in between time

hi everybody~hope you’ve had plenty of good cheer and are getting a in a little downtime before the new year.

here it’s been a perfect holiday full of friends, family and good food that kept me busy every minute til just now.

ny is bustling (and frrreeezing)! but there’s something spectacular on every corner with all the lights and uber-theatrical shop windows.

i’m back to work and since i’m in town for a couple days, went on the hunt for a chaise lounge and struck gold at a friend’s warehouse.

right now the cold seems far away. the fire ‘s going and i’ve been working on taking the pics, but think i’ve about had it for tonight. we went to see avatar last night and are about to watch 500 days of summer so…

this is such a seinfeld post about absolutely nothing, i really just wanted to say hi.

funny how after holidays to see where you end up when you get back to work and life and priorities.

i’ll stop over for a holiday visit tomorrow and say hi. till then, buona notte!

December 30, 2009. Furniture, Holidays.


  1. Bonnie replied:

    Wow, once again we think alike! I JUST made a post with a picture of a beige chaise and a celadon sofa! Perhaps we all feel like lounging around!


  2. Bonnie replied:

    Whoa… your post is called Inbetween Time and mine is Celebration Intermission… I’m freakin on our synchronicity!!!!


  3. jules replied:

    What a great chaise!! Makes me green, i really wanted to bring one back from Paris this year when i was there…but only so many times you can bribe young boys into looking at what they classify as “girls’ things”.

    Oh well next time! Shouldn’t complain I did do OK on the shopping front really – not sure if Dior has recovered from two Aussie boys playing Transformers on their shiny floor though :)

    p.s. just saw a photo of “my” paris bedroom flick over on your ads – nearly squealed!!


  4. Chrisy replied:

    Divine chaise darling…hope you don’t have to work over New Year…


  5. cityfarmer replied:

    I could easily nap right now on that decadant chaise


  6. Martha replied:

    I love your post. Everything is so beautiful. I wish you all of God’s blessing this coming year. I will be back a lot. Martha


  7. Martha replied:

    Thank you for visiting. Wishing you the best that God has to offer in 2010. Martha


  8. Bonnie replied:

    Happy New Year Claudia! I am so excited for the New Year! I’m here in LA in January… It would be great to see you! Yeah!!!!


  9. Gypsy Purple-Chamara replied:

    Wishing you a happy and blessed 2010!!!!. Gypsy Purple–Chamara


  10. Chatelaine replied:

    Great chaise, how I would love one for my living room.
    Just my style.

    Happy New Year. If it’s any comfort, we’re freezing in Boston too.


  11. Eliana Tomas replied:

    Happy 2010. All your wishes to come true.
    It’s been great to blog with you and get so much inspiration from here.


  12. tish jett replied:

    Happy, happy new year, dear Claudia.

    I hope your year is filled with success in all the ways you wish and of course, joy, love and adventure.

    Warmest regards,


  13. Isabel ~ Maison Douce replied:

    Oh, my, that chaise is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!! Wishing you a wonderful new year!!


  14. robyn pope replied:

    happy new year! all the best to in 2010.
    Cheers~ Robyn


  15. bean bag furniture replied:

    I think that I was born in the wrong era. I get so much insperation from looking at the pieces of the past.


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