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hi guys! it’s been a busy week and there’s lots of news to share in a day or so. today is just a note to say hi and indulge in a scrapbook moment from my spring tour in paris which is featured in october’s travel and leisure magazine! it’s a great excuse to dig thru the pics and thank everyone who was involved.


we had a ball running around and did not hold back while we were shooshed and laughed and skipped through the streets for days. the shots above were taken by anthony of oneandonlyparisphotography.com. i hoped that they’d use some in the article but oddly enough, they sent someone the next weekend to shoot the markets. i’ll never understand that but, whatever!


this was our group, toma, the antiques diva met us at a couple brocantes she had up her sleeve, lynn yaeger wrote the article and kim and kyle shopped with impeccable taste and got the gorgeous gems below (just a small sampling)!



so anyway, it’s nice to have a passion-turn-business and see the fruits of a lot of labor with an article like this.

my next trip to paris in january for the maison et objet and again in the spring, (dates tbd).

join the diva for the Foire Nationale à la Brocante et aux Jambons on the île de Chatou this year or next.

or come with me, you know you’re always welcome to join anytime i’m there as my guest, bloggers have carte blanche!

Paris Apartment Custom Shopping Expeditions

Travel and Leisure article

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in on the town


I put deadly nightshade in your cup of tea via dailybitsofbeauty.com

happy saturday night guys! i’m home catching up and chillin’ out. it’s been a long time since i’ve been able to just goof off and surf the web, say hi to friends.



there are so many pretty things it makes me weak! but getting lost in never never land can keep you from doing just about anything else including eating and sleeping so i’m about to wrap it up and go read.



suffice it to say, a good time was had.





(my new best friend)





on a night like tonight, i could never retrace my steps, but it’s so nice to know these links will be here forever now, preserved. most of my everyday friends don’t even know i have a blog. some people don’t give it credibility and even think it’s frivolous. but it’s such a fundamental way to connect, share and create. i know i’m preaching to the choir.







and i always leave inspired no matter how many i got to visit.

rosebowlflickrbebe beaux





anyway to prove that blogging isn’t for sissies, take a look at tara frey’s book all about it. i was excited to get my copy over the weekend and thrilled she included me. thanks, tara. i would show you my own page but don’t have a header so it really doesn’t translate, so i’ll leave you with this beauty instead: rebeccasower.typepad.com which is making me wonder if should get more creative with the layout.



well i hope you had fun on this little tour, i’m off to bed with a head filled of the pretty places i’ve been tonight. sweet dreams!

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some impact girl



hi guys, happy weekend! i’ve had a couple days to drop out, refocus, and get set for a 90 day regime. from today i’ll be making little changes that will hopefully have at least some impact on ma vie. (things like going to bed and getting up earlier, taking the stairs, and tackling the things that wake me up at night for starters)!

i read about no impact man a couple weeks ago and was intrigued by this new yorker who conducted a self experiment to see if his family could live without creating trash (and he had a baby in diapers at the time), or negatively affecting the environment for a year. it’s wild what one person can do.




it’s not a glamorous topic and will take effort, but i’d like to try to experiment myself and reduce the packaging i buy, use less electricity (not sure i could give up my curling iron), and unplug everything at night. but is is really possible to go completely without? or necessary? i just started the book last night so i’m not sure how he possibly did it. but doing a little green research for it led me to a lot of great resources. this gorgeously green book is enticing with the cute cover and makes it look sort of like fun!



one thing led to another and i’m stumbling on people and groups who are involved in changing things all over the world ( and look like they’re having a damn good time doing it).



pricilla woolworth is promoting products that are sustainable, earth friendly and made by hand.



i met these guys at the gift show and love their natural soaps from brazil.



and if you want a little more glam with your green, there’s always gisele’s blog.

what are some things you’ve been doing to go a little greener? one of the things i read was that women are responsible for 80% of what’s purchased on the planet for their families. is there something specific you’re doing at home? do you think air fresheners and swiffer pads will ever be things of the past?

have a great weekend!

ps a little food for thought:





Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage /video.google.com

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