it’s a really big show


hey everybody! i’m gonna get in trouble if i don’t come back and fatten the credits on this post up tomorrow. but tonite it’s all i can do just to post it. four days into the show and still one more tomorrow. it’s a real portal to infinity. i skimmed the surface but still hit each area and have about an hour tomorrow to fill in what i missed. in the meantime, just wanted to share some of the eye candy that’s had me running all over this joint the past few days. above and below is kumi kookoon. she makes indescribably gorgeous pillows, blankets and now nighties. below you can see her lusciousness in sets for gossip girl. the first is a pajama party and the second is blair’s dorm room.




i could have shot her booth all day, each piece was more delicate and beautiful than the last.


her middle name is detail.


i started at the pier. shine is the very first booth you see. i liked their vibe this year. it was fun and bold. they used silk charmeuse too but tye dyed it. it was super soft and vibrant.


and since i’m into turquoise this sofa was hard to resist.


and i’ll add more pics to this post later but wanted to get it underway cause as i’m going thru them, it’s infinite. the anakasa booth was mind boggling, both with the quality of their fabrics but also the quantity. this is the epitome of something for everyone.


ohh their smocking! it was one of the things i’m always drawn to.


oh and their loro piana cashmere, hand embroidered blankets were divine.


of course i was happy to find my girls from avignon! this year they painted linen and hung it around their booth again but this time, they’re printing and selling the panel below.



i love that they embroidered their logo


and everything they do is simple but so pretty.


ok this is where i’m trailing off, i have to go thru my bag and put the names with the pics but it’s getting late and i still have to get up early cause it’s over tomorrow (i thought it was today)!



so that gives me some time to get it together tomorrow and the rest of the nite to rest. i hope if these are your booths you don’t get mad. i just love your stuff and promise to link a demain.


if you could have seen this booth!


and i got seduced by more smocking, in silk charmeuse at that at afk, this time in a baby set. guess i’m getting pretty predictable! well there’s lots more and it’s on the way, good night for now and sweet dreams!

August 20, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. sk replied:

    Oh how I would love to fall asleep in the last photo + the first photo combined!!

    I stopped watching GG halfway into the first season but I remember the sleepover scene. It makes me chuckle that the photo above is the set of Blair’s dorm room haha


  2. Melissa replied:

    NO doubt I’m going to have sweet dreams after viewing all these exquisite beauties!

    Thank you for sharing such gorgeous creations…you always find the cream of the crop!


  3. Lenox Ave replied:

    OMG! Everything is so luxurious. It’s an absolute visual feast. kumikookoon and 2 girls from Avignon are my favorites.


  4. Amy replied:

    I love that bohemian/moroccan design! I’m trying to find some pictures that have that moroccan/gypsy design to them so I can decorate my bedroom. :)


  5. Judith replied:

    OH MY GOSH!!! Claudia! I can’t even speak right now. I am both sublimly happy at viewing these images and Pea Green with envy! How I wish I could be there! It looks incredible and leave it to you to take the most amazing photos and spot the best!!! Glorious!!!! I am so seduced by those linens! Thank you, just what I needed after a very long hard two weeks!
    Miss you! Hope you are well! ;)
    Paris Atelier


  6. Passementerie replied:

    Turquoise! Smocking! Painted linen! So many of my favourite things in one post… I sigh…


  7. Paisley replied:

    I looove Anakasa! My team goes there when they visit NYC, ooooh to be high enough up the ladder to travel to places like that for work. I love all that moroccan stuff in that picture. I’m looking for things like that to decorate my bedroom as well.


  8. Nicolette replied:

    Gorgeous! I’m so jealous you are there. Sounds like a blast. And I will admit, even though too old, can’t wait for GG to start and see B’s room. Those pink ruffles are beautiful.



  9. Trish replied:

    Thank you for all the great shots. Love the printed boiserie panels (didn’t you do something like that last year?…wallpaper?..will have to dive into your archives). Great stuff.


  10. Fabulous Finds Gal replied:

    Oh… the luxury and quality of it all. I can’t even image being able to touch and take all the beauty in. I hope you come out to the LA Gift Show!! Sweet dreams.
    Fabulous Finds Gal


  11. Fifi Flower replied:

    Looks like a FAB show!!!


  12. Donna replied:

    What WONDERFUL pictures, What a great post, THANK YOU so much for sharing, sounds and looks like you are having a great time. I so love all everything, but the pink ruffels are so beautiful. I thank you again and you have sweet dreams and a good time. I look forward to your next post.


  13. Karen from A`Musements replied:

    Talk about sensory overload!!! What an incredible show of wares…. how fun, exhausting, perfectly wonderful. Glad you are finished and have some time for a good sleep~~~ “Sweet Dreams” indeed!


  14. gypsyrosewrites replied:

    OMG how did you not faint with such fashionable delights, I’m with the pooch in loving all the fabric stuff – as for the candles, the diamonte stars…lucky you! Thanks for sharing x


  15. domisilium studio replied:

    Loooveeeee them!!! I’m in love with the Ankasa throw. I am borrowing your photo of it for my blog :) See the post here
    Thank you hun!


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