where oh where has my little dog gone dog

cold october 1790

image via americanduchess.blogspot.com

i love this old fashion plate, she’s the epitome of october.  i hope you’re warm and cozy tonight.



as i mentioned the other day, i’m thinking about getting a dog, it’s been a year since i lost daisy at 17 years old! she was a pit bull i fell in love with on my way to get a poodle. i wanted a little somebody to run around with and we sure did that. but she was a bit of a bull in a china shop (or my shop for that matter), and this time i think i’ll go more of the teacup type.



meet the candidates! these are a couple cuties i found on local adoption sites.



tomorrow i’m going to visit them but a couple have holds already.



still it was fun to look and fall in love!



who do you like best? how can i choose?! well, i’ll keep you posted, have a fabulous night!

October 28, 2009. Living, pets.


  1. marcy replied:

    I don’t think that you can go wrong with any of them but that chihuahua is absolutely adorable! Best of luck picking out the newest memeber to your family.


  2. Judith replied:

    CLaudia, they are adorable! I have a little Shih tzu and she is my precious. She is the second of the breed we have called family and they are just wonderful dogs :) I adopted my Daisy via a shih tzu adoption site that rescues them and I’m so lucky I have her!
    Good luck finding your doggy soul mate! <3
    Can't wait to see pics of your new addition!


  3. Nina replied:

    I’m so excited for you, and I’m glad you’re going the adoption route. There’s so many pups out there that need homes, if I had my choice I’d have about five. They’re all adorable, so I’d say take home whichever one still needs a home! Can’t lose! :D


  4. Pamela replied:

    Good for you! And how can you choose indeed?!! They are all perfect, but I’m partial to the third one with the pinkish nose for some reason. A certain look out of his eye that speaks of good character! You’ll know him when you see him, I am certain of that! Congratulations…. life is better with a dog!


  5. aurorasuzette replied:

    Loved reading about you in Oct Travel & Leisure, am a bit green about all that Paris shopping though! We have a poodle/bischon cross that was a little rescue puppy about 4 years ago. Looked exactly like that last picture. He’s sweet, a great size, and just smart enough!


  6. Jennifer replied:

    They’re all so precious but I really love the last one!! I’m so happy you’re choosing to adopt!!!


  7. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    A shin Tzu for sure. We sure miss ours and they are adorable and do the whole baby-forever kind of thing really well. Cuddly, lovable, and full of personality and very smart.
    Thanks for the email, will email back tomorrow as I am in the middle of packing. Ciao.


  8. Melissa A. replied:

    Oh, how sad they look, but so sweet too. I think the little black dog wants to go home with you, definately!


  9. cj replied:

    Oh my gosh, I have been on petfinder all week, I want a little dumpling too…..I was thinking greyhound…now I’m thinking toy…lol… keep me posted!!


  10. Trish replied:

    Oh the last one is adorable! Toy Poodle? My parents bought my sister a toy poodle (we had always had big German Shepards)…smartest little dog. She knew when we were close to my grandma’s home in the country, would crawl into my Dad’s lap while he was driving to stick her nose out the window in excitement. Oh, they’re all so adorable! Good luck!


  11. caren replied:

    The last one! She looks like my dog, Noodle. She’s a shipoo. Part shitzu and poodle. She is so loveable and smart!!!!


  12. Visual Vamp replied:

    I love them all! One will choose you!

    If you’re still up tonight would you do me a favor and vote for me – I’m in this little contest, and I’m losing by about 40 votes. You have a couple of hours left – the vote is for today Wednesday. Thanks xo xo
    Here’s the link:



  13. YSLGuy replied:

    Adorable! I’m also a firm believer in that they pick you!! I wanted a teacup female Yorkie, and we left with a male Yorkie. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    I can’t wait to see pics of your new addition!


  14. Claire Jeffery replied:

    Look into getting one of those gorgeous little mini pigs! so cut, however I’m thinking your more of a French Bulldog type o gal!! tres fabulous!!!


  15. Jane replied:

    What happened to Panda, your kitty?????


  16. Cynthia Maniglia replied:

    Of course, we vote for a Bichon Frise. The breed does have a French name.
    And they’re adorable lap dogs. Very good in china shops!

    Sorry to hear about your lose – your Daisy will always have a special place in your heart.

    Good luck finding the pooch that was meant for you – he or she is waiting!


  17. Noel replied:

    How can you choose! Look at all those puppy eyes! Good luck today on your visit. :) Thanks for sharing, they’re adorable!


  18. Sondra replied:

    I’m with Jane, Where is your Kitty???


  19. theparisapartment replied:

    hi guys, just got all your messages…wow! you KNOW i want every single one of these cutie pies!!!
    what to do, i don’t have a yard or even outdoor space right now. my home is not my own. it’s a motivating factor to get motivated :)
    as for the panda, liz took him since she had the yard.


  20. Passementerie replied:

    How exciting! My vote goes to nos. 1 and 3. I’m not a fan of bony little dogs – I love the softness of the little black pup and the little mini-lab with his munchable ears.

