trying for a new york state of mind


hey guys! how’s everything? i hope all is well in your world. i should be packing but started searching for window boxes for the challenge. what if we really did have a flowerbox face off and between ny, paris, san fran and any other city that wanted to play along? i’m going to ny today and will be sure to get a box going on my balcony/fire escape right away! if you’re into it, let’s brainstorm! anybody want to make a logo?


anyway, of course a minute of searching turns into an hour before you know it so i better keep on moving.

the photos above came from an incredible photographer right off the bat on


another i found on the flower quest


and these guys just signed on this great apartment in paris and i just wanted to say congratulations!

ps if you have a great shot of a window box post it and let me know!

ok, anyway below was the post i started out with,  it’s a chaise i have in the city, one that i’m selling for the same client i mentioned in my last post. i’d love to keep it but have no place for it and it’s just too hideous to live with as is.


this would be my inspiration for it if i kept it.


yes it’s true, i’m officially going to be out of my store in the city, besides a few things in showrooms, want to liquidate. i don’t have a lot but what i have needs  a little work like this piece. it’s a classic  i’ve seen done in many ways including this by chair couture:



i mean, it’s nothing new, mai oui


but is lots of fun to be around and so makes a boudoir. looking for it i found these done in the past. here we upholstered it in cream silk for a christian dior shoot


here with a white faux fur


and i’ve had it in cane. the one i have now is a great piece from the 40’s with the original finish and is in perfect condition. if you’re into it, let me know. otherwise it’s going on ebay! (ugg)


anyway i better get back to work, i have lots to do before i go. ny’s going to be tough city life, lots of grunt work that i’ll be glad when it’s over! but i’m not going to overdo it like usual and come home exhausted everyday. i vow here and now to stay centered and balanced. (right)! well, knowing i should is half the battle!


more from the other side!

May 7, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Jessie replied:

    That turquoise chaise is to die for! I’m so jealous of your time in Paris, but I love getting to read along for the ride! :)


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    what is it about turquoise? it’s weirdly neutral and looks good with anything, doesn’t it?
    as for being jealous, so don’t, just come! even a weekend is good for the soul and doesn’t have to be a lifetime achievement award!


  3. Berlin replied:

    Are you serious about putting up that cane chaise on EBay? If so how much would freight be to California? It is lovely!


  4. theparisapartment replied:

    actually it’s the pink one at the top that i have, just saying we’ve done it in cane before. the frame is the same but instead of upholstery it would have to be caned. i can do it or you can do it! getting it to cali would probably be about $350.


  5. Marielle replied:

    Love the window box challenge. Thought of these immediately.

    Your blog is one of my all-time favorites and I am spreading the word.


  6. stilettoheights {Jennifer} replied:

    You are KILLING me with all of these spectacular chaise!! So you are selling the pink one? If only it were blue, I searching for the perfect accent for my french blue living room!!


  7. Nadine Bouler replied:

    You’ve honestly run a one woman campaign to get me to reconsider turquoise.


  8. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    These are gorgeous, too gorgeous for ebay? Too bad I am all the way in Canada…what a shame.


  9. theparisapartment replied:

    i know! on one hand i hate to ebay. on the other it helped me over the years whenever i needed it.
    it’s the one reason i feel that really, we’re all recession proof.


  10. Lauren replied:

    Oh I will now be walking around looking for window boxes!!


  11. The Antiques Diva replied:

    I’m so into this window box challenge!!! I’m certain I must have some window box photos lingering in my picture folder… I’m off to see if I can come up with the goods!
    By the way, I just posted Paris brocante dates for the next 2 months if you know anyone who’s going!
    Take care!


  12. YSLGuy replied:

    I love all of those chaise lounges. So wonderful. I love the idea of a window box show down.


  13. renee finberg replied:

    the second image is wild !

    it looks like some thing from a movie……..sweeny todd perhaps.

    we gotta’ talk


  14. Pigtown-Design replied:

    London has great window-boxes. And I love that many are at street-level.


  15. jeska replied:

    lovely lovely day beds, thanks for stopping by my little corner, I have a copy of your book that I have treasured for years! : )


  16. Fifi Flower replied:

    These chaise lounges are FAB! You took some truly WONDERFUL photos… I hope you don’t mind if I paint more of them!
    Bon week-end!


  17. Whitney replied:

    I love your blog! This post inspired me to comment… here is a link to one of my photos on flickr- a window box full of flowers. This was taken right across from Moulin Rouge.

    Here is another, in the Marais

    I leave for Paris a week from tomorrow- I’ll keep an eye out for the window boxes of flowers!!


  18. theparisapartment replied:

    hi guys~ love those flowers! i have to share a logo that was sent yesterday, it’s fantastic. but i fell asleep at 8pm and am up and at em for an all day marathon. just checking in to say i made it to the city and about to get the van and open that pandora’s box of a basement! suddenly the burden of things is overwhelming and i can’t wait be free! right now it seems unimaginable!


  19. La Mom in Paris replied:

    Hi Paris Apartment,
    I think I’ve visited you before and found you again via Twitter (you just started following me). Would you like to do a blog roll exchange?
    I love your blog and am very envious you’ve started your own company and have the French thing going for you.
    If I ever move back to the US I hope to do something Frenchy too. France sells doesn’t it?
    La Mom
    an American Mom in Paris


  20. kayellen replied:

    Beautiful Claudia!!!
    I will search my pics for a pretty window box..if not..Now you have given me a new challenge to scout some out!!!

    BTW.. I would love to lounge on any of the chaises for Mother’s Day:)

    Have a wonderful weekend:)

    How is your kitty? Growing, I am sure…



  21. Anali replied:

    I love the flowerbox face off! Now I’m going to be looking for them wherever I go. I may even take a special trip to get a good shot. : )


  22. Nicole Cohen replied:

    How much are you selling the chaise for?


  23. Di Overton replied:

    I had some gorgeous window boxes last year but then I had new windows installed and now they don’t fit on the sills anymore :(


  24. Iris/Society Garlic, Austin replied:

    Thanks so much for posting my Paris window box photo! I have at least one other example, taken on a different street in Paris in the 7th last summer. Let me know if you want to see it/post it. Great blog!



  25. theparisapartment replied:

    hey la mom, absolutely! let me know if anyone posts a pic of the flower boxes and i’ll do a post with all the links. as for the chaise i’m going to start it on ebay at $950. and iris, i’d love to see your other shot!


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