it’s the little things

hi all and happy sunday, hope you’re having a fabulous night. it was another perfect day in nyc. i was like a horse to the stable back to the market for a couple things from yesterday. it’s been a long time since i got my nyc flea on. i needed it and didn’t realize how much til just now.

i actually went back to take a closer look at the vintage metal ornaments that were stacked up yesterday in a heap.

the detail was amazing and they were selling them for between $2-$6, and i took two.

on the way out spotted this 20’s navy linen jewelry box with a bunch of old trims and kitchen stuff. you can imagine my surprise to find this silk and velvet interior and clasp that works like new. not to mention made in paris!

i asked how much? she said, ‘you just want the box?’ and i was like ‘yeah’, and she was like…’ok, $2′

needless to say, i died. i put my toys inside, loving the market for it’s tiny thrills. i’ve been downsizing lately and haven’t been indulging.

et voila…of all the millions of things that happen in a day here, it’s sometimes the smallest ones that can get creativity flowing. i love when everything comes together :)

November 22, 2009. Fleamarkets, New York.


  1. Lavender Dreams replied:

    I love seeing all the beautiful things you find! You have a great blog!


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    thank you lavender, i’m happiest when finding beautiful things!


  3. Bonnie replied:

    Hi Claudia…
    You’re right, jewelry cases are in the air! I like the midnight blue in your new case and your treasures look beautiful too. I really like the chandelier with the blue crystals below too. Looks like you had fun treasure hunting!


    • theparisapartment replied:

      hey bonnie
      i sure did. new york is cold and dreary today but there’s more treasure hunting around every corner! today i may check out the auctions and some old haunts.


  4. GraceGal replied:

    oh, I am trying not to be jealous! I can almost feel that feeling you have when such a discovery is made :) Good for you.


  5. Bellezza replied:

    Oh, you found such treasures! It made me want to hunt with you. I hope you enjoy every little thing you’ve indulged in, and thank you for sharing them with me vicariously. I’m glad you visited my blog today; I love yours!


  6. Fabulous Finds Gal replied:

    What great little treasures! Congrads on being listed in InStyle for best of web. That’s seriously fabulous!! I’m off to find that issue.

    Fabulous Finds Gal


  7. Nadine Bouler replied:

    That’s exactly the kind of thing I love to stick in the bottom of a lingerie drawer to discover later.


  8. Joy For the Journey replied:

    Ohhh, I’m SO glad that I am not the only person that’s been ‘roughed up’ for taking pictures at The Garage!! What the heck is up with that!?!?


    • theparisapartment replied:

      i’m so sorry that it happened to you. it didn’t happen this time cause i was super slick and someone warned me when i was there. but it’s awful they way that ruins it. i mean, what do they think is going to happen?


  9. Shawna McPhail replied:

    Oh I do so wish I lived in a city that had a flea market. If my town had a flea market all I would find would be Harlequin Romance novels-no not even that probably just Norah Roberts these day. Maybe some old tupperware. I would have taken home more than just two things from the pile of metal ornaments. How did you resist?


  10. theparisapartment replied:

    i wanted to get more ornaments but only had $6 on me! i’ll go back next weekend, it’s a good excuse ;p


  11. chatelaine replied:

    Oh I would love to flea in NYC. Love that heap of metal.
    Endless possibilities. That box was a steal.

    Looks like you had a fun day.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  12. lilidebretagne replied:

    Oh Lovely precious things !!
    Have a good day,


  13. isbelle replied:

    un peu de frivolité toujours parisienne!! Bien sûr!! Il ya ussi de belles choses au Marché au Puces de Madrid (EL Rastro) et vers le Sud. Vous y trouverez toutes votre bonheur, peut-être!! Fouille, fouilles, mesdames et messieurs! Merci pour “sharing”.


  14. Daisy replied:

    Love love love these little treasures! I wish I too could have ran my fingers in all of those unique pieces. Lucky you and excellent finds, Bravo!

    Royal wishes,
    La Petite Plume


  15. Paris replied:

    I love this post! Would you mind sharing what fleamarkets you frequent in the city? I would love to check them.


  16. theparisapartment replied:

    hi paris, of course! in nyc i love the garage on 25th between 6th and 7th aves, also the outdoor market on 25th between 6th ave and broadway. there’s a ton of antique dealers across the street from there in the showplace and its neighbors. there’s another one,a smaller one on 6th at around 17th too. another is up on 9th and 10th aves on 39th st. there are more too, one on colombus and if you want to go into brooklyn, try have fun!


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