    Best of luck, whichever you choose and fall in love with!


  21. Bonnie replied:

    Pretty pictures… I like the lady’s orangie red outfit, especially that furry wrap! And look at her bracelets!

    All the puppies are so cute! I don’t know how anybody chooses a pet as there are so many that need love. Is one of your choices in greater need of a home than the others? I would be inclined to pick the white puppy with the dog bone. The brown one has pretty blue eyes too. I’m sure which ever you choose, you will both be very happy!


  22. Paris Hotel Boutique replied:

    Awww!!! Get the poodle! Vito needs a cousin AND poodles don’t shed, they are really smart, and a teacup will fit into your bag! And, they can dance the Can Can. Poodle, poodle, poodle!!!!


  23. PBW replied:

    My vote is for the little black dog. Adorable.


  24. Patricia replied:

    I just recieved a Chihuahua for my birthday three weeks ago from my daughter and he is wonderful. I have always had large dogs – I really love his smallness and he is so full of love. He is smart and very protective. I think you would be pleased. Good luck with your new puppy.


  25. theparisapartment replied:

    oh my god i love you guys! they are all so cute aren’t they? i need them all.


  26. Charlie replied:

    OMG C! They are all so loveable, it breaks my heart that they can’t all go home with you (cause I know what a lucky doggy that will be). The last and second to last seem to be talking with their eyes. I wish I was there, I am very allergic, I might be tempted to take one or several home with me. I cannot wait to see which one you fall in love with!


  27. liz replied:

    Oh, that little poodle is just breaking my heart, he reminds me of my little Duncan who I lost 2 years ago. He just looks so soft and cuddly!!


  28. chatelaine replied:

    All the pups are adorable. I would choose the first dog. It has such soulful eyes. I think it’s saying pick me!

    You just have to meet them and then you’ll know. Or sometimes they pick you.


  29. cityfarmer replied:

    remember when we used to chat everyday?

    I guess the puppies stole your heart away … seriously, I miss you … and I should be stopping by more often … I committ to do just that.



  30. Julie replied:

    I had a Chihuahua for YEARS, they’re really great pets if you train them well, otherwise they’re prone to yappiness! I currently have a Shih-Tzu and she is the love of my life! I’d definitely suggest going in and playing with the pups to see how you mesh! Good luck and keep us posted on which one you pick!!


  31. Paisley replied:

    We have two Shiba Inus and I love them to death. I would warn anyone thinking about getting one to do their research though. They are not like most dogs, I would almost consider them more like a cat. They are very independent and like to challenge their owners constantly. So if you’re wanting an unwavered companion they are probably not the dog for you. But I love them and their temperment nonetheless! Can’t wait to see what you decide!


  32. Gypsy Purple-Chamara replied:

    Oh wow…they are so cute….I`ll go for the last one…always the cuddly one for me….


  33. Di Overton replied:

    Never mind the dogs I want that hat


  34. Francine Gardner replied:

    So hard to choose!!! I lost my beloved Kali last year to charcoal that she voraciously ate behind my back. My husband and son went to the local pound in search of a smaller dog this time (I used to breed Maltese…) and came back with 2 mixed breed pitbulls. One had been left, tied to a post for a week, the other was living with drugies that ended up in jail. Except for constant digging holes in my garden, tearing up our pool cover……. they are making our family complete again to the ittation of our cat .


  35. Tawney--A Chichi Life replied:

    They’re all so cute! It’s too hard to pick a favorite.


  36. Leigh Chandler replied:

    Oh how adorable! I’m with Passementerie above. I’ve seen too many Chihuahua types that are way too shy and nervous; you are so outgoing and vivacious and deserve a pup just like you – absolutely irresistible!


  37. renee finberg replied:

    i need to TOOT claudia’s horn for her.
    nov 12th 2009 at 2:45 pm at the DCOTA, in dania beach fla.,in the pierre deux showroom, clauda will be speaking and signing her book.
    if you come it is the middle building , in the second floor.



    • theparisapartment replied:

      hey gang! i live in a place where i can’t have a dog…yet! i was going to hide her but don’t want to live like that. it’s inspired me to move so that’s the good news.
      thanks for the horn toot, renee, i’ll post about it later today! xoc


  38. Debie replied:

    Claudia darling, adopt a Japanese Chin! They don’t bark, don’t chew up things, practically housebreak themselves, love to travel,are really smart,don’t have a lot of health issues and are rumored to be the mysterious Continental Spaniels of the early French court.I know of a lovely pair from Florida in dire need of adoption right now.


  39. theparisapartment replied:

    hi debbie, where are they? i am looking at apartments today so i can take some little lambs in!


  40. Debie replied:

    I am trying to contact Romeo and Hashi’s caretaker…I will get back with you asap.


  41. theparisapartment replied:

    please do…but i have to get the apartment first where i can have a dog. i’m working on it and hope to move VERY soon!


  42. Dominique replied:

    I’m so happy you’re adopting! I have a poodle :) And poodles are one of the smartest breeds and so attached to their owners! Can’t go wrong with any though! They’ll all be lucky to have a home :D


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