giving it all away


hey everybody, hope you’re winding down and enjoying some guilty pleasures. i’m blogging so you know i am :)

i know i said i wouldn’t take on any new projects till these others were out of the way but as an aries just can’t help but jump at new ideas. i’m putting together a candid look at the modern vanity top and would love to include a shot of yours. vanities are pretty much de rigeur today so if you have one, even if it’s makeshift, i’d love to use it and credit you. what excited me about the project is that it’s a look at blogger’s boudoirs. 100% the proceeds will go to habitat for humanity. we need to have 200 shots by August and i’d LoVe it if you were a part of it!


i started looking around for vanity tops and of course came across some great new places.

afriento knitwith

it can be something really simple

frou-frou fashionista dresser table

or just a vignette, you don’t have to be a stylist, just show some of your favorite things.


the only recurring theme is flowers…


this was shot at lynn’s of paris hotel boutique.


this was from a shoot years ago with danny piassick for dallas home.

anyway i hope you play. the less structured and more polaroid-y the better. send as many as you want to

in the meantime, i have another giveaway, this time from CSN Rugs! they’ve generously offered us a choice between two area rugs in the following styles. they were kind enough to let me choose a couple of my favorites for the giveaway but they have a great selection so take a look at their site for other options. i fell for these:

Colonial Mills – Ventura Alternating Stripe Taupe / Black Braided Rug Rectangle 2′ x 4′



Couristan 1583/7364 – Recife Veranda Black and White Indoor/Outdoor Rug 3′ 9″ x 5′ 5″


i haven’t seen them in person so you’ll have to let us know how you like it when you win :) if you’re interested just say so with a comment and we’ll have the drawing this week. bon chance et bon nuit!

June 23, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Anali replied:

    I love both these rugs, but the striped one especially. Please count me in!


  2. Margarita replied:

    Ooh, what gorgeous rugs!! What a great giveaway!


  3. theparisapartment replied:

    cool, i’m glad you like them. you’re in! how about the vanity shots?


  4. Jolena replied:

    Please count me in for both the rug give away {LOVE the first one!} and I will certainly be sending a vanity shot too!


  5. Kristina Snerling replied:

    Please include me in the giveaway. These rugs are just gorgeous, I especially love the striped one.


  6. London Calling replied:

    Black is my favorite color. Both rugs are lovely.


  7. Pamela replied:

    Oh yes. I could use the outdoor one!

    I love your vanity photos. I used to have a marvelous dressing room, complete with an antique vanity…but I turned it into a library a couple of years ago. I kept the Bennison covered dressing chair though.


  8. Stephanie replied:

    I will play along with the vanity shot. It sounds like fun.


  9. theparisapartment replied:

    you guys rock! i knew i could count on you!


  10. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    As long as my website is up by August….LOL! I’m in on the vanity shot, thank god it’s in August. It should be cleaned and organized by then! I’m in on the rug giveaway too.


  11. Anali replied:

    I love the vanity shots and the idea, but I don’t have a vanity. I can try and put together a vignette though. It is for a great cause!


  12. Isabel ~ Maison Douce replied:

    I would love to be included in the giveaway, thank you so much!!! I will definitely try for a vanity shot, that sounds exciting!!…


  13. FrenchBlue replied:

    Put moi in girlfriend~ Vanity shots, rugs & dewdrops! How’s every little thing?
    Mauh mauh mauh~~~


  14. Paris Hotel Boutique replied:

    First of all, great idea with the vanities, and a wonderful cause to boot.

    Second, how gorgeous is the vanity photo from Style Court? I’m drooling over it. You always capture the best photos girl.

    Third, thank you for posting that photo of my crown. Wow, that was some time ago…I can’t believe you save these images. I appreciate the link too!

    Lastly, yes! Please include me in the rug giveaway. Either one would look amazing in my entryway…

    xo Lynn


  15. Judith replied:

    Oooh! I love this idea, I’m going to dust and take some shots for you, I’ll send them soon. I would love to throw my name in the hat for the drawing as well. Fabulous!!!!


