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clearing off my desktop, this one from beautiful thing to share

hey guys, how’s your day been? mines had highs and lows but it’s pretty leveled out right about now. whew.

do you have one of those friends who always finds the best stuff and passes it your way? i do. it’s bonnie of (she’s working with me on the vanity for humanity project and has a ton of great old vanity pics up on her blog right now that i had never even seen). i was saving some bedroom shots (don’t we all)? after shetold me about a contest that all the best is having to design one. but who could ever choose? i love the diversity of the boudoir and have made that particular obsession the core of my business. but don’t think i could ever pick one favorite.

Livingetc luxurious vintage Cool-country-bedroom

this one’s from living etc but if you know who’s blog i nabbed it from please let me know.


this is via trish at trouvais (another bonnie find full of eye candy, beware)! she has pics from one of my favorite books, TheBed by Alecia Beldegreen (below) and has become a new blog friend.


well, i’m a little rushed cause i just booked my cheap ticket to paris (nothing like procrastination to force a girl to move it along). it’s just that so much was going on that i almost called it off, but thankfully the stars are aligning.

i’ll be covering the maison et objet, another banquet of beautiful eye candy and design for the fabulous emag, parisien salon. linda is the creator who i met through blogging and lives just across the bay here in miami. we were kindred spirits the moment we met. turns out we have a mutual friend in erica of haveninparis who i met last may along with madelyn of i’m excited to be staying with both of them again. here’s my first stop:


there’s some in between time that procrastination has left open in the middle of the trip but I’m going to see what the universe throws me. may be back at lorraine’s for a couple days. i’m going to work on the Private Paris Apartments book, get my dose of inspiration and fall in love all over again. funny how paris calls in the fall.

i still have a lot to do and am trying to beef up the boutique before i leave and close out orders. (especially before i get sucked into even more stuff at the show)! i just listed some curtains, a year after the ad show. it’s such a work in progress.




anyway emails are coming in faster than i can type and better get back to work. i don’t want to stress out while i’m there and leave on friday…more soon!

September 1, 2009. Design Show, Lorraine's Apt, Paris.


  1. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    Oh stop!!You are killing me here…….but have a wonderful Paris week. XO


  2. Pamela replied:

    You always direct me to the best places! And I’m thrilled you have are working on a new book! Something to look forward to.


    • theparisapartment replied:

      hey pam, well i’m always working on ‘another book’! hopefully one of these days i’ll finish one ;p


  3. Melissa replied:

    Yes, Paris is so magical in the Fall!

    Enjoy your trip, Claudia!

    Bon Voyage!



  4. Judith replied:

    Claudia! I’ve been in love with those beaded drapes since last year, I think you are breaking me down! Have a wonderful Paris trip! I swear one of these trips I’m going to meet you there! I’m saving up my pennies :) Have a great, safe trip and I hope all is calming down for you!
    Bon Voyage! I can’t wait to see those pics!!!!


  5. Trish replied:

    Hi Claudia. Those drapes are gorgeous…love the rose. The yellow bed picture you like was so tiny (2″ X 3″?!)I felt silly for bothering to scan it…but the most beautiful buttercup color. So glad you’re going to Paris…sacrificing yourself to bring beauty back to us. Can’t wait for the pics.


  6. jeska replied:

    everything in this post is so so beautiful.


  7. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    These bedroom shots make me want to lay down


  8. a la parisienne replied:

    I haven’t been blogging for so long, but I have a post “in the waiting” that has that same gray and gold bed with the aqua bedding. Too funny!


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