vanity for humanity’s taking shape

Dancing Through Paris Vanity

do you die for this shot from olga of i did!

hey everybody! hope you’re enjoying the quiet evening hours this sunday night. i’m about to call it a day but wanted to share some of the vanity pics that came in and thank you all for sending them. i’m feeling re-inspired.

vanity for humanity The Red Velvet Shoe

michelle of

(what a collection of goodies she has)!


cynthia of

it’s been really fascinating to see the variety and flair that every vanity has. i wanted it to be documentary style and love the candid shots. one of my favorite things in the one above is that the pics in the frame are her grandparents.


denise of (i didn’t know the stork club made lipsticks. most of these women who sent in the photos have incredible collections, one of denise’s passions is vintage compacts and cosmetics).

as you may know i’m taking it slow these days. it wasn’t till tonight that i had the time to go through them all and this is the first i’m seeing them too and i was really happy to open each one.


this one is from christina’s mom of she may have invented the boudoir look!

so what do you think, are you into the project? if so i can still use yours (hint hint)

HPIM1624 - Vanity by Bonnie at Love Your Place

bonnie of

i love this one even though it’s out of focus. bonnie has inherited an insane collection. from her mom and grandmother. this is the tip of the iceberg.


and these three are all in from angela may of


angela may


angela may

Mary Usher

and last but not least, thank you to mary of this was her grandma’s vanity and now one of her prized possessions.


oh and this just in from tracie herman who has a brand new blog,

well again, it’s not that complicated, a flower, some photos and perfumes….it would seem we all need a place to put these things but lots of us just don’t treat ourselves to it for whatever reason, myself included right now. then again i’ve pared down and a vanity seems like such a luxury. well, i’m determined to set something up and promise tomorrow will have a shot of my own. hope you will too! ~happy sunday~

p.s. you can send yours in (the deadline isn’t till the end of summer) to merci!

July 13, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Keith replied:

    Great photos. I really love them all. You’ve got a very beautiful blog. I hope you had a nice weekend.


  2. Paul replied:

    Oh, WOW, what a beautiful series of photos!
    Thanks for your visit and that link, Claudia! You’re an angel :-)


  3. The Blushing Hostess replied:

    The Marilyn vanity is lovely, so refreshing.


  4. tish jett replied:


    How much time do we have to add our vanities? I’m a last minute, deadline kind of person. Must have something to do with lack of intrinsic discipline. ( I have two vanities really — one I use daily and the other one I just look at, which obviously is a lot prettier.)

    You’re up on my “favorites” blog roll. I keep being drawn back to you.

    xo, Tish


  5. Denise Snakard replied:

    Amazing to think no two vanities were ever alike and your photos prove it. How “re-creative” of everyone.

    FYI: The Stork Club lipstick sold only one shade, “Cherry Red Martha”, by Cigogne, inc. Dist., New York.

    Merci Claudia-!


  6. theparisapartment replied:

    LOL denise that’s hilarious about the lipstick! hi guys thank you so much for the sweet comments, i am really starting to love the collection too. you have all summer to send them in to


  7. Charlie replied:

    Stunning photos. I love seeing the vanities of real woman(you know, not staged for a magazine)these are fabulous.


  8. Fabulous Finds Gal replied:

    Oh Claudia,
    This collection of pictures is magnificant!!! REALLY. I’m inspired to play around with my vanity today from these ladies. Thanks girls. And, thanks for including my Mom’s pic. You are the best! This book is going to be a MUST HAVE for all. Just like your first book.


  9. Slices of Beauty replied:

    Loving these!


  10. Chrisy replied:

    Gosh…I just love getting a peek inside other people’s homes…and these pics of vanity areas are just divine…thanks so much for compiling and sharing…


  11. Elaine Power replied:

    oh my gosh they are all amazing I don’t think I could send mine in now after looking at all these amazing photoes, wow there are so many people out there that ooozzzzz style. Elaine :)


  12. Betty replied:

    Hello Miss Claudia!
    I seem to have been MIA for a bit, but I’ve been trying to develop new ideas for items in my shop! And the day job takes a lot of my energy, as always.

    All of the vanities are just beautiful! Sorry I haven’t sent anything in yet, but I may still get something put together for you before the end of the summer.

    Thank you so much for inspiring us once again.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!



  13. Paul replied:

    Thanks again,Claudia for your kindess and thinking of me!


  14. ALEK replied:

    I’m still in! I actually just moved my vanity into my dressing area and am organizing. I hope to have something to you soon. In the meantime, Happy Bastille Day!


  15. theparisapartment replied:

    hey guys! just checking in and out to say hey and send a little love right backatcha! i’ll be back tomorrow, i’ve hit my threshold for today!


  16. Mandy Locke replied:

    Well, this is what I get for not visiting your blog for over two weeks! This Vanity for Humanity project is a wonderful idea. I may have a couple of vanity images to share! I hope all is well with you. I will be perusing through all of the past posts I’ve missed in my spare time.


  17. a la parisienne replied:

    The last comment was from a la parisienne. I’ve even forgotten how to leave a reply…Has it really been that long?


  18. ANNE MARIE replied:

    glad to see you are still ‘accepting’ photographs of the vanity…..I’ll see what I can do……..
    my husband is a self-employed craftsman/carpenter and I would love to help this cause.


  19. YSLGuy replied:

    J’adore the vanity with Marily above it. I got my vanity yesterday, and will be refinishing and paiting it this week.

    I still need to find a mirror though. I plan on hanging my Audrey silkscreen over it!


  20. The Deco Detective replied:

    Oh wow, the amount of lovely things people have! I can’t participate ’cause I haven’t got a vanity, but I enjoyed these immensely. Great idea for a post!
    Hope you’re well Claudia.
    Trudi xo


  21. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Love this collection of vanities


  22. teri replied:

    the vanity is great


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