a day in a life

happy saturday! i’m here again with just about a minute to say hi. tomorrow am i’m meeting with mb’s friend who’s going to help me lay out the book! i know it sounds stupid but it was  real block. so i have homework but just wanted to post a few minutes of a super full day.

we were lucky to have a car and covered a ton of ground.

it’s like disney magic. but of all the things we did and saw,

i think the highlight was a detour into an estate sale held in a quintessential san fran home. it was the home of a woman who lived a san francisco life. the garage was full. there was a vanity, family photos, a pretty green oven, tons of costume jewelry and little chairs. she was a diva!

inside, her personalty really shone through.  she loved detail and had a ton of white gloves, lingerie bags and embroidered linen hand towels.

i think this was her but am not positive

it’s kind of weird and sort of sacred when you get to look so intimately into someone’s life.

i had to smile coming across her collection of lotto games.she must have had 45 versions.  i could  just imagine her hosting lotto parties  in this pretty little place on the hill in her bejeweled caftans.

ok well i better go! haven’t touched that homework. happy sunday!

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it’s all in the edit

morning guys! another day in gorgeous california with once again about 30 seconds to post this.  as i do it’s becoming glaringly obvious how my shots have a distinctly french focus, but these were my faves in a quick edit from yesterday. guess i’m just predictable!

do you always think about living in a town when you travel there? i love to imagine it, and this place is filled with details that would be inspiring to be part of on the daily.

we did walk the streets for hours and hours the other day and yesterday went up to napa to do some follow up from the fancy food show. it’s another world. like you’re in the middle of italy. or heaven.

and not to be cliche but i did have a great pain au chocolat up there ;p

today we’re running in and out of a ton of tea shops and restaurants back in san fran. but the sands thru in the hourglass are slipping and so is all my attention to work, so gotta run and get some done. have a wonderful weekend!

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can’t believe how much i miss you

that’s YOU i’m talking to! my blog friends, my family, my family blog friends, my family friends…

it feels like days since i’ve checked my emails. i’ve been living with and brainstorming with my girl mb (et al), who’s organizational skill set me straight and i’m thrilled we’re forming a team. she could be coming to paris with me this spring to oversee all the projects from shooting the book to reviewing apartment, filming it, streaming live, and making the app! geez it sounds like a lot suddenly…well if mb is up for it, i sure am!

well, the emails and  stuff still call so i’ve got to go. (ifi’m gonna see any of this city, that is. plus it’s the first day of sun in 2 weeks!

fyi these are total non sequitur photos off my desktop, the two above saved from a quick trip into the blog pool without noting it, so if it’s your shot, please let me know  ;p


lynn goldfinger’s paris hotel boutique

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