decorating in paris: take two

Rue Monge View

Rue Monge Salon 3

Rue Monge Dining 1

hi guys! hope you’re enjoying a bit o’ RnR and watching your favorite guilty pleasure! you may remember about this time last year when i was asked to spruce up an apartment in paris. of course i was thrilled and when the owner said i should ask the bloggers for their opinions and naturally, i did just that. you also may recall that the owner got really offended by the suggestions. she thought we said she had bad taste and told me to %#@ off!

i was bummed of course for the misunderstanding but also cause it was a dream of a lifetime! well, another chance has come along. this particular client just purchased a two bedroom in the 5eme. we’re going to meet in the spring and decorate floor to ceiling in a week.

Rue Monge Salon 2

and (thank god) this one really does have good taste (these are before pics. i know you know but someone may not)!

she said: I really want to maintain the traditional style of the apartment. I have a good idea of how I’d like to furnish it. I’d like an elegant, cosmopolitan, warm, comfortably romantic Parisian apartment. I like a mix of old and new.

of course we’re shopping for it all at the fleamarket so everything’s right at our fingertips. (it’s almost cheating).

Kitchen 3

the kitchen and bath will get renovated before i get there.

Bath 1

but the bedrooms, living and dining rooms are ready to go.

Rue Monge Master

Rue Monge Guest

ok, with this shot you may have to really use your imagination. oh, who am i kidding? i think we all see the potential here, even with this decor. more soon, bonne nuit!

October 9, 2009. Antique Shopping, Decorating, Dreams, Fleamarkets, France, Paris, Paris Apartments, Real Estate.


  1. Melissa A. replied:

    I can’t wait to see it when it’s done.


  2. Bonnie replied:

    Your new client has a beautiful place! I really love the walls, ceilings, mouldings and that niche! Is there a mirror over the fireplace or is that a window? I can’t tell. I’m sure with your design skills it will look magnificent when you finish! ‘m sorry about the previous “client.” I wonder if she actually liked the suggestions, and just carried it all out on her own?

    Kellie at Ada & Darcy’s blog just made a post about “What Interior Style Are You?” ISCD – International School of Colour and Design has a really fun quiz to find out. It asks just a few questions and you answer them with the pictures and descriptions.


  3. Passementerie replied:

    My father has latched onto rue Monge as the perfect place to live in Paris, and he is probably right! Central enough to be central, just out of the way enough to be outside the most expensive areas and of course it’s very handily situated for food shopping and so forth. Some day…


  4. Heather replied:

    Oh, I tried three times and 75% of the photos won’t load, what I can see is great though!


  5. Chrisy replied:

    Yes a beautiful canvase for you to put your magic on girl! Look forward to seeing how it turns out…


  6. theparisapartment replied:

    hey guys! are you seeing the pictures? for some reason some people are having trouble with them. i was but now i see them! i appreciate your feedback!


  7. rochambeau replied:

    Have fun working your Magic Claudia!

    I mentioned your fab article today~


  8. amber renée replied:

    eek — absolutely adore your finds <3 always love coming along with you on your adventures via photo! would love to feature a thrift adventure at miseducated <3 xxoo


  9. Judy replied:

    Claudia, husband and I just bought a flat at rue de grenelle as a “pied-a-terre”. Needs total renovation. Are you an architect? Could you help? Coming to Paris next week. Thanks, Judy


  10. theparisapartment replied:

    hi judy, CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!! sounds like a dream! i’m not an architect but can recommend some great people to you, i’ll write to you from my email and send you some contacts.


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