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photo by meredith mullins

hi guys! it’s morning but i’m trying something different today, blogging first instead of waiting til i’m burnt out and so much happened that i can’t remember it all. so i’ll back track before anything happens today. i haven’t even checked my email.


photo by linda donahue

yesterday was a busy and wonderful day. i met kindred spirit linda donahue who happens to live right across the bay. she started a site called parisien salon. i’ve been obsessed with salons for years and probably romanticize them but hers is a thoroughly moderne platform with writers, guest bloggers, stories, photos and, well anything she wants to explore in order to make it a completely comprehensive site on all things parisian. i love her concept and will do my first guest blog on the maison et objet in september. in the meantime i thought i’d share her photos fantastique de paris.


photo by meredith mullins

well there are more on her site. many more. but i better get crackin’ or at least have breakfast. i’m leaving tomorrow for 3 weeks in nyc…quitting miami is so hard and now i have to get into city mode. thinking of paris seems so far out this time of year. i’m obsessed with the beach. the top photo is giving me inspiration to segue into it all.


the good news is i’ll see the family. my goddaughter has been a counselor in training at horse camp this summer. i sent her letters and goodies and just discovered their spruceland.blogspot.com. if you have a horse lover teen, check out this camp. it’s a beautiful place. i wish i went!

ok, à plus tard!

Hey again, i’m back with an afternoon update: i got a couple new vanity shots and wanted to get them up. it’s kind of nice being able to add throughout the day instead of rushing at the end of a hard one. enjoy these!


these beauties are in from catherine golden of mill valley.

van detail fab


and thank you mary kaiser of www.marykaiserltd.com for sending this one in below:


und last mais not least is tiffany nichols from tifftastic.wordpress.com. she’s also promoting the cause and i love her header!


ok last bit then back to work. more fun stuff came in for the show, these cashmere samples from nepal. they feel like you’re wrapped up in a cocoon! i’m a cashmere lover and it’s so amazing how many weaves, colors and weights there are.



it’s all i can do not to throw this on my bed even though it’s july, they nailed the edges, finishing them with silk charmeuse and mitering the edges with extreme precision. ok this time i mean it. glad you stopped by and i’ll be over to visit too.

July 31, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    Good luck in NY and have a wonderfully productive and
    fun time. Keep us posted. XO


  2. Miss B. replied:

    This is an amazing find!




  3. theparisapartment replied:

    hey guys good to see you both, tristan i am heading over right now!


  4. frenchBlue replied:

    I can’t wait to see Linda’s site! I am going now…I love images of Paris! Wow your advertising is taking off like a rocket to the mOOn~


  5. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    Got your comment and I will email you early next week so we can chat re: Paris. Just away for the weekend so will check in………wherever you are! XO


  6. Lenox Ave replied:

    Love the photos and the idea of a Salon. One of the best ways to live is surrounding yourself with smart, interesting ppl. We need to bring the Salon back en masse.


  7. miss bliss replied:

    I love Meredith’s second pic, and the vanity and chair combo! Just what I need… I have both on my list…
    The Nepalese fabric sounds amazing..

    Enjoy NY!

    I posted some Coral Gables house pics today… cannot get enough of the architecture/tropical combination…;)


  8. YSLGuy replied:

    I love the Meredith Mullins shots!! Also, I can’t wait to see the vanity book, these vanity pictures are so wonderful!


  9. Melissa replied:

    I’m longing for Paris and Meredith’s photos just put me over-the-edge!

    As did the gorgeous cashmere…


  10. Berlin replied:

    I loved the site you recommended, thank you for all the delicious Parisian eye candy you provide!


  11. Lia replied:

    Wowed by the Mill Valley vanity shots. Styled with great color combo…plus love the vanity.


  12. Keith replied:

    Great photos as usual. I love them all. Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend.


  13. Cyn replied:

    Magnifique. You ladies are inspiring me with all that is Paris. Check my recent blog post. I love the B&W Fantasy Paris photos. Also love the color combo of the first vanity, pale blue,green, fushia, cream…that room gets great light and the baby wrapped in a blanky is adorable. Have fun in NY.


  14. Judy replied:

    Loving that pretty boudoir from Catherine. What a fun post! Thanks for the smiles.



  15. cottage27 replied:

    Les photographies que vous avez postées étaient simplement divines! J’aime Paris!!! C’est blog parfait pour moi!

    —I hope I wrote that right!!!—

    -Maybe you would enjoy my blog; it’s BRAND new, but here is the URL: http://rachelscottagehouse.wordpress.com-


  16. Di Overton replied:

    Got to go visit this site, her photography is fabulous


  17. Paisley replied:

    I love all of these photos they are so inspiring! The light in the vanity room is serene with the blue color scheme. I could just picture myself curling up in that chair for some tea and a good book. Lovely!


  18. TheBeautyFile replied:

    I love the 3rd photo…it’s completely mesmerizing.


  19. hauteworld replied:

    What gorgeous images of Paris! I love it when photos show the more romantic side of the city… sometimes when you’ve lived in a place long enough, you fail to see these things anymore. Oh, and great vanity shots…. makes me realize I should redecorate my apartment very soon! Have a great time in NYC!


  20. Carla replied:

    Hi Claudia, those first couple of Paris photos are magical, they have capture the essence for me of Paris. Beautiful and the other shots are so glam. Great work . Carla


  21. Fabulous Finds Gal replied:

    All the photos are so inspiring and dreamy. The colors of all the vanities are amazing! Your vanity book is really going to be something. Good luck in NYC!


  22. a la parisienne replied:

    Oh, Catherine Golden’s images are so beautiful. I love the colors and the sunlight streaming through! I guess she doesn’t have a site? dommage…
    Thanks for sharing the new Paris site. You know we are all giddy when we can see new images and perspectives of Paris’ beauty.


  23. Betty replied:

    Just checking in with you Miss Claudia! The day job has kept me pretty exhausted this summer, but as always, I come here for images to refresh me! What a beautiful and relaxing vanity space!!! And thank you so much for the link to Parisien Salon! We will never have enough beautiful pictures of Paris!

    Be well and happy,



  24. Slices of Beauty replied:

    Delightful pics.


  25. huebscher replied:

    gorgeous. though it’s 104 here, I’m now dreaming of lovely, soft bed linens for the fall.


  26. Christine replied:

    Also, I KNEW I recognized that Catherine Golden room – she won a decorating contest thru Domino (wish they were still around) Magazine a couple of years ago, and I saw the photos on Apartment Therapy! I guess I remembered it because I coveted it so much! Here’s more photos – I just looked it up again on AP!

    August 13, 2009 at 4:48 pm. Permalink.


    • CATHERINE replied:

      THANKS for all the lovely comments on my room and vanity. And “Catherine Golden” the photographer is not me. I live in the SF area and am certainly not a professional photographer. Just an FYI
      Catherine Golden
      Mill Valley CA


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