for the love of furniture


hello guys! i’m running in and out once again (my boy’s back in town). but i had to post these pretty presents. ok they’re not really presents but they’re so delicious they may as well be laudree!


actually they’re inedible furniture finish samples from the studios kindred spirit, delphine groult. she wrote me a couple weeks ago about her furniture and i loved it right away cause everything about it is special. now that i have the swatches, it’s pure joy to see and touch.


the glossy finishes are like nail polish and the are antiqued look authentic, not overdone. you can tell everything is made by hand.


this trim is so tiny in person



and edges and lines are painted to a tee with exacting precision.


the carvings are so detailed but not fussy or serious


and carvings are made directly on the piece.

unionjack copy


mmmh! well anyway just wanted to share, you can check out her website at

i don’t have a lot up yet but am adding her pieces to my site and showing them to galleries. some of her other chests are here. she’s a brilliant artist who’s medium is furniture. a girl after my own heart.

i love this one especially now that i know the carving is authentic.

delp copy

and like all artists, she has many dimensions. this is some of her artwork

les mouches 113 x 89  resize


she has this great dark side too that i can’t even show you  here. my parents read my blog  :)

anyway i have to go but a quick ps:  i got a chance to see 6 apartments in the
setai today. this bedroom was enough convincing for me.  mas manaña!



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  1. Pamela replied:

    Thanks loads for the link!


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    hey pamela, i wish you could see samples in person!


  3. Ivory Pearl Interiors replied:

    I just checked Delphine’s furniture, and it’s amazing! Good choice!


  4. Vitania replied:

    Wow – these are so spectacular – i love to see furniture like this. Hand made and hand painted. What a lovely find, thanks for introducing me.



  5. Melissa replied:

    These photos make my heart stop…I can only imagine how spectacular the furniture is in person! Stunning! Thank you for sharing another amazing talent with us.


  6. Fabulous Finds Gal replied:

    Delphine is adorable and her work is out of this world! Fab Find!
    ps. What a view of the ocean!


  7. Chrisy replied:

    …those samples are little works of art in themselves…i must go off and check out this girls work…and definitely the dark side stuff now that you’ve tempted me…and please…may i move into the bedroom for un petit repos…


  8. YSLGuy replied:

    What amazing work and detail!!


  9. Isa replied:

    OooOOooOOooo anyone that has samples that fabulous … well, I would definitely be very interested in the rest of their things! She’s amazing. I’m going to follow your link and check it all out!

    That bedroom stopped my heart. What is it about water views? Ahhhh!

    Happy weekend dear Claudia!
    xo Isa


  10. Cindy replied:

    Wow – a treat to visit your blog today. I love everything!!!! Thanks so much for sharing. And best wishes for a great show in August. Your blog rocks.


  11. Jessie replied:

    Those last two pictures are heaven… I want to be there!


  12. tifftastic replied:

    WOW! everything is absolutely gorgeous! i’m practically drooling over my laptop here. hee! something about the striped drawer with the flower knob makes my heart swell, and the union jack chest is so cool! her artwork is amazing. what a talented (and beautiful!) lady.


  13. Kelly replied:

    In addition to Delphine’s furniture, I love her dress, and her name!


  14. rochambeau replied:

    Delphine’s furniture, technique & style is terrific! Thank you for sharing her and your new swatches here~ Just beautiful!

    Have fun with your man!


  15. Stephanie replied:

    I’m stunned by the views in that apartment! It is truly beautiful.


  16. Jeanne replied:

    Her work is amazing!


  17. Keith replied:

    Great photos. All of those things are amazing. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


  18. Fran Sandstrom replied:

    Nice view from the apt! Lucky you.


  19. Slices of Beauty replied:

    Love, love this chest!


  20. maureenlynne replied:

    love the furniture from Delphine, great addition to your store…thanks for sharing, will watch for more posts…maureenlynne


  21. cityfarmer replied:

    it’s hard to balance summer and blogging, but I’m out to change all that today

    speaking of furniture, peek at my newest post.

    missn ya


  22. simply hue (vicki) replied:

    What a beautiful blog! I’m so glad I found you. :)


  23. Melissa Allam replied:

    You’re right the samples do look like pretty little packages. I love all the colors and the furniture is beautiful.


  24. Donna replied:

    Great Pictures great blog, love it. THANK YOU so very much for checking out my blog and THANK YOU for the link. I look forward to keeping up with your blog. I again thank you so much.


  25. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    What an amazing work! Love it . You always find the best


  26. miss bliss replied:

    What a great post… I really enjoyed seeing the architectural pieces and then Delphine’s work… I love collage and dark sides, too, ;)… then, the Setai view!!! What else would anyone need in life??? I swim in that stretch of ocean regularly and it is the best therapy ever!


  27. frenchgardenhouse replied:

    Claudia, they are fabulous! Quality, fun and just up your alley!! The swatches alone are like candy, you’re right! Hope you are having a happy week.
    {ps. I finally put your link up}
    xo Lidy


  28. Chessa replied:

    you share the most amazing things. THANK YOU.


  29. designfabulous replied:

    those finishes are beautiful! I love refinishing furniture and this has given me some great ideas!! Thanks!


  30. FROM THE RIGHT BANK replied:

    I love her work and those samples are works of art in and of themselves!


  31. Di Overton replied:

    Oh you must have known I would LOVE these. So very me!


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