  16. Bonnie replied:

    Oh Oh Count Me In! How exciting! I LOVE arranging pretty things on vanities and dressers and have lots of pretty things! Wait till you see the pic of my dresser after reading The Paris Apartment book! Now you’ve motivated me to create some new pretty pics too, esp for my new old vanity! The rugs are beautiful, and something my place truly needs, please count me in for that too… Great ideas Claudia! Thank you! :)


  17. Bonnie replied:

    I forgot to say that my favorite rug is the first one with the scrolls and swirls! :)


  18. abeachcottage replied:

    love your vanity pics and the first one of the bed

    I have a vanity shot here – shabby old peely pink dresser amongst the white…

    this was the before it is now in my breakfast room



  19. ze courlis replied:

    Je ne comprends pas toujours ce que tu écris car je parle très mal l’anglais, mais j’adore me promener sur ton blog où je trouve toujours de belles images, de beaux objets, et où je fais souvent de belles découvertes … merci !


  20. Cathy @ The Stylish House replied:

    This is my first time to your site and I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit. What beautiful prizes you are offering. Either rug would be most welcome in my home, but the indoor/ outdoor Recife Veranda would be perfect on my deck. I am also a fan of Habitat for Humanity so will work on a vanity shot. Have a lovely day. Cathy


  21. Emily replied:

    I would love a shot at winning the rug!!


  22. my favorite and my best replied:

    ummm yes!!!!!!! the striped one please. wow. thanks. i will be sending a pic of my vanity that i use as a desk forthwith.


  23. YSLGuy replied:

    I love that first rug. It’s so beautiful.

    I would be honored to be included in the book of blogger’s boudoirs. I hope once mine is finished, it will live up to it.


  24. Slices of Beauty replied:

    That bedroom is calling moi, so fab!


  25. Melanie replied:

    What a great project (and Charity). Would love to included for a chance for the rugs. The second one it my favorite. Thanks so much for such a wonderful giveaway.


  26. Hallie replied:

    funny,last night i was eyeballing my living room rug and thinking “something needs to change.” maybe this could be it! what a great giveaway and i would love to send a vanity shot too. cheers!


  27. Susan replied:

    Such fabulous rugs, please include me in the drawing!


  28. Fabulous Finds Gal replied:

    Oh my… what fab rugs! I’m loving the scrolled one a bit more. I can’t help my “over the top” self. And, I will definitley send you pictures of my and my mom’s vanitys. They both have their own distict taste. I’m a red/gold Old World gal and she is Parisian silver/pink. And, what’s a gal or guy without a fab vanity? This is a great idea!!!!


  29. alison replied:

    i can’t even tell you how honored i am to be on your blog!! wow!
    thank you for including Frou Frou Fashionista in this post. what an exciting project you are putting together…we would love to be a part of it!!


  30. Christine replied:

    Hey Claudia!
    That second rug is gorgeous. Of course, I’d be happy with either one!!
    California Christine


  31. The Pickled Hutch replied:

    Yum on the photo from Stylecourt. I will definitely play! And Lynn’s place is absolute perfection so she really doesn’t need a rug as much as I do. So…. if she wins, you can just send it to me! lol!
    Lisa & Alfie


  32. Melissa replied:

    I love your blog – just came across it! Would love to be entered to win a rug and will get to work on a vanity shot.


  33. Caroline replied:

    Ooh, is that a gate as a bedroom door?


  34. Kristi replied:

    I am in love with the second one, please include me. And I would love to send you a shot of my vanity. It is a work in progress. How can I send a photo your way?Kristi


  35. Jen replied:

    I so enjoy your site. I work at a french country store, and I am constantly getting inspiration from your pictures. It is my birthday today – would love to win a rug!



  36. Vicki replied:

    Love the bedroom…..the rugs are fabulous!!! What a great giveaway!!! I liked all the rugs!!! Hope things are going well……life has been crazy~~~


  37. Cindy replied:

    I would love to play with the vanity shot. I am taking some photos tonight.
    What do we have to do? Post it on our blog?


  38. Cris replied:

    I would love to have the second rug – the Recife is beautiful. Did I see it featured in House Beautiful this month? It would be lovely under our arbor, just outside the family room (as it says indoor/outdoor). Or perhaps, with these two rambunctious kids, I should use it in the family room as an indoor rug!

    Does a dresser top count as a vanity? I have no space to call my own for that. A vanity – what a luxury!


  39. lora replied:

    Oh, so many comments! And how could there not be with such a generous and lovely giveaway. I have to say, the second rug (Couristan) would absolutely make my tiny 500 sq ft apartment sing. And I like it even better since I mis read it’s name as Courtesan! ;-)


  40. Write Girl replied:

    Lovely rugs…I wish I could contribute to the bedroom shots but I’m an upstart twenty-something. (Sigh) I hope to have a lovely apartment like yours someday. Good luck with compiling the photos : )


  41. theparisapartment replied:

    hey guys, just checking in. it’s great to see you all! i’ll be by over the next few days to visit you too.
    and write girl, age has nothing to do with it, i don’t have a lovely apartment or a vanity right now either. i’ll take a shot of something tomorrow and see if i can come up with anything if you will!


