the weight is over


hi guys! i’m sorry i haven’t been around much lately. as you know i’ve been trying to de-clutter my life and see what’s left once all the excess is gone.


i haven’t forgotten about the giveaway and have a ton of stuff to ship out to you!


i had to take a detour from my laser focus to go to nyc for a couple days and that threw me off a bit, but i did fill my suitcase from stuff i was hoarding there. i’ve been so controlled by my stuff, even now, i’m looking at it and it’s daunting.


it seems like i can find every excuse in the book to do anything but work on projects i’ve been putting off and i can’t seem to get out from under.


by the by, all these shots were taken in nyc this week. graffiti is so fleeting, i love to capture it.



even though i fight coming back to the city that was home for the past 20 years, there’s always something new to enchant.


if you haven’t been over to the meatpacking district, you may be surprised to see the new park that’s been built above the city using the old elevated railroad and subway tracks.


it’s a whole new dimension and ny’ers have taken to it like it’s always been there.


i feel like i know every nook and cranny of the city, so it’s great to see it from another angle.


it’s an incredible project, there’s even a sort of ampi-theater in the air with big glass walls hanging over the street.



anyway, back on the street it was biz as usual


indulging my passion for window boxes


and little surprises.


it was great to see ny in full bloom


how perfectly coordinated it can be


not to mention luscious. i didn’t want the little trip to go by with these photos just sitting in another folder. from now on it’s use em or lose ’em. god, i’m getting brutal with excess on every level. what’s going on with me?


anyway i’m back in miami for as long as i can take it, and determined not to be deterred again. my only obligation is to do the work that i love and accomplish something, i don’t have a deadline or anything looming so i can just exhale and relax for once. i don’t know how you moms do it all. well, first things first is to send out this box of goodies. i’ll get your addresses from the comments you left. hope you like the stuff and put it to better use than i did! i’m glad to be home with some nights to myself. i really missed you guys! now, back to it!

June 19, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. labellefcl replied:

    Claudia,this is a gorgeous post. The hihgline project is an incredible addition to the city. I love the graffiti. We rarely see this anymore. You could almost refer to it as vintage.


  2. Alexandra Wolf replied:

    THANK YOU for the lovely walk through NYC-my old hometown. I had not seen the new park-how fabulous!
    Also I think one of your photos is of a brownstone on west 10th st and if it is, I lived there. Its photo with the pink flowers. What a wonderful surprise to see it. The other brownstone with the black garage door is on 10th st. I remember walking by it almost everyday. Thank you soooooo much! P.S. I love Graffiti too!!!!


    • theparisapartment replied:

      oh it’s so good to be back and i’m happy that you liked this post! what a cliche but it really is a small world isn’t it? that’s definitely the brownstone, we were walking through the west village!


  3. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    What giveaway? What did I miss and I hope it isn’t those ribbons……send them over, I’ll take them.
    Have a great weekend Claudia. Great post by the way, I read about that park and think it is a fabulous idea with vision, obviously Ny’s do as well.


  4. theparisapartment replied:

    oops! hey sande, you didn’t miss it, i have enough for everyone! i took some names from the past couple posts for those who expressed interest in some of the stuff i’m unloading. i’m happy to send some to you too! just email me your address at that goes for anyone i haven’t contacted and is interested too!


  5. Melissa replied:

    Welcome back Claudia!

    Absolutely gorgeous post with fantastic photos….I love the creativity that fills NYC!

    I would love to be on your list of fabulous treasures.

    Have a great weekend!


  6. SDG replied:

    Wonderful photos of wild, wacky and addictive NY. Ruthless is good when it comes to getting rid of things that no longer serve your life. You sound like a very restless soul Claudia. I can relate. ;)


  7. theparisapartment replied:

    i am so restless! it’s been years of wanting to do everything from write to mentor but all i do is move around and travel. still when i think about putting down permanent roots i run for the hills! what’s the cure?


  8. Bonnie replied:

    Hi Claudia!
    Count me in for treasures you want to giveaway! Have you posted any pics yet? I’m very motivated to clean out things I don’t want too. Perhaps the cure for restlessness is a big house in the hills? I still think a French Chateau near the sea would be dreamy!!!!


  9. theparisapartment replied:

    i agree, that sounds divine…i know you have a ton of stuff, bonnie, i’d love to see what your clean out would look like!


  10. lora replied:

    Gosh but there is some great graffiti in New York! Here it seems like it;’s all just vandalism. I’m probably not looking in the right neighborhoods.

    I missed the post about the giveaway too and would love a goody or two. It’ll be a trade. I’ve owed you a little surprise for a while. (Such a bad procrastinator. Rude thing).

    Glad you;re home where you love to be. I’m simplifying too. And as much as I’m enjoying the de cluttering, it’s such a job! Oy Vey. ;-)


  11. FROM THE RIGHT BANK replied:

    Claudia, I can relate to this post on so many levels! I’ve been on a big purge this year too, feeling overwhelmed by too much stuff. I’m also an ex-New Yorker and in many ways it still feels like home. I feel like I know it better than any other place in the world. And I love the Highline project – I remember when it was in its very early stages and it’s so great to see it finally realized. Hope you have a restful and relaxing weekend!


  12. FrenchBlue replied:

    Welcome back~ Did you find a place yet? Have a fun weekend and don’t forget who loves you the most!!


  13. Vitania replied:

    Welcome back..
    I love your pics of NY. Makes my want to take a little trip.



  14. Judith replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    I LOVE this post. The park is amazing. It’s funny how beauty is beauty no matter where you put it! I always feel like i’ve fed my sould after reading your posts. You inspire me in so many ways. I don’t know how you do it all. If you ever need a west coast personal assistant I’m always here! LOL! :) Have a great weekend and a happy Father’s day to your Dad!


  15. {americangypsy} replied:

    Thanks for the photos of the new park! If it ever stops raining this weekend I hope to sneak over there.


  16. Judi MH replied:

    love the photos of ny…particularly with the scooter atg the stoop of the brownstone. And I am drooling over the ribbons. I am absolutely mad for vintage type ribbons. I display them in glass vases and cloches. Please consider me me if you are givng some away!


  17. Ingrid Mida replied:

    Welcome back!
    I love that photo of the elevated park. They are contemplating doing that in Toronto and I had a hard time picturing how it could/would work. But it looks fabulous!
    Love your box of ribbons. What else are you de-cluttering?


  18. Ro replied:

    I love the pictures! If I were to hit lotto (will be a challenge since I don’t play regularly!), I’d buy me a place to live in NY (and a place in Paris!!).

    I so understand what you are going through in regards to de-cluttering. I moved from a 3 bedroom condo in Detroit to living in my mother’s house in Houston where I have a bedroom and a bathroom. I gave away a lot of stuff during my move and after moving here.

    I’m about to do it again. I’m a point in my life where I don’t want stuff anymore. From here on, I’m traveling light. I want to be able to pick up and go with short notice.



  19. renee finberg replied:

    wow, really great post !
    i love the nyc adventure you took us on.


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