my weekend in paris


quel weekend! i hope yours was fabulous and you’re relaxing on this sunday night. i’m about to call it a night myself but wanted to remember a few hours that were so well spent. my other boyfriend here, joseph, is a fashion aficionado as well as a movie lover. he convinced me after some duress to go on friday night to the miami beach cinematheque for the ‘fashion on film festival’ featuring documentaries on some of the french legends. friday it was karl lagerfeld so that combined with dinner afterward at a la folie next door made it too hard to resist.


so i got it together and rode my bike the few blocks to prove i wasn’t a total flake after i’d promised in the morning to go. the film was absolument magnifique! if you haven’t seen it, ooh la la, do! it’s a look into his world with glimpses into his homes, philosophy, designs style, personal collections…not to mention the clothes.


i know these are out of order but the next night was yves st laurent. i figured it was just an hour or two and a bike ride away so what the heck. the film was (as ysl would say), ‘ravissant‘! a lot less action than karl as this was his last collection and he was very focused but not too animated. seeing the difference in creative styles and watching these brilliant men at work was absolutely enthralling.


as fate would have it, valentino was playing back to back with ysl. joseph had seen it already so he took off but i was hooked and decided to become a member then and there and stay for the double feature. valentino may have been my favorite of the three. what passion! his homes, his partner, his business, his dogs, his world! if you have a fashion lover in the family, any of these films would be an incredible gift. i hate to watch a movie twice but i don’t think these would ever get old.


as a membership perk, they offered a free screening of coco before chanel today. i almost didn’t go cause, well how many movies can you see in one weekend, and there’s been a lot of this topic covered already but…how could i resist!? so, off i rode and it was so worth it! now i’m about to hit the hay and dream of the worlds that we were invited into for those few magical hours. thanks, joseph for giving me that push. guess that’s what friends are for :) bonne nuit!

October 19, 2009. Fashion, Films, Paris.


  1. Ms. Jenn replied:

    I LOVE the Miami Beach Cinematheque! Had it not been for me having the flu, I would have been there and finally met you. It’s so charming.


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    omg that’s terrible that you’re sick but great that you’re here. there’s a lot that’s coming up so let’s make a plan!


  3. ghettoblackify replied:



  4. Di Overton replied:

    Sounds perfect to me


  5. Vicki Archer replied:

    The perfect weekend….xv


  6. aimhigh12 replied:

    OMG! sound perfect.


  7. Charlie replied:

    Your weekend sounds marvelous! How fun! In Helsinki the Premiere is on November 06th and I cannot wait! Sleep tight!!


  8. Redness replied:

    Oooh la la is right … thrilled you made such a rewarding effort … magnifique. xo


  9. Chrisy replied:

    Good grief what a weekend! What a ride!


  10. Cynthia replied:

    Fab fashion films. I love offbeat film festivals and would have joined you in a heartbeat but for the couple thousand miles between FL and CA. I saw the Coco movie on Lifetime with Audrey Tatou and Shirley MacLean. Is this the same one? It was pretty good. Can’t wait for the Anna Wintour Vogue movie to be out, next week I think.
    Thanks for the interesting post.


  11. Nadine Bouler replied:

    I saw the Coco pic last week and I loved the cinematography. But next time I’d like more fashion– I’m addicted to Chanel.


  12. Purple Area replied:

    Sounds lovely!


  13. Judith replied:

    Sounds just perfect Claudia!!
    I recently saw Valentino and I LOVED it! Now I have to see the other three, you’ve inspired me…yet again!


  14. Passementerie replied:

    I would love to see the Valentino film, but I fear that Oxford isn’t quite, well, fabulous enough. I *did* get to see Coco before Chanel here though a few months ago and I loved it. I want those black-piped white pyjamas…


  15. gypsyrosewrites replied:

    How gorgeously glamourous, both the post and Coco – still not seen! Jealous! x


  16. lilidebretagne replied:

    Incredible Coco’s life !!! (Audrey Tautou’s have an Italian face not French !)
    A bientôt, Béatrice


  17. Gypsy Purple-Chamara replied:

    Hi there…I`m back in blogland and catching up on all the 100`s of fabulous posts I missed out on…..and here you are still posting all these dreamposts…really missed it!! –Gypsy Purple -Chamara


  18. parisbreakfast replied:

    I missed Valentino by a day and wanted to cry.
    I guess I’ll have to go the DVD route..
    Loved all the others


  19. chatelaine replied:

    Fashion films, that sounds great. What an interesting way to spend a weekend. I’m sure each one was special.


  20. Cafe Fashionista replied:

    I think that seeing film after film is a spendrous way to spend a single weekend – especially when the films have much to do with fashion. Dying to see Coco Before Chanel myself – Audrey Tautou is just adorable! :)


  21. Chessa! replied:

    what a fabulous way to spend an evening. I always love coming here. the valentino film is going right to my netflix queue.


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