one false move


and you can end up in the internet abyss! i signed up for the newsletter for and one click led me you know where. so i’ll leave you with this image and you can decide whether you want to venture over. for me, i’m going to sign off real quick cause instead of working i spent the day apartment hunting (why did so much decorating begin and end in the ’80’s)?

tonite i’ll be adding new products to the site before i veg out. but i’m determined to make a little happen and if i tell you, well then i have to do it! here’s peek:


papillon linens

leigh chandler is a legend in the industry and is advising me on an organic sheet line. her linens are just beautiful, they’re her passion and it shows.


eloquence antiques

eloquence furniture is run by Amelia Cooke & Kim Redmond. i’ve loved their stuff for years and now finally have the venue to showcase it.


lisa golightly

lisa’s an artist who i’ve been wanting to work with and the time has finally come!

have you teamed up with anyone lately? it’s a great way for those with web boutiques to promote each other and you know i love to do that!


anyway, i’m off before i lose my motivation! if i do some now i’ll have something to show for it in the morning. ok girl, just do it! bon nuit!


June 10, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. FrenchBlue replied:

    Always assured beauty over here~
    I bought that Marilyn dish from Lisagolightly~~
    So so great!!! Love your pictures!


  2. Dana replied:


    I especially like the all white bed and bedding set.


  3. Melissa replied:

    I need that Marilyn dish and those gorgeous organic linens! Wouldn’t they all go perfectly in the first photo apartment? Gorgeous post…as always.


  4. Judith replied:

    HI Claudia,
    I’m so excited to see the new items in your boutique! I just Love Lisa Golughtly and I’m off to sdee the others you listed now! Thanks for the yummy eye candy, the inspiration, and the links! :)


  5. Di Overton replied:

    All sounds really exciting. I would love to team up but here in the UK blogs are a bit short on the ground :(


  6. Stephanie replied:

    I adore Lisa Golightly’s work. I have three of her mirrors including the Marilyn Monroe tray you show above. They look great!


  7. annechovie replied:

    Very exciting, Claudia – looks like some great additions! Thanks for your visit and sweet comment. Best to you with your apt. hunt!


  8. Carol replied:

    I can stay in that bed forever!
    always so beautiful!
    ; )


  9. Noel replied:

    Ohh I wish I could have boght that Marilyn dish for my mom before she saw it! Her and my dad loveee champagne. Such a clever idea from Lisa~


  10. Slices of Beauty replied:

    That white bedding set emanates real beauty!


  11. yslguy replied:

    I just discovered Lisa golightly and love her work. She has several pieces I’d love to own


  12. Chessa replied:

    oooh…that mirror is divine. and those linens. I think I need them. I’m going to check out Lisa Golightly…


  13. sublimeevents replied:

    Stumbled upon you, and absolutely want to become a follower! All things Peh-reeh are what I love. Thank you for your work and insight!

    Shannon Lassen
    Sublime Events
    Seattle, WA


  14. Clarity replied:

    Dear Claudia,

    Thank you for visiting my little garden, your compliments are lovely, but I would avoid the archives ;) as I’ve only recently allowed myself to completely open up on there.

    I adored reading your profile notes. I have huge respect for people who follow their paths, wherever they may lead. Reading about that reminded me of this quote from a certain DJ:

    “It’s no longer the hypnotic pulse of the city at night – it’s the ever-evolving optimism of weekday mornings,”

    re. your last sentence on my blog – let’s do that!


  15. Brooke replied:

    The first bed is devine…I don’t think I’d ever want to leave that beautiful, peaceful bedroom!


  16. from the right bank replied:

    Oh that bed looks divine! I’m off to check out hozz now. Because I have nothing but time on my hands, you know. ;)


  17. keepfeelingjoanna replied:

    wow wow wow. that is my dream room! thanks for sharing – i’ll be signing up for the newsletter as well! ; ) xo


  18. tiny bubbles replied:

    love the posting today. not only are the beds dreamy, but the creations by lisagolightly are very unique and appealing. they have a classic vintage feel and finish, yet with a modern twist. thanks again for the post and the link to her site! keep posting for all of your fans!!


  19. Clarity replied:

    I adore the photographs, but that beautiful blue bedroom had me riveted, hmm, Morocco? Good choices and I look forward to your latest book, x


  20. ursula replied:

    You always have such wonderful resources and are so willing to share them. You must be a very lovely person.


  21. An Aqualicious Day | prom bridal gowns replied:

    […] Today is a day for so many more dreamy thingslike this bit of news […]


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