Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?

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happy new year’s eve everyone! my tradition of getting lost in a vintage flickr world each holiday is still one of my favorite pastimes and today’s trip was as much fun as ever. i’m in an airport right now but it’s snowing so we’re not sure when or if we’ll leave. since i’m about to run out of juice i wanted to say a quick hello and wish you the best of everything for the new year!

it may seem like i’m stuck in a vintage time warp but i look at life from just 100 years ago and see how much we’ve changed and how much is the same since the turn of the century.

seeing how this decade flew by makes me really want to make something special of each day and stop wasting time.

well,we’re boarding! i’ve got to sign off so have a fabulous night whether staying cozy at home or painting the town rouge!

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here’s a toast to you, my wonderful friends and hoping this will be best year the planet has seen yet!

December 31, 2009. Holidays. 17 comments.

in between time

hi everybody~hope you’ve had plenty of good cheer and are getting a in a little downtime before the new year.

here it’s been a perfect holiday full of friends, family and good food that kept me busy every minute til just now.

ny is bustling (and frrreeezing)! but there’s something spectacular on every corner with all the lights and uber-theatrical shop windows.

i’m back to work and since i’m in town for a couple days, went on the hunt for a chaise lounge and struck gold at a friend’s warehouse.

right now the cold seems far away. the fire ‘s going and i’ve been working on taking the pics, but think i’ve about had it for tonight. we went to see avatar last night and are about to watch 500 days of summer so…

this is such a seinfeld post about absolutely nothing, i really just wanted to say hi.

funny how after holidays to see where you end up when you get back to work and life and priorities.

i’ll stop over for a holiday visit tomorrow and say hi. till then, buona notte!

December 30, 2009. Furniture, Holidays. 15 comments.

that time of year when the world falls in love


hi guys! merry christmas, happy kwanza and good wishes to everyone gathering and celebrating with their families and friends over the next few days.


of course i went flickr surfing this morning and realized what i want in my stocking…


hope you get what you want in yours ;p

i want to fall in love with a little lamb who needs me too!

also wanted to say thank you to jennifer of everyday beautiful life. she’s running a column on what people find beautiful and asked me for my input. she posted it here.

enjoy your time together!


December 24, 2009. Holidays, illustration. 20 comments.

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