back in the high life


hey guys! thanks for your well wishes home, i made it safe and sound without a hitch. i’m kicking back all alone with a bottle of coconut juice. the cable’s shut off (til sunday)! and the window’s wide open with a warm breeze. it’s kind of cool to be without the tv in a way. it’s going to force me to play with itunes radio, check out new things, maybe even read?!

elegance and decay

anyway i got an email from robyn who introduced me to a great site,, and invited me to come by and look it over.

elegance and decay



on one hand it’s a lot of information. it’s a great tool and a resource for both sides, the designers and the clients or any one who wants to upload pictures and be seen in a great venue.

anyway i’m enjoying the sound of silence and there’s no place else i’d rather be right now than right here. see you chez vous over the weekend and happy friday!

May 30, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Judith replied:

    Welcome Home Claudia!!!!! I should try the no TV thing, I might actually get something done :) Have a great weekend!


  2. Lauren replied:

    i never had a TV in my bedroom, then after my freshman year of college sold the Tv I had turned one 4 times. I’m trying to wean my bf now from keeping the Tv on when we sleep but he refuses. Not having Tv is awesome!! enjoy it :D


  3. Vicki Archer replied:

    Once you start reading you will never stop….Happy weekend, xv.


  4. Stephanie replied:

    Enjoy the peace and quiet. Going without tv for a while is like a good detox.


  5. rochambeau replied:

    Welcome back to the peace and quiet. Love your book idea and these fabulous photos Claudia!
    It’s easy to go without tv for me, but without my computer~I’m lost!

    Happy Weekend.


  6. theparisapartment replied:

    morning guys, i woke up to a morning rainstorm and all its glory! not having the tv last night was great and i slept like a log!
    i agree with you constance, no tv is ok but no computer, please don’t take that sunshine away!


  7. Aradia replied:

    I loveeee yor blog!!!!!!!


  8. moggit girls replied:

    Toooo funny C – we’ve just recently mogged the two top photos of this post! haha


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