some time has come

hey guys, it’s been awhile but when i get with my friends and their kids, it’s like the rest of my life melts away!

you know that friend who knows you better than you do yourself?  that’s who i’ve been with for past few days, having a grand old time with my college roomie, mb and her little lambs at their home just outside san francisco. i’m here in sf for the fancy food show where i’ll be helping my guy at his booth, serving teas and other yummy products from around the world that he imports. it’s a big change from the maison objet (i just couldn’t go in the dead of winter), or the ny gift show, but i’m looking forward to that change in a way. stepping outside my usual box it’s easier to see what to do next with what i have instead of just piling on new and more info, people, products, trips and all the things  i usually do this time of year.

mb’s an idea and action girl but we’ve only been talking about doing so many things for so many years. normally all our big talk dies once i’m back east, so for the first time in almost a decade, we made a pact to turn the talking into action, which means sequestering ourselves together for the next couple weeks to combine forces. in college we had no idea what we’d be, we were major blank slates. but over the years i’ve developed into, well, we know what i do, where she’s become organized and focused. let’s just say the opposite of me!

i have to run to the show now but will take some pics and maybe even video. so more soon!. hope all is well with you!


January 17, 2010. California, Dreams, Friends.


  1. Elaine Power replied:

    So glad you are having good times with your friend, have fun at the show!!


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks elaine! day one was exhausting! food is way different than furniture but i like having a new perspective.


  3. Elaine B. replied:

    How exciting! It`s so nice to reconnect with old friends isn`t? I am so looking forward to traveling this year.


  4. theparisapartment replied:

    hey elaine! it sure is…they know you best with strengths and weaknesses. we’ll have to keep each other in check tho, cause the couple days we did have together were spent with us yacking it up and letting everything else fall to the wayside!


  5. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    What a great new experience !!! You are always full of surprises


  6. Courtney @ nesting instincts replied:

    I love those kinds of friends! They are few and far between…so you gotta take care of the ones you have, you know?

    I’ve so enjoyed getting caught up with you and your latest travels to SF. I feel like I get to live vicariously through you. :-)

    Btw, I just launched my own Etsy shop if you want to check it out! :-)


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