it’s the same thing every year

no matter how many times i’ve seen most of these films, i’ll always stop to watch them when they’re on once a year.

i grew up watching them with mom and dad and love when we get a chance to catch one together over the holidays.

i don’t think i’ve ever seen this one

and love this one to death. they ride in in a snow sleigh!

of course some we all know by heart

but there’s the next generation to think about.

i wonder if they’ll love the originals like we do?

don’t think i’ve seen this one either…

so many were remade in the 80’s and 90’s, but why mess with perfection?

i guess some things never get old My Way

as my friend joy would say, they’re comfort food for the soul!

well, i’m off to bed, this is what happens when you fall down the amazon rabbit hole. but it was fun! if you know any i missed, please add to the list!

December 19, 2009. Films, Gifts, Holidays.


  1. Karena replied:

    The Holiday and Love Actually!


  2. Redness replied:

    Darling Claudia they’re all oldies but goodies but the tissue factor is massive for me … you’re so brave my eyes would be puffy from now till next year ;)Sending you huge hugs for a Happy Holiday time. OO


  3. Claudia replied:

    I love watching classic Christmas movies! Today, Meet Me in St. Louis is on TCM at noon – how can I resist watching Judy Garland sing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas?”
    I want a copy of the last one you showed – with Bing and Frank – it brings back all sorts of wonderful memories.



  4. Daisy replied:

    bonjour queenie,

    i just love all of these movies and today would be the perfect day to watch them all. we are expecting a HISTORIC snow fall here on the eastcoast!! yeah!! hot chocolate and movies:)) thank you for setting the mood for this snowy day:)

    Royal wishes,
    La Petite Plume


  5. Blue Satin Sashes replied:

    Can you believe I’ve only seen a couple of these? I know what I’m doing this weekend… Thanks for the list!


  6. valmaxi replied:

    Christmas in Connecticut is very cute. I have it and would recommend it. Barbara Stanwyck is a Martha Stewart type magazine celebrity, who in real life can’t boil water. Of course things go wrong from there when she has to host a war hero for Christmas and has no idea what she’s doing.


  7. Vivi replied:

    Yes, it is the same thing every year, but aren’t these just the best things to revisit? Love these movies!


  8. lady jicky replied:

    Just for something different , try to see “mixed nuts” – quirky but fun !


  9. rochambeau replied:

    Thanks for this post. A few I watch every year, but any I have never heard of.

    Merry Christmas Claudia!



  10. Dad replied:

    Hi, Claude
    We really enjoyed your blog today featuring the old Xmas films. Here are a few more among our favorites like In The Good Old Summertime with Judy Garland and Van Johnson which is a sweet musical remake of The Shop Around The Corner with Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan, a lovely little movie, too. In fact, you can see the trailer here:


  11. Pamela replied:

    Oh, it’s The Bishop’s Wife for me! Every single year. When Cary Grant takes her hand, looks into her eyes, and says … “the only people who grow old were born old to begin with. You were born young. You will remain so.”

    Ah, I swoon.


  12. the paris apartment replied:

    i see why! i’ll watch for that line…anything cary says is swoon worthy!


  13. Film: A Great List of Retro Christmas Themed Movies | Ultra Swank replied:

    […] Claudia from The Paris Apartment have compiled a list of great Christmas movies from the past that will no doubt get in anyone the perfect holiday jingle-jangle mood! Classics such as Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas and Holiday Inn are just a few of these retro gems from times gone by. Head over to her blog to see the full list of movies. […]


  14. Kama replied:

    Hi I really enjoyed your blog this old Xmas movies :).

    I hope my blog will successful like your ;)

    Best regards from Poland ;)


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