on with the show


bon evening everyone! hope you’re enjoying a warm summer night. here in manhattan it’s just beautiful. most of the day was spent in the convention center cause the ny gift show started today and it’s a world unto itself. what a world! full of stunning new designs, smalls, textiles, jewelry, gifts, novelties and clothes. and that’s just one floor! as you may know, leigh from papillon linens invited me to join her in her booth and in exchange for using my chandeliers and lucite furniture. the booth was designed by jessica and virgina of id810, two very creative and devoted young nyc designers.


they used leigh’s bold linens to decorate the walls with big bright squares. something i would never have thought of but really like. On the side walls they used her swatches in small frames. people think the frames are for sale! i’m using the in between spaces to show my blog friends’ work. above are lisa golightly’s pieces which got a lot of attention with their sparkle panache.


my lucite desk has a glass top which is perfect to showcase paulette and heather’s fabulous work. of course everyone loved their designs!


and the chandi chandeliers are hung and this is the first time i’ve seen them in person. (these were custom made for the show). they’re even prettier than i imagined and filled with stones like cherry quartz, turquoise and aquamarine.





well i just wanted to drop in and say hey. i have a ton to do before hitting the hay. these pics aren’t great but my camera gives me a lot of trouble indoors. anyone have one that’s fab inside? more tomorrow! glad you stopped over!


August 17, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Trish replied:

    How exciting…wish I was there. Can’t wait to hear what’s new. Love the first chandelier…silver leaf? Thanks for the pics.


  2. sk replied:


    i love the colorful panels behind the beds. i don’t own a canon, but i think canons are pretty good at capturing light accurately indoors!


  3. Cyn replied:

    Gorgeous and creative. Love the color combos.


  4. Karen from A`Musements replied:

    Claudia your lucite desk is wonderful!!! And it goes without saying, the Chandi chandeliers are just yummy. I hope you’re really thrilled with the response you have been getting. Thanks for sharing the photos…. so much fun to see what your space looks like. Wishing you great success, and a lot of much needed rest!


  5. Passementerie replied:

    Gorgeous – sounds like a LOT of fun. I really like the swatches in frames.


  6. Vicki Archer replied:

    Looks brilliant Claudia…best of luck, xv.


  7. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    Looks fabulous Claudia! Have lots of fun and meet lots of new people. XO


  8. Lisa Golightly replied:

    Love what you did with the place !
    So honored to be a part of this booth.



  9. stefanie replied:

    looks great :)!


  10. theparisapartment replied:

    you guys rock, thank you so much. it’s funny cause it’s not my booth so even having a few things is a lot. i’d love to do my own booth in the next show with my ALL bloggers’ and sponsors’ beautiful things. if you have a product and are interested, let me know and we’ll start to put it together!


  11. Kim M replied:

    Beautiful things Claudia! I’ve worked with the woman from id810 previously and they always bring incredibly fresh ideas to the table and they are two of the most talented designers out there. Good luck the rest of the show!


  12. Daniela replied:

    Hi! I have been reading on your blog but never commented…I have been looking for a beautiful glass top desk and the lucite one is gorgeous–just what I was looking for! Is there a place that I could find that one or one similar that you know of?
    Thank you for this blog…it has helped me a lot in decorating my room.


  13. Paisley replied:

    The fabric paneled wall is such a great statement! It really makes all the products pop.

    I have a canon and I don’t think it works great indoors. If there’s not enough light it’s blurry, if I use the flash the object is bright and the background is dark. There’s no good balance. I’ve been looking for a better one…


  14. Judith replied:

    Bonjour Claudia! I love these posts! I am drooling over my keyboard as I type! :) I have so missed my visits here and I’m so happy to come back to this!!! So perfect. Thank you for such splendor!!!
    Paris Atelier


  15. Design Cracker replied:

    Thank you so much for your coverage. I thought they were great shots! Hope you are well. Havent seen you for a while. been battling the old bod again. I hope you have a perfect weekend Claudia.

    PS:Finished the Chanel installation and put up a few pics a few weeks ago. I would be interested in your opinions. Thanks,


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