looking into the layers


hey guys, how are you doing on this summery night? i hope you’re safe and sound and life is sweet.



i had to post today to clear the air and just cheer up. i’m looking at life and biz in a different way suddenly. usually they’re one in the same; when one suffers so does the other and i think that’s what i want to change. i’m ready to grow up a little with my business and savings and not do absolutely everything on the fly.



as of right now i’m letting go of the past and moving into the future with thoughtful planning and as much precision as i can muster. as a creative type it goes against my grain to do either but at least i’m aware and that’s a start.

welp that’s it. my pity party is officially FIN!

enjoy your night and those you love!



September 3, 2009. Flowers.


  1. Linda Donahue replied:

    Bet you wore a fab chapeau at your party!


  2. Barbara Jacksier replied:

    I’m sorry life has been rough. Perhaps I can buy you an extra large mojito when I come to town next month!


  3. miss bliss replied:

    gorgeous flowers! I understand the creative/analytical/practical battle! :)


  4. Melissa replied:


    You are always going to be a success no matter what avenue you choose to follow!

    However, I believe you are “right on” when it comes to separating biz from life…Oh how sweet life will be again!



  5. Di Overton replied:

    I totally sympathise. I love the creative process but hate the business side. Still, life could be worse.


  6. Vicki Archer replied:

    Business and pleasure – they always overlap don’t they? But why is it that business takes over so often?? xv


  7. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Life gives us lessons !!! Interesting post. I love these flowers shots. I talk about you to someone in Lemanach factory ( do you remember their show room in Paris ) . I’m going to give them you website address and blog ‘s address. She may contact you , don’t be surprise . Hope to see you soon in Provence


  8. Eliana Tomas replied:

    beautiful photos. your blog is always so inspiring…
    I’m going to celebrate my bday in paris and i will definitely have your blog in mind :)


  9. Dad replied:

    Forget Paris! ;-> At least for now. Glad you’re back on track. xoxo


  10. charlie replied:

    Hi C, You are such a positive person- it’s a blessing to be so pragmatic and have such a positive outlook. You know what’s right for you so just take a time-out, for you, and forget the rest for a day or two. Hugs darling and have a fab day! Thanks for the flowers, they are gorgeous!


  11. Judith replied:

    Hi Doll!
    It is so hard to seperate the two. Business has a way of taking over especially when it is a passion and a lifestyle not just a 9-5 that you can clock out and leave it there. Sweet, wonderful things are on the horizon for you! I just know it!!! Chin up dear friend, Paris will always be there, next time maybe I can meet you at the Ritz for some tea!!! :)
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!


  12. Passementerie replied:

    I understand. I’m trying to make some grown up decisions about business and money at the moment myself and it’s very hard.


  13. keepfeelingjoanna replied:

    ugh, i hear you on this. having the best of both worlds is difficult. but at least you’re looking at yourself from within and making decisions – which can be the most difficult part! i wish you the very best! xo


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