vanity for humanity


photo from viva

hi guys and bon soir, i hope all’s well in your wonderland. i wish i had a rug for all of us but alas, there’s only one in the giveaway. the more i look the more i like the striped one. i’ll see if they can offer all of us a group rate!

anyway the lucky winner is cindy of


her name came up on the random generator, twice! (once more comments came in i did it again) but it was obviously meant to be! coincidentally, miss cindy just got back from a year in costa rica with habitat for humanity. she says she doesn’t have a thing yet for her home so this will get her off to a good start. congrats cindy, your life looks like a whirlwind of fun!


i’m happy to say the vanity project for habitat for humanity is underway, here are the first pics. this beautiful shot was sent in by a beach cottage. (not a vanity per se but a good start)


and another just in this afternoon taken by rita.


and this just in from jenny of

vanity 006


and this from nina at

thank you beautiful ladies!

house to home53

i found this during a quick trip to, she always has vanity inspiration.

bonnie of love your place is one of my best blogging buds and a researcher extraordinaire. she found this pretty load today for the project and is going to help put it all together.




but the truth is we need YoUrS! the vanity can be shot in full or as a closeup, it can be messy and edgy!

i’m excited to see your shots, sorry i didn’t give out an email address. you can send them to merci beaucoup

June 25, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Judith replied:

    Yaaaahhh! Congrats to Viva Cindy :) I couldn’t think of a better home for that rug. You’re right it was meant to be!
    I am loving these vanity shots (Rita, I love it)! I’ll get mine in asap :) Beautiful post as always Claudia!


  2. marcie replied:

    Thanks for linking to the pic of the vanity on our blog. That was taken at a friend’s house. Love the pics coming in of vanities. Am having serious computer problems, but if I can I will try to submit one.


  3. Paris Hotel Boutique replied:

    Yay! Congrats to Cindy!!!


  4. vivalacocina replied:

    Oh my gosh! Im so excited Claudia! Thanks so much! I feel so lucky to be picked, but even more to have me and my pics on your blog! I am a faithful reader, so it is an honor! please let me know what i have to do for the beautiful rug!!


  5. FrenchBlue replied:

    Very lucky vivacindy! AND I love that old pink paint on the dresser~ Are you coming to Cali?


  6. Charlie replied:

    What a great project! I will try and have the husband take a few shots of mine, although it is not as frily as the others. Hugs C.


  7. lenorenevermore replied:

    Congrats to the winner!
    Love the mix of stripes & floral…


  8. YSLGuy replied:

    I love the shot with the perfume bottles on the vanity/dresser


  9. tifftastic replied:

    congrats to cindy! sounds like there couldn’t have been a more worthy person to win. :) i’m LOVING all the vanity shots. they’re all so inspiring and gorgeous.


  10. Caroline replied:

    Ooh, the red and the stripes, I love it!


  11. Slices of Beauty replied:

    Wow, really delightful, congrats to Cindy!

    Beautiful all those pics are.


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