it doesn’t have to be like this

boopsie daisy-flickr

(not that i don’t adore it cause i do)!

southern accents vanity mimi williams

what’s your style? i’m still asking for your best shot. of your vanity that is. hi everybody! my day was spent with a mechanic so i’m stopping in for a creative fix and inspiration from friends.

as you know my girl bonnie has been doing a bit of r n d for the vanity project. these are some great photos she came up with today. she’s really incredible. please forgive me for not linking them individually yet but i will. i see that this is a project that if i don’t stay on will get out of hand quick! anyway her list is at the bottom of the post.

grey-crawford via decor to adore

flickr is full of eye candy so of course i got lost too. thanks again bonnie! now my dearest blog friends old buddies old pals? how about yours? if you send one in i’ll send you a surprise package!

I put deadly nightshade in your cup of tea flickr










ihearthome flickr


well it’s getting pretty late and i’m determined to read before i got to bed so…sweet dreams!

June 26, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Pamela replied:

    That second photograph.
    Be still my heart.


  2. miss bliss replied:

    I need a little primping spot… glad you are posting on this… ;)


  3. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    I love that second one with the mirrored vanity and all those photographs…how lovely is that? Hope you read a good book that lead into a good sleep Claudia! Have a great weekend.


  4. theparisapartment replied:

    morning guys~yes sande, i’m reading 3 books and they did the trick. i overslept this am!
    i know what you mean, i need to carve out a niche too, funny how we bloggers are decor lovers and we’re the ones without the vanities. typical. anyway i know there are a lot more important things to think about these days so i’ll back off and get back to work on the mountain on my desk. have a wonderful friday!


  5. Deborah Milne replied:

    Terrific post. I love the onblonde photo. Simple, yet elegant. The photo of the vintage Chanel bottle with a simple flower is lovely.
    I found a flickr photo that I adored & had to pass on;

    Have a beautiful weekend my dear♥


  6. Fabulous Finds Gal replied:

    My next post will have a few vanities for you. I’ll get you the link when it’s done. Lots of eye candy here!!


  7. Alicia replied:

    All are beautiful pictures but then you get to the Barbie one…and I almost burst out laughing. I still like it though


  8. Tricia Breidenthal replied:

    Hi Claudia, Thank you so much for showcasing my perfume photos! What an honor to be amongst all of these pretty vanity items. You’ve been my number one go-to girl for eye-candy and glamour decor for many, many years. Thanks for being such a beautiful inspiration to me :)



  9. theparisapartment replied:

    oh thanks you guys, you give me so much energy! i can’t wait to see what you come up with this weekend. i have a lot of visiting to do!


  10. Tawney replied:

    I love Barbie at her vanity! Vintage barbie with a French Provincial vanity is a perfect combination.


  11. Clarity replied:

    I adore the chic simplicity of the perfume bottles against the flower. But shall post this vanity:

    Because you asked and it is probably the most unvain vanity you will find :)


  12. Elaine Power replied:

    Found you through Sandra from A gift wrapped life. Oh I so want a vanity area I must put that in my wish list for when we start building our house!


  13. YSLGuy replied:

    I’m not moving for another month and a half, so I don’t have my dressing room set up. I’m still hunting for furniture for it actually.

    Here is a shot of my dresser currently though (and one of my fragrance collection which resides in the bathroom right now)

    I’m afraid right now, it’s not as glamorous as the others, but I’m working on it. Once I move and get the dressing room set up, I will be sure to post about it.


  14. Kristin replied:

    LOVE the lucite chair!


  15. Rapunzel replied:

    They are all gorgeous but I’m partial to Barbie’s dressing room, lol!


  16. dutchbaby replied:

    I’m crazy for the chair in the second photo, such lines! The lucite chair is a great idea too. Great collection of photos!


  17. Roberta replied:

    Love the “Barbie” vanity…too cute…it makes me remember my Barbie Doll Days. I’ve always had a vanity and can’t imagine not having such a daily pleasure in my routine of taking care of “me”. My current vanity, my Dad found it at the “boutique” and I’ve had it for over 20 years. I almost got rid of it when we moved recently but the new and “improved” vanity didn’t fit…think my dad was telling me something…karma…he passed over four ago. You can see it in my blog post here…I’m thinking about painting it pink and have new fabrics for the skirt already. I’m a little behind on my blogging because my son just got married…but now that things have settled down a bit…it’s one of my summer to do’s. Hope you enjoy, fondly, Roberta


  18. Chessa replied:

    such wonderful finds here! It looks like Flickr is filling a tiny part of the enormous void left by Domino…at least we can find cool stuff there…


  19. Fabulous Finds Gal replied:

    Ok, back to keep my word. I posted my vanity today for ya. Next… I’ll post a few of my Mom’s vanity pics.

    I hope your search is going well!


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