i’ve gotta get out more

hi guys how are you?

i’ve been collecting photos of china this week since the pres has been there, realizing how little i know about how about so much of it. even armchair traveling was incredible and i hope to get there  to see its incomprehensible beauty one day. before these shots get buried and i thought you might enjoy them too,  just for a change of pace.

anyway, i took an impromptu earlier flight to nyc for the holidays and cut my apartment and puppy hunting short for the moment.

amazing how virtual reality is just a plane ride away…

one reason i came to the city  was to meet with legendary french chocolatier, jean francois bonnet. nycwineandfoodfestival.com/2009/view-person

he was as charming as he is creative. it was better than a trip to the wonka factory but i have had my fill of cocoa for the day! but that only happened after sampling what seems like an unlimited array of scents, flavors, textures.

jean francois is a wonderful pastry chef who will create almost any infusion, flavor and bon bon concoction for you. then you get to put it in a beautiful box and tie it up with a bow.

the endless supply of is limited only by the imagination and although we tasted everything from chili to tea combinations, my favorite was this incredible crispy crunch that was traditional and addictive.

even choosing the boxes was fun. this is something anyone who wants to brand themselves can do, as jean francois has very small minimums so it’s the perfect way to have seasonal bonbons in your store. and they’re great for weddings and favors.

it’s a great no brainer as you choose your box,

ribbon, and your favorite confection. it’s beyond infinity!

how cute are these?

well, more about that as it develops. til then bonne nuit and more fun stuff tomorrow i hope!

November 20, 2009. French Chocolate, New York.


  1. Melissa replied:

    You shouldn’t post things like this so late at night, now I need a midnight chocolate snack!


    • theparisapartment replied:

      LOL you’re right, and i was eating chocolate till the minute i fell asleep! i don’t think i’ll need another bite for a very long time!


  2. Vicki Archer replied:

    Delicious Claudia…I love the look of those crispy crunch chocolates, I would be totally lost, xv.


    • theparisapartment replied:

      i LOVE those! they’re about 2 x 2 and i think those are the ones i’m going to put in the pretty boxes for the holidays.


  3. Bonnie replied:

    I just tried to eat my computer. Those chocolates look delicious! Hope you are having fun!


  4. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    As Bonnie , I wanted to eat the screen of my computer. THey look so yummmmmmmmmmie


  5. merilin replied:

    Oh ! seems so fun:)
    I think a nice box of chocolate as a present is never too clichee or “out”. But I mean a NICE box, with a little bit of fantasy inside/outside of it:)
    Have a loevly day!


  6. renee finberg replied:

    gimme gimme gimme!!!!!
    this looks divine.
    you are indeed a lucky gal!


  7. Michael replied:

    What a great blog. The visuals! Eclectic at its best; thanks for sharing.


  8. Passementerie replied:

    China is wonderful – we spent three weeks traveling there a couple of years ago – we took a train from Moscow to Beijing and then wandered slowly to Laos, via Yangshuo. Have you seen the film The Painted Veil? There.

    And I positively die for that chocolate…


  9. Fifi Flowers replied:

    I’m NOW dying for a piece of chocolat!!!


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