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hi everyone! it’s been a while and lots has been going happening. you know how it is when you work so much and nothing ever seems to happen? i am queen of starting projects and some have been on the drawing board for years. so it’s incredible to see something come to life. on one hand i want to write about all of it, but on the other hand i’m learning that multi-tasking is not for me, even in blogging. i try to include everything and end up not writing at all. now with the pressure off, i can enjoy it tonite.


(harlow chair)

these are top secret (except to you :)

they’re a couple of prototypes for my boudoir noir collection inspired by furniture from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. some of the other pieces we’re working on are here, and here. well, i thought you’d get a kick out of it, even in the early stages. if all goes well the collection will debut in paris at the maison et objet in (ugg), january 2010.


my friend mike did these divine sketches. to think they went from his mind to reality. i have a feeling he thought it wasn’t going to happen. i hope he’s surprised!



(lombard chair)

i’d love your opinion on how you’d upholster them (if you would even have them in your house. am i crazy)?


(not jean’s most graceful pose)


(harlow bench)

alors, c’est tout for ce soir. i have to put out a newsletter for some new news coming tomorrow so better do it while i have will power. (i’m fading just thinking about it). well i’m glad you stopped by and i’ll be putting all the vanities up that you sent in, danke! bonne nuit!

July 12, 2009. Boudoir Noir.


  1. The Blushing Hostess replied:

    If only I could, I just switched to catch up on a few blogs because I have been surfing in search of upholstery goods for two of my own pieces and I am purely tortured over commiting to one fabric… also because I really should buy Quadrille goods, though I really, really want to!


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    funny how it’s so much easier to do it for others than ourselves, why is that?!


  3. Judith replied:

    I love it all Claudia!!!

    I’m still sitting on my vantiy pic, I’ll send it soon, I promise!

    I adore that gorgeous French Aqua/Green color (what
    the heck is it called anyway)! in a fabulous boudoiresque velvet or silk. Scrumptious! I also love the furniture I’m seeing in vintage cottons that have been dyed or even the burlap and feed sacks. Or a gorgeous Linen! Okay, I better stop :) Anything you do is pure magic, so whatever you decide to cover those gorgeous chairs and benches with will work. My dream is to one day win the lottery, go to Paris and let you pick out everything then purchase all of your lucite pieces and let you go to town decorating my home! A girl can dream right? :)


  4. theparisapartment replied:

    LOL it was great to get this right before i head off to bed, judith. you nailed the fabrics and i love your fantasy. i’d happily do it for free. forget the lottery, we bloggers have each other!


  5. Isa replied:

    I’ll share your throne with the started projects…. YAY for seeing the finish line! I LOVE all of this – and I would so have one! Lovely sunwashed sage green or burnt red velvet… or creamy natural linen… YUM!!!!
    You don’t even want to see my mess of a vanity – one day Museville will be completely moved in and lovely – but that day is not today.
    Happy weekend, Claudia!
    xo Isa


  6. Fabulous Finds Gal replied:

    Oh La La… It’s all so scrumptous!!! What an amazing project. The protypes looks amazing. Wow… Satin, Burlap, and Crushed Velvet may favorites. But, I have a feeling anything you uphoster these babies with will scream FABULOUS!!! Very nicely done. I can’t wait to see a final product.
    P.S., My Mom has a smaller scale bench similiar to yours in a tuffed silver satin that looks a cream puff. I can’t wait to see your version!


  7. Milda replied:

    Yay! I’m watching my latest Netflix addition- Garbo in Mysterious Lady- while working this morning. Thanks for the fabulous idea. Have fun in NY if you’re still here!


  8. cindy espinoza replied:

    These pieces would surely love in my house, my favorite is the harlow chair. thanks for sharing!


  9. kayellen replied:

    Beautiful! I know what you mean…busy is good but creativity is better:)love your furniture pieces!

    Can’t go wrong with a black and white damask:)on the Harlow bench
    Soft Aqua is always a nice soothing color and would be pretty on the Lombard chair.

    Have a great Sunday!


  10. Lauren replied:

    love them!!!! great designs


  11. theparisapartment replied:

    great ideas! i love the linen or even soft aqua ideas. now my mind is really racing, thank you!


  12. lady jicky replied:

    Oh yes I would have them all in my house — so, when are you bringing them over???? LOL


  13. Debra replied:

    They are all gorgeous and soooo elegant! My furnishing are mostly vintage, shabby — you know the stuff, but I never let that stop me if I like something, and I would take any or all of these.

    You have great vision!


  14. Leigh Chandler replied:

    You really amaze me! I used to watch all of these old films when I was very young. I watched them in particular for the divine costumes and furnishings! Even some of the Marx Bros. films had sets “to die for”, and Mae West! I collected the most beautiful miniture furniture and the 5″-7″ pieces were covered in satins and velvet. My favorite piece was a fainting couch or chaise lounge. It was in pale blue satin with a rounded tufted back, oh I wish I had saved them all, I don’t even know what happened to them. I love your entire collection and think it is perfect for today. My personal fav is the Lombard chair, I would have to cover it in a robins egg blue satin or an ivory linen- just gorgeous! Congratulations, you have a winning collection.


  15. Christopher replied:

    Claudia, the chair is gorgeous!


  16. Clarity replied:

    I adore the furniture from those three decades. So elegant and welcoming.

    I can’t believe how well he sketched that Lombard chair, perhaps you should call it that? Personally I would go with ivory silk, the black and white photograph indicates a deep pink but that would be too girly.

    The vanity collection is coming along nicely. I think the book will really sell well.


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