  42. cindy espinoza replied:

    I would love a chance at the rugs!
    I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity for one year in costa rica (got back just 3 weeks ago) Unfortunately I dont even have a makeshift vanity yet to participate, but i hope you can get this project going!


  43. Lisa Golightly replied:

    Such a sucker for black and white stripes … now you know which rug I’d like to win ! What a beautiful start on vanity pictures !



  44. Kristin replied:

    I love that indoor/outdoor rug! Please put my name in the drawing. This is one of my favorite websites!


  45. Relyn replied:

    Oh, that rug would look so lovely in my little house. SO lovely. I would like to play along. I’m going to see if I can rig up a vanity loaded with all my favorite things. I don’t have a vanity right now. I have an ugly bathroom counter with good lighting. Bad for pictures. I do love this idea, though. I’ll be thinking…


  46. ALEK replied:

    What a great project and a great cause! I’m definitely going to take some shots for you. :)


  47. A Fine Taste of Paris replied:

    Splendid! Will send you photos of my favorite pretty little things upon my vanities. Sounds fun and I’m in the mood to do something creative. Please count me in for the rug drawing…I just created an instant patio garden for a neighborhood garden tour last weekend and that beautiful scroll rug would add a lovely touch!


  48. Passementerie replied:

    What gorgeous rugs! I love the second one…

    As for vanities… oh dear. Mine is a very unpresentable shambles at the moment – when will I ever smarten it up?


  49. sandi vander dussen replied:

    Count me in for the rugs, and I will try to send a picture of a vanity. Sandi


  50. Gloria replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    What gorgeous rugs. Thanks for the opportunity to enter for one of them. Definitely the second one sings to me.
    Best regards,


  51. Alexandra Wolf replied:

    Me and Poni would love to be included in your rug contest! We thought you might like to see our pink french boutique and photos Poni!
    Poni sends a kiss!


  52. Ruth replied:

    the rugs are lovely, they would certainly work as a starting point for my balcony/veranda……dreams
    Thank you for the opportunity & I do so love your blog….


  53. Ro replied:

    What is the process for submitting vanity shots? Merci!


  54. Berlin replied:

    Count me in for the vanity shot!
    Glad to catch up on all your posts :)


  55. Ashley replied:

    Those rugs are beautiful. Can I be considered for the contest? How would you like to vanity photos to be submitted…my vanity was one of the “necessary” items I had to bring with me to California!
    Also, I have a more detailed description of the Marie Antoinette tea on my blog!


  56. kinha replied:

    I think you have a nice blog, beatiful photos and smart posts.I’m wating your visit.


  57. tifftastic replied:

    this is my new favorite blog!! i’m definitely submitting a photo of my vanity. :)
    either of those rugs would look amazing in my art studio–i’d love to be included in the drawing!


  58. Maman Susan replied:

    I would love to take part, too, but it wouldn’t be fair. My favorite is the second one with scrolls. However, I will see what I can do with the vanity!


  59. theparisapartment replied:

    hi all! i wish i had rugs for all of you! i think lynn at was approached too so check in with her this week!


  60. Laurie Klaue replied:

    The rugs are fantastic. I live in a cottage on the lake,, so always need floor coverings inside and out on my deck. I particularly like the rug with the scroll work. Your site is great. I came to it from Tina Tarnoff’s site.
    Nice to meet you!
    Laurie Klaue


  61. Amy replied:

    Beautiful. Is it too late to be entered into the draw? Merci beaucoup!


  62. Roseanna Bogley replied:

    Love the rugs…I know just the spot. Your vanity project is amazing!


  63. Carol Ann replied:

    I love your blog, loved the vanity shots will send one really soon.
    I would love to be included in the give away…I live in Canada, I hope that is ok…my choice would be the Colonial Mills CV 1849 2’x4′ Stripe Taupe/Black braided rug…I love the CSN website, great products.
    Regards, Carol Ann


  64. saskia replied:

    Hi! the facebook group is “bring back domino”. it is new, and empty, so spread the word! Recently a canadian chip company brought back a discontinued flavor because of emails and facebook groups that complained–it can happen!


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