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hi guys! as you know i was heartbroken and have been whining about missing the paris show. and i’ve had time to think about why. i just get so much inspiration from it, and missing one is like missing a fleeting, one time only work of art; a brilliant gathering of design all under one roof. truth is i have so much info from so many shows i haven’t even touched including pics i never even edited from the past couple years. i dug around and found these from ’07 and ’08.


the great news is that both  erica from the last post and madelyn who i’ll introduce in the next, are BOTH gonna go and have agreed to take pics as our correspondents!



this is at least motivating me to go through my stuff and really refine.



well, as fate would have it, the florida home show is on right now, woo hoo, and we live around the corner from the miami beach convention center, so i’m going tomorrow. obviously the design is a smidge different than paris but i’m gonna make the most of where i am right now and see if i can get find inspiration there.

thank you erica and madelyn, can’t wait to see what’s new!

happy weekend everybody!

September 5, 2009. Design, Design Show.


  1. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    AS it turned out, I missed it too…. due to a late website launch so whatever you can show us will be more than welcome to take away the sting of not being in Paris right now! Ouch! It is probably best, it looks so fabulous I would certainly get into trouble.


  2. Caroline replied:

    I love how these rooms all look ultra-modern yet like they belong to a starlet from the golden age of Hollywood… So very feminine without being frou-frou.


  3. Elaine replied:

    Simply stunning interiors. A feast for the eyes. Have fun at the Miami show.


  4. maureen replied:

    Are you talking about Maison et Objet? Never been but I would love to go…sigh, maybe next year!These are fabulous images, drooling at this moment :)


  5. Vicki Archer replied:

    We can’t do everything Claudia and who knows what will turn up tomorrow right next door. Have a great rest of the weekend, xv.


  6. Trish replied:

    Hi Claudia. Thanks for those bed photos (need my fix)…and that gorgeous wood framed mirror! Trish


  7. Melissa replied:

    Just remember, there are always treasures around every corner!


  8. Maureen replied:

    Hi Claudia,

    I absolutely love all the beautiful boudoirs you show us. I would love to see some romantic baths, too, if you have any that you could share. I’m particularly fond of those with clawfoot tubs. I am moving to a new apartment next month and will have my first clawfoot tub! I am looking forward to my first bubble bath in it!



  9. amanda replied:

    The last pic, or the bed has a wonderful harlequin wall treatment! Love it! WHat did they use?


    • theparisapartment replied:

      i think they just used foam and covered it with pleather. to tuft the walls, just add staples and a button or drill a hole through the wood first and pull the strings to tie.


  10. tiff replied:

    i love all of those, but especially the audrey pictures in the mirrored frames. so sleek and classic.


  11. a la parisienne replied:

    Bonjour, Claudia!
    All of these images are beautiful, but the second image of the boudoir with the canopy over the bed is so incredibly romantic! Je l’adore!


    • theparisapartment replied:

      that was such a pretty booth. that’s what i mean though, i still have all those vendors to go thru from last year!


  12. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    I don’t go …I’m waiting for your correspondent’s pictures to inspire me


  13. Tanya replied:

    These pictures are beautiful. Convinces me more than ever to continue with my plan of all white bedding. I just want to jump in and sink down into that bed!


  14. Elaine Power replied:

    So sorry you coudn’t make Paris but hey great that you have some one you know going hope they send you loads of inside info, enjoy miami, wish I was going!! So love La Maison, there Perin Dinning Table modern baroque range is gorgeous, thats whats in Oz at the moment.


  15. Dad replied:

    I loved your interview with Haven In Paris’ Erica Berman. It’s so upbeat and informative that it should be offered to a magazine.


  16. Bonnie replied:

    The bedroom furniture and linens are lovely! The canopy bed cornice is similar to the one I got from YOU along with the french cane bed. I love the photos from Breakfast At Tiffany’s! The room in the last pic is my fav here! Very glamorous! And check out that floor lit from underneath… Now thats a new way of lighting a room! Is that really possible? Its pretty cool…


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