giving it all away


hey everybody, hope you’re winding down and enjoying some guilty pleasures. i’m blogging so you know i am :)

i know i said i wouldn’t take on any new projects till these others were out of the way but as an aries just can’t help but jump at new ideas. i’m putting together a candid look at the modern vanity top and would love to include a shot of yours. vanities are pretty much de rigeur today so if you have one, even if it’s makeshift, i’d love to use it and credit you. what excited me about the project is that it’s a look at blogger’s boudoirs. 100% the proceeds will go to habitat for humanity. we need to have 200 shots by August and i’d LoVe it if you were a part of it!


i started looking around for vanity tops and of course came across some great new places.

afriento knitwith

it can be something really simple

frou-frou fashionista dresser table

or just a vignette, you don’t have to be a stylist, just show some of your favorite things.


the only recurring theme is flowers…


this was shot at lynn’s of paris hotel boutique.


this was from a shoot years ago with danny piassick for dallas home.

anyway i hope you play. the less structured and more polaroid-y the better. send as many as you want to

in the meantime, i have another giveaway, this time from CSN Rugs! they’ve generously offered us a choice between two area rugs in the following styles. they were kind enough to let me choose a couple of my favorites for the giveaway but they have a great selection so take a look at their site for other options. i fell for these:

Colonial Mills – Ventura Alternating Stripe Taupe / Black Braided Rug Rectangle 2′ x 4′



Couristan 1583/7364 – Recife Veranda Black and White Indoor/Outdoor Rug 3′ 9″ x 5′ 5″


i haven’t seen them in person so you’ll have to let us know how you like it when you win :) if you’re interested just say so with a comment and we’ll have the drawing this week. bon chance et bon nuit!

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happy father’s day, dads!


(this photo was found at a flea and i think it captures the father and child relationship to a tee. dad’s the man)!

hey guys i don’t know about you but i get emotional just thinking about my parents. they’ve both been such strong and united figures in my life that it’s hard to separate them sometimes. my dad worked for 30 years with air france and my brothers and i traveled with mom and dad everywhere from ireland to africa each year at easter break. my dad’s a foster kid who devoted his entire life to creating a stable family by creating a library in the house, having dinner together every night and being there for all of us at a moment’s notice. i love that i can pick up the phone and he can solve almost any problem i have and, l i’m getting misty, so dad, just know that i love you and wish i could be with you today!


he sent me this last week…when we’re together we always share our love of coffee and no one brews it like he does.


as you may know i’m back in miami beach, cleaning up my act and finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. now that everything is close to sorted, moved and sifted i can see what’s left to tackle and the piles are actual projects! not bills, not laundry, not jiffy lube, not schleping! before i dive in i just wanted to share some sites i came across yesterday.


it’s so easy to get lost in the net and even with blogging, so i’ve been laying low. but you know you can’t open your browser without discovering something pretty and pretty amazing so i just wanted to share a few new discoveries.





Sakura Aya

i promise to be back in full force this week and with an attitude adjustment. thanks for tolerating me while i went through my odgeda over all my angst. i spared you most of the gory details but am back and ready to forge ahead with glee instead of gloom. lots of it was thanks to you! i appreciate your constant support and by the by i sent out about 20 packages of the excess stuff so hope you like it! if you still want anything i have a couple packages left, just let me know!

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the weight is over


hi guys! i’m sorry i haven’t been around much lately. as you know i’ve been trying to de-clutter my life and see what’s left once all the excess is gone.


i haven’t forgotten about the giveaway and have a ton of stuff to ship out to you!


i had to take a detour from my laser focus to go to nyc for a couple days and that threw me off a bit, but i did fill my suitcase from stuff i was hoarding there. i’ve been so controlled by my stuff, even now, i’m looking at it and it’s daunting.


it seems like i can find every excuse in the book to do anything but work on projects i’ve been putting off and i can’t seem to get out from under.


by the by, all these shots were taken in nyc this week. graffiti is so fleeting, i love to capture it.



even though i fight coming back to the city that was home for the past 20 years, there’s always something new to enchant.


if you haven’t been over to the meatpacking district, you may be surprised to see the new park that’s been built above the city using the old elevated railroad and subway tracks.


it’s a whole new dimension and ny’ers have taken to it like it’s always been there.


i feel like i know every nook and cranny of the city, so it’s great to see it from another angle.


it’s an incredible project, there’s even a sort of ampi-theater in the air with big glass walls hanging over the street.



anyway, back on the street it was biz as usual


indulging my passion for window boxes


and little surprises.


it was great to see ny in full bloom


how perfectly coordinated it can be


not to mention luscious. i didn’t want the little trip to go by with these photos just sitting in another folder. from now on it’s use em or lose ’em. god, i’m getting brutal with excess on every level. what’s going on with me?


anyway i’m back in miami for as long as i can take it, and determined not to be deterred again. my only obligation is to do the work that i love and accomplish something, i don’t have a deadline or anything looming so i can just exhale and relax for once. i don’t know how you moms do it all. well, first things first is to send out this box of goodies. i’ll get your addresses from the comments you left. hope you like the stuff and put it to better use than i did! i’m glad to be home with some nights to myself. i really missed you guys! now, back to it!

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