cross it off the list

bonsoir tout le monde! hope things are good and you’re  kicking back enjoying this perfect night.

it went fast but today was the last day of the show and a good time was had by all.  there was a lot of tasting and talking and i just wanted to share a few flavors our chef brian presented. above is a gorgonzola-stuffed grape and below is the original four cheese and pear fiocchi pasta from labratorio tortellini of  italy.

mmmm, it was so good! there was truly an incredible amount of vendors and new products and  thank god there were volunteers who came and took all the extra stuff from the convention center to local shelters.

et voilà! tomorrow i belong to this city and can’t wait to get with my girls and run around town. till then, i’ll just digest…bonne nuit and suite dreams!

January 20, 2010. California, Gourmet.


  1. city hen replied:

    Just enjoy…


  2. Karena replied:

    Yummy!!! What beautiful images! I hope you enjoyed the show!


  3. Amy replied:

    gorgonzola stuffed GRAPES? how perfectly decadent. they look so much larger than they really are. i must try this!


  4. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Yummy ! I want to taste them , it looks delicious


  5. Amy replied:

    Can you imagine the patince required to hollow out and stuff grapes? oh my goodness….


  6. Elaine Power replied:

    Look’s yummy, I hope you had fun if I was serving that I would have been so tempted to eat it, hope you got to sample!! :)


  7. Judith replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    So glad to hear the show went well! It must be so different than furniture but a learning experience all the same. Those grapes look delicious! I hope you have a wonderful trip! I can’t imagine what fun you girls are going to run into tomorrow! Have fun and Bonne Nuit!


  8. Di Overton replied:

    Oh my, imagine stuffing grapes it must take an age or are they giant grapes?


  9. Slices of Beauty replied:

    Yummy, so yummy!


  10. Dad replied:

    Wow! The willpower of those volunteers must be superhuman!


  11. pam robinson replied:

    it all looks magnificent…. yummmmmmie
    have a lovely weekend… x pam


  12. The Antiques Diva replied:

    If I wasn’t hungry before popping over to your site to check what’s new chez toi, I am now! Thanks to these yummy pictures, I’m making reservations for an Italian dinner tonight! My husband and I will toast you with a glass of Prosecco! By the way, next time you’re in Paris you should snag an AirBerlin flight and come chez moi for a celebration Berlin Style!
    All the Best,


  13. yvonne Rosenfield replied:

    Glad your trip went well,
    I like stuffed grapes,
    the food looks very interesting.
    Enjoy the experience.



  14. Renae replied:

    Oh my goodness, that’s the kind of conference I would like! Enjoy your time!


  15. Kristina replied:

    Thanks for making my stomach growl! :)


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