it’s a genetic predisposition

Jessica Alba master bath

(jessica alba)

hey guys, happy saturday! i have about one more minute before checking out tonite but wanted to get these pics off my desktop and into the ether.

Georgina Chapman Suite

(georgina chapman)

are we all born divas?

untitled 2

anyone know who this bombshell is?


(jean harlow)

this piece of furniture brings out something universal in us. thank you bloggers for sending these in for le projet

Desiree Noga

desiree noga

maybe it’s our playful side, who doesn’t like to play dress up with pretty things?

Cynthia Maniglia

Cynthia Maniglia

vanity 027

elizabeth moss

and thanks to bonnie i got lost again on flickr


bioemma on flickr


kren on flickr

desireeh-on-flickr copy

deisreeh on flickr

Untitled-1 copy

flickr, unknown source but i’ll find it!


sjp in the sex and the city movie


this one’s from eloquence, now in the boutique. welp, as you can imagine, this is the tip of the iceberg but i have got to go. sorry there are no links but i’ll fill them out tomorrow. bonne nuit pour maintenant and here to yet another bon weekend!

July 25, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Lauren replied:

    ohhhhh love all of these! and who doesn’t love dressing up and being diva-like… love the sex and the city pic!


  2. Debra replied:

    Pure glamor! I just love the Elizabeth Moss pic.


  3. Vicki Archer replied:

    Lovely ,lovely Claudia…Happy weekend, xv.


  4. Jacki replied:

    The unknown Beauty is the Actress Ann Sheridan she was in
    The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942) with Bette Davis, she passed away in 1967 aged 51.


  5. Chrisy replied:

    It’s all heavenly…yes I think it’s in the genes….particularly love the mirrored furniture…


  6. YSLGuy replied:

    I really love the second and last pictures. This makes me want to run downstairs and work in refinishing mine right now.


  7. Lenox Ave replied:

    Oh my! These all get a fan girl squeel which I don’t do often. Wonderful project and great participants.


  8. Pamela replied:

    I’m not certain, but I think the unknown bombshell is Ann Sheridan. She was in The Man Who Came to Dinner.

    Happy weekend to you!!


  9. maison21 replied:

    um, i think i’m missing this gene. ;-)


  10. theparisapartment replied:

    oh i beg to differ, mm maison!


  11. Melissa replied:

    I love being a woman and having these glorious feminine pieces to enjoy! Tres chic!


  12. Dallas Shaw replied:

    just found your amazing website today! what took me so long?will post on the blog soon!


  13. a la parisienne replied:

    The last vanity image in this post with the rounded, delicately carved designs is EXACTLY what I would love to stumble upon at the flea market! I love it!


  14. Kelli replied:

    Such beautiful pics! This definitely means once I get back from Paris I need to start working on my new vanity that was just recently painted. Hopefully I will have lots of pretty treasures to display on it from this trip.


  15. Cindy replied:

    Funny about the gene – my vanity is filled with items from the women in my life (my mom, both grandmothers, best friend) – not to mention things from the man I love.
    What a great project! Thanks for sharing…


  16. Cindy replied:

    (P.S. The heart shaped box lower left of the shot from Cynthia Maniglia is Limoge.)


  17. Slices of Beauty replied:

    Love them all, especially Jess, that’s my girl!


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