5th Avenue Freezout

hi all! i’m in nyc and for all my big talk of running around, the furthest i’ve been is up to bergdorf’s and back. sadly most of my photos didn’t do the windows justice. they as were fab as expected, but the glare of the sun kept me from getting good shots. here are a few of mine (the detail shots) and good ones from lisa golightly’s blog featuring shots by Rudy Pospisil of anothernormal.com (who’s apparently been shooting holiday windows all around the city). i’ll let him brave the cold this year… it’s brutal out there!

these were the ‘windows of curiostiy’

she was super small, you can see her in the first floor room on the left

there was a ton of detail.

juicy couture’s windows

lord and taylor’s windows

and if you’re a window lover too, you may want to put this on your wish list:


windows are such magical little boxes. it’s amazing how much life and drama can fit into them! these are just the tip of the iceberg as far as the bergdorf windows. if you’re obsessed like i am, check out anothernormal.com ‘s incredible shots.

to all the window display artists, thank you for another year of bewitching us!

December 23, 2009. Holidays, New York.


  1. Nina replied:

    Ohhh! Those windows are gorgeous! That first dress is so pretty…I wish I could wear a flower like that around my eye and not look crazy!


  2. Chrisy replied:

    Those pics of Rudy’s are just magical…I want that little house! Stay warm dear and have a lovely Christmas.


  3. Elaine Power replied:

    Oh my gosh how fantastic are they, thanks for sharing now go get warm on some mulled wine!! Happy Christmas Holidays Elaine :)


  4. Vicki Archer replied:

    Happy Christmas Claudia…..xv


  5. Daisy replied:

    Merry Christmas my Queen!

    These window displays are amazing!! Especialy that huge bear!!! So much work! I will have to myself across the GWB and see them:) I may tonight, as I plan on going to see the tree. Thank you for the great shots:)) Have a blessed holiday Claudia!!



  6. kayellen replied:

    Oh I love the windows Claudia!!
    Did every tell you I did windows display, dressed mannequins in the eighties…I would travel to many May Company’s stores decorating for seasons,remodeled stores and of course my favorite was Christmas:)
    But a New York window WOW that would have been a dream come true!!
    Merry Christmas Claudia!!

    Warm Hugs from California:)
    Kay Ellen


    • theparisapartment replied:

      no, i didn’t know that about your past, what a great job traveling to decorate windows, i love it! it’s a mini theater!


  7. Slices of Beauty replied:

    Merry Christmas to you!


  8. Irene replied:

    Lovely, lovely, so lovely! I so much enjoyed the tour! Wishing the new year will bring you excellent health and the fulfillment of your dearest wishes.


  9. thebeautyfile replied:

    Beautiful!! I love seeing all the fantastic holiday windows!


  10. Jennifer replied:

    I, too, adore window shopping. I could walk and browse for hours on end. Everyday. The pic of the white piano and chandelier; love it!!


  11. Gabriela Delworth replied:

    Hello Claudia,

    Happy New Year from snowy Toronto!

    Love these windows on 5th Ave. such a delight of creativity and display.

    ~ Gabriela ~


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