to thee and thine from me and mine

(i borrowed the title from one of the old vintage cards)

hello dear friends! it’s early but it’s about to get crazy and am not sure when i’ll get back here. the next few days are gonna to be filled to the gills so this is just a quick note while there’s a quiet moment.

i’m a sucker for vintage holiday stuff and there’s a ton of it on flickr so i had some fun searching the pretty old drawings and sweet sentiments.

i do want to take a sec just to say that i’m so grateful to have you in my life. even thought it’s technically a virtual friendship, it’s really real to me.

(funny to think this card is probably from the 20’s and they’re talking about an ‘old fashioned’ thanksgiving).

well, better get back to it! all the best, i hope your day is full of life and laughs with the ones you love.

happy thanksgiving everyone!

November 25, 2009. Holidays. 22 comments.

ny ny it’s a wonderful town

well hey everyone, how’s life?

it moves at the speed of light here in le big city! i’ve been working at home during the days but night have been filled with wonderful friends and beautiful places.

i can only take one at a time, there are so many fabulous facets to each and every one. this is my current favorite place for entertaining, the bowery hotel. if you’re in the city meeting friends for the holidays, this is the perfect place for a rendezvous. you can meet in the hotel lobby or at the bar, both are magnificent with a roaring fire and furniture upholstered in leather, mohair and velvet.

it’s downtown, right on the bowery between bond and great jones. we’re neighbors so we’re in and out, and every time we go we have the best time!

outside courtyard

i haven’t stayed there and am only seeing their rooms for the first time right now.

and this could be my favorite restaurant in the city right now. it’s gemma, alongside the hotel. it’s got everything you could want in a large cozy room with tons of candlelight and ambiance. not to mention great food! i fall in love just walking in the door to this hotel and restaurant. if you’re here, enjoy it!

photos via

well anyway, you know how nyc is, you can step outside and a million things happen at once. this was a sliver!

tomorrow i’ll be out and about all day and hope to find some ny magic. (note to self, bring camera)

til then, bon soiree and have a great night!

November 25, 2009. Hotels, New York. 14 comments.

it’s the little things

hi all and happy sunday, hope you’re having a fabulous night. it was another perfect day in nyc. i was like a horse to the stable back to the market for a couple things from yesterday. it’s been a long time since i got my nyc flea on. i needed it and didn’t realize how much til just now.

i actually went back to take a closer look at the vintage metal ornaments that were stacked up yesterday in a heap.

the detail was amazing and they were selling them for between $2-$6, and i took two.

on the way out spotted this 20’s navy linen jewelry box with a bunch of old trims and kitchen stuff. you can imagine my surprise to find this silk and velvet interior and clasp that works like new. not to mention made in paris!

i asked how much? she said, ‘you just want the box?’ and i was like ‘yeah’, and she was like…’ok, $2′

needless to say, i died. i put my toys inside, loving the market for it’s tiny thrills. i’ve been downsizing lately and haven’t been indulging.

et voila…of all the millions of things that happen in a day here, it’s sometimes the smallest ones that can get creativity flowing. i love when everything comes together :)

November 22, 2009. Fleamarkets, New York. 21 comments.

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