enough is enough

i’d like to extend a HuGe welcome to Karen Sugarman of karensugarmandesigns.blogspot.com. i’ve admired her work for a very long time and now she’s part of the family! you can see her ethereal creations on the sidebar or visit her website, karensugarmandesigns.com. her work is incredible and a gift that will be treasured for sure.

hey guys, happy saturday night!

i’m staying in after a day of running around town. i had big work plans but it’s already getting late.

i’ve been trying to tighten up the site after completly procrastinating. i haven’t done any holiday homework till now. good thing most of my shopping is done.

sort of…

Hi Lauren,
Great to hear from you! I do have the fabric for sale. You can find it here.


my computer is getting hot so maybe this is as far as some of these pics will get tonight. listing new things is all consuming with everything from taking pics to writing text. fluffing it up is a real endeavor when it’s the last minute. but little by little like everything else, i guess. anyway today’s new additions are clear pics of the script fabric and linen dust ruffles from leigh of papillion linens.

do you know leigh? she’s a fellow blogger, author of papillonlinens.blogspot.com

original creator of the smock top curtain and these pretty pillows above. we did the ny gift show together and now i’m we’re getting her in the boutique little by little.

she works with anyone in the trade so if you have an online store or clients who like custom work, check her out. you can make almost any thing in like 50 colors of incredible belgian linen.

stop by her blog to see her post about my current obsession, this chaise!

i’m determined not to let these pics just sit in a folder and be forgotten. it’s gonna get holiday crazy so it’s now or never. these are from my friend lorraine’s shop in the city (elle w collection). i love the gorgeous goodies in her store. if you need gifts, she’s one stop shopping. she got this frame in paris.

for him, a vintage shagreen & wood jewelry box…what could go inside?

while in the city i ran into my dear friend, patricia of purelypatricia.com. she’s a multifaceted designer and aside from grand estates, she also creates these headdresses out of vintage beads and flowers and velvets and ribbon. they’re all one of a kind works of art. katie perry just wore one onstage!

so well that’s it! now you’ve seen the machinations behind the scenes ;p

glamorous, huh? thank god i love what i do. and love to do it with you!

i’m off to have some fun, it’s midnight! bonne nuit!

December 13, 2009. Holidays.


  1. Vitania replied:

    Oh those pillows are just lovely… and that chaise, tres elegante!

    have a wonderful day


  2. Karena replied:

    Here is Karen Sugarman again . I love her jewelry! They are all works of art!


  3. theparisapartment replied:

    morning and hope you’re having a great sunday!
    karena, have you seen karen’s pieces before? glad she’s getting exposure, i agree, they’re gems :)


  4. Gypsy Purple-Chamara replied:

    Cote` de Texas just had a post about Karen Sugerman and I visited her blog…love her work….great things you have here…


  5. theparisapartment replied:

    oh wow, i’m sure she knows but i’ll tell her and pop over for a visit myself!


  6. Blue Satin Sashes replied:

    Love the new jewels and the simplicity of the linen pillowcases – gorgeous colors!


  7. amy replied:

    what a fitting picture to be in that gorgeous frame! she looks angelic with her quilted wings. lovely post!


  8. theparisapartment replied:

    love it! quilted wings, how chic!


  9. Leigh Chandler replied:

    Claudia, You are such a doll! You so graciously promote other designers, bloggers, boutiques, entrepeneurs, etc.! Thank you and where do you find the time and energy? xo Leigh


  10. rochambeau replied:

    So much goodness!!!!!! Where shall I start? Let me begin by congratulating your boutique of artists for being featured on Extreme makeovers!
    Next, your new treasure, the parfume bottles are magnificent!
    I’m M A D for these headdresses. I’m going to check out now!!!!!
    Hope you are having happy holidays, Claudia!


  11. the virgin vintage replied:

    those headpieces are amazing! so inspiring for me because i just started on etsy with my own creations and i really hope one day katy perry wears something of mine! ooh maybe audrey tautou? thanks again!


  12. Lauren Ellis replied:

    Is that French Script fabric available to the public, and where can I get it? It’s absolutely fabulous!!


  13. theparisapartment replied:

    hi lauren, the fabric is incredible in person…you can get it here:




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