.


  10. Lauren replied:

    I want both the headboard and necklace!! lovely!


  11. Lauren replied:

    oh sadness, the necklace is slightly out of my price range! :o) Still amazing… *sigh


  12. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Can’t wait to see you back ! Love the 1st pic


  13. Alva replied:

    I NEED that necklace! What else can I say really? Wow! Gorgeous!!!


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