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photo by meredith mullins

hi guys! it’s morning but i’m trying something different today, blogging first instead of waiting til i’m burnt out and so much happened that i can’t remember it all. so i’ll back track before anything happens today. i haven’t even checked my email.


photo by linda donahue

yesterday was a busy and wonderful day. i met kindred spirit linda donahue who happens to live right across the bay. she started a site called parisien salon. i’ve been obsessed with salons for years and probably romanticize them but hers is a thoroughly moderne platform with writers, guest bloggers, stories, photos and, well anything she wants to explore in order to make it a completely comprehensive site on all things parisian. i love her concept and will do my first guest blog on the maison et objet in september. in the meantime i thought i’d share her photos fantastique de paris.


photo by meredith mullins

well there are more on her site. many more. but i better get crackin’ or at least have breakfast. i’m leaving tomorrow for 3 weeks in nyc…quitting miami is so hard and now i have to get into city mode. thinking of paris seems so far out this time of year. i’m obsessed with the beach. the top photo is giving me inspiration to segue into it all.


the good news is i’ll see the family. my goddaughter has been a counselor in training at horse camp this summer. i sent her letters and goodies and just discovered their spruceland.blogspot.com. if you have a horse lover teen, check out this camp. it’s a beautiful place. i wish i went!

ok, à plus tard!

Hey again, i’m back with an afternoon update: i got a couple new vanity shots and wanted to get them up. it’s kind of nice being able to add throughout the day instead of rushing at the end of a hard one. enjoy these!


these beauties are in from catherine golden of mill valley.

van detail fab


and thank you mary kaiser of www.marykaiserltd.com for sending this one in below:


und last mais not least is tiffany nichols from tifftastic.wordpress.com. she’s also promoting the cause and i love her header!


ok last bit then back to work. more fun stuff came in for the show, these cashmere samples from nepal. they feel like you’re wrapped up in a cocoon! i’m a cashmere lover and it’s so amazing how many weaves, colors and weights there are.



it’s all i can do not to throw this on my bed even though it’s july, they nailed the edges, finishing them with silk charmeuse and mitering the edges with extreme precision. ok this time i mean it. glad you stopped by and i’ll be over to visit too.

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what the days bring


hi guys! thought i’d take a minute and share some new goodies that came to my inbox. for the life of me i can’t get a good shot but maybe that’s better since they’re rough drafts. my dream of working with other bloggers is starting to come true. as you may (or not) recall i’m trying to fill my boutique with treasures made by bloggers, either especially for tpa or from their/your current collection. i met heather of realcardstudio.com awhile ago. i sent her a couple images and i love what she sent back! (above)


it hits the spot too cause i love collaborating and it’s a natural since we’re on these contraptions all day anyway! of course she’s uber talented. these are from her site above an below and her blog is exceptionallyinviting.blogspot.com.



needless to say her creativity is totally inspiring and this is a new avenue of fun.

DSCN1370 a la parisienne

on another note i wanted to send a thank you to mandy from a-la-parisienne.blogspot.com. she wrote about the vanity project on her site and took shots of her own for it. a magnificent post, as always!


another of my femmes parisienne is, coincidentally, parisienne farmgirl.blogspot.com, who just finished her chambre, complete with vanity and all the trimmings. she was inspired by an old shot of mine so i was very proud :)

thank you for another great submission by claire at alltheprettythingsuk.wordpress.com.


finally i’d like to welcome melissa from reverie-daydream.com to our list of sponsors. she travels the world with her husband and daughter sourcing beautiful artisan products from small businesses. they’re eco-conscious too and they use recycled items for everything from paper to shipping material.


not to mention her products are exquisite.


well i better run cause what the day brought is only about half of what’s here and i have to tend to it the rest, like now. have a great nuit!

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for the love of furniture


hello guys! i’m running in and out once again (my boy’s back in town). but i had to post these pretty presents. ok they’re not really presents but they’re so delicious they may as well be laudree!


actually they’re inedible furniture finish samples from the studios kindred spirit, delphine groult. she wrote me a couple weeks ago about her furniture and i loved it right away cause everything about it is special. now that i have the swatches, it’s pure joy to see and touch.


the glossy finishes are like nail polish and the are antiqued look authentic, not overdone. you can tell everything is made by hand.


this trim is so tiny in person



and edges and lines are painted to a tee with exacting precision.


the carvings are so detailed but not fussy or serious


and carvings are made directly on the piece.

unionjack copy


mmmh! well anyway just wanted to share, you can check out her website at delphinegroult.com.

i don’t have a lot up yet but am adding her pieces to my site and showing them to galleries. some of her other chests are here. she’s a brilliant artist who’s medium is furniture. a girl after my own heart.

i love this one especially now that i know the carving is authentic.

delp copy

and like all artists, she has many dimensions. this is some of her artwork

les mouches 113 x 89  resize


she has this great dark side too that i can’t even show you  here. my parents read my blog  :)

anyway i have to go but a quick ps:  i got a chance to see 6 apartments in the
setai today. this bedroom was enough convincing for me.  mas manaña!



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