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good evening guys! how are you on this spring night? i’m pretty good cause i am officially out of the store and that’s one less piece of cake on my plate. i’m excited to see what life will look like without all the excess energy vacuums.

anyway it was a long and busy day, already almost midnite and meeting robin and the gang for her garden makeover tomorrow am. for now i’m just posting a little about my day cause if i don’t i won’t!


i”d like to introduce you to gina cartwright of charmed circle. i fell in love with her tiny birdcage charms and story. her grandmother loved jewelry and they’d pour over her collection. ( i loved my gran’s jewelry box too. i bet you did too)!


one of gina’s favorite pieces was her mother’s charm bracelet. the way each charm held a moment in time is what inspired her to create a line of jewelry based on the charms of the charm bracelet.

visit her beautiful boutique at and let her know what you think on her blog,


in my travels i had the pleasure to meet rebecca spinner today. our rendezvous was at her gorgeous apartment. what a treat! thanks rebecca, the tea and croissants were amazing! we talked about lots of projects including shooting her apartment for the new book.


she’s in the before and after process (aren’t we all)? but this was the one corner she really tackled: her floor to ceiling bookshelves. her book collection is nothing short of incomprehensible! she has so many and such beauties that she was able to color coordinate each shelf.


she’s got lots planned so more on her later!

on my way from there to the store i stopped into the lafayette house on east 4th street. i’ve been meaning to go but finally went in with the thought of books and apartments on my mind. this fabulous townhouse has 15 guest rooms, all decorated in antiques (chandleliers, mantles, chairs and beds).


it’s a great place if you’re coming to the city, you can’t beat the location just off of the bowery.


the rooms are cozy


it’s just fun to be in an entire building like this in ny. every floor is used. there are some with kitchenettes and balconies.


they’ve really stayed in character with the original decor. it’s not stuffy though cause they did it in a playful way with chenille bedspreads, ironic portraits and left much of the orignal kitsch in where they could.


anyway if you’re in the hood, ask to see a room!


finally i thought i ‘d share these sunset boulevard shots with you. i found them in the basement and carol and tony scanned them for me. this is the shoot for elle magaizne. it was so much fun to be a princess for a day!


and now it’s over, the end of an era. onward and upward to the next adventure!


May 21, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. meg manion silliker replied:

    i love those birdcage charms – my mother has the most gorgeous charm bracelet that my sister owns now. darn. you are one busy lady aren’t you?!! that black and white photo of you is stunning. xo


  2. Carol replied:

    Yes it is!


  3. Sheri L Larsen {Burhoe} replied:

    Gorgeous !


  4. Stephanie replied:

    Your photo’s look great!


  5. The Lil Bee replied:

    Such a bright post! I love it. The organized color on Rebecca’s bookcase is fantastic. And thanks for the tour of The Lafayette House…never been:)


  6. Carolyn replied:

    GORGEOUS, Claudia!!! i can’t wait to hear more about the new book!


  7. theparisapartment replied:

    hey guys just checking in. just found a new stash in a friend’s basement. on my way back up town now to work on a sweet 16 bedroom, more later!


  8. renee finberg replied:

    i can’t stand it !!!!!!
    these pics of you are fabulous.
    you look so glamorous & beautiful !



  9. Kathleen Ellis replied:

    Great shots, Claudia… so excited for this new “chapter” in your life! Enjoy!
    happy holiday weekend!


  10. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    love your photos for elle , you look so galmour. I write down the lafayette house idea , it will be nice to stop there next time I am in the city


  11. sonia replied:


    you are (what!!!) FIERCE IN THAT PHOTO!!!!!

    So sexy and hot! WORK IT! WORK IT!


  12. SDG replied:

    That Lafayette House is smashing! Love the decor and the spirit.


  13. Passementerie replied:

    What a great post (this is why I read The Paris Apartment) – I particularly love the bookcases. Colour coordinating our bookcases isn’t really an option as we have six floor to ceilings and are both academics – we’d go out of our tiny minds if books weren’t alphabetically organised, although as they’re still in a state of disarray after our move six months ago, I’m not sure I’m in any position to talk…


  14. Betty replied:

    Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful pictures of the townhouse and even more beautiful ones of you! Very best of luck in your new venture.



  15. Christina replied:

    I’m in love with that bookcase. Ahh and I’m sure I would love the books too. : ) Thank you for the tour.


  16. YSLGuy replied:

    Those birdcage charms are adorable. You look so great in those photos


  17. Loredana replied:

    Le miroir sombre me rappelle Chopin…et les atmosphères romantiques austèrement de sa musique.
    Ton blog est une boîte des merveilles!
    Comme toujours…


  18. theparisapartment replied:

    hey guys
    thanks, the pics were fun to find! it was a couple of years ago and time has taken its toll! haha!


  19. Berlin replied:

    Such beautiful decor, and such great charms. Thank you for the link. Your blog never disappoints!


  20. hallie replied:

    You look gorgeous!
    Think I recognize that hotel from a Domino shoot.


  21. Chessa replied:

    I need to visit this place!! it looks incredible. and you look like perfection.


  22. Kimberly Ryan replied:

    ohhhlala how beautiful you are in that shoot! xoxo


  23. a la parisienne replied:

    How fun that must have been. Any chance to wear a sexy gown and lie on a chaise lounge–I would be in!!!And the plume of those pink feathers is so fun! You look so beautiful!


  24. theparisapartment replied:

    merci! it was so much fun, i was a princess that day for sure! one thing the store gave me was a great stage to play out my own little fantasies! actually i always thought we all should have glam photos taken on pretty furniture while we’re still young!


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