a dream came true


hey guys, how’s everything? it’s friday night and this is everywhere i want to be! i really miss blogging and visiting. tomorrow i’m coming over!

i worked hard all day on major minutia that was waiting (paperwork is not my forte), but finished and vowed to spend a little creative time going through another folder.


tonite it’s jean who just bought a paris apartment and is furnishing it for when she and her husband are in town when the rest of the time they’re renting it out. it’s a gorgeous little place full of details from the mantle to the mouldings and everything in between. it’s a total renovation that should be finished right about now.


we met through the wonderful madelyn of paris perfect. these are just some of her incredible pied a terres. she works with her clients at every level from finding a place to buy to the renovations and even came out with us to look for curtain fabric, bringing organic swatches with her. i mean, like, how does she do it? she’s an american gal married to a frenchman for many years. anyway, knowing them is like having friends who live in town.

i had the opportunity to visit some of her gorgeous places and they are immaculate and really well stocked. most of her apartments are in the 7e and have major views of the eiffel tower.


i mean, come on



anyway, jean and i hit it off and shopped the fleamarkets one rainy weekend to furnish hers in one fell swoop.


we were out for furniture and details


we knew we wanted a duchesse




they’re not easy to find with 3 pieces and we wanted to use it as a coffee table/ottoman. we loved that this had a guys and ladies chair but cane’s not practical for rentals so that would have meant full upholstery redo.


we loved these too but both sides were small chairs, so for a guy… not so good


we wound up with these slipper arm chairs cause they had perfect celadon mohair upholstery and low lines. no work necessary, and when she needs to reupholster they’re blank slates for tufting or buttons.


we chose one piece that had a lot of character and was really special. it’s a desk from the mid 1800’s and the colors just seduced us.


the garden chandelier is for over the dining table.


they had already had a provincial white table and chairs so we went for organic.


this for the living room was a real steal


actually we got great deals on everything, it’s such a treasure chest. i miss it already!

ok i could go on and will add more tomorrow! it’s midnuit, bon nuit!

May 2, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Judith replied:

    Claudia! It sounds like a dream and those apartments! Well, that just seems like the way to go from now on, I have to check it out! Your flea market finds are heavenly and I am uber jealous of the slipper chairs! They are THE perfect color. Thank you for sharing. I am so excited that this trip for you was so productive and good. Best wishes my friend!


  2. lakeland jo replied:

    brilliant blog- I love Paris


  3. wendy replied:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, how I would love to be there shopping and living in a fabulous apartment.
    Beautiful pictures, thank you so much for sharing them:)


  4. YSLGuy replied:

    You always post the most beautiful pictures and these were no exception. Thank you!


  5. annecychic replied:

    I love Paris Perfect and regularly refer to their apartments for inspiration. In fact, I did a piece on them my blog not long ago. How fun that you know them and visited their flats!

    I love your site, visit regularly, and always appreciate your writing and the beautiful images you post.


  6. my favorite and my best replied:

    gorgeous, thank you. when i do finally go to paris, it’ll be your blog that i refer to as my “guide to paris”.
    many thanks to you and all your “hard” work.;)


  7. theparisapartment replied:

    hey guys, glad you’re enjoying the shots! it’s good for me cause you know how it is, folders get burried and this is why i have 14,000 photos on my computer right now! they need to be organized as they happen. thanks for indulging me, it’s fun to go through them and seems surreal.


  8. Charlie replied:

    The apartment is stunning! I love the gorgeous celadon mohair chairs. You have impeccable taste!


  9. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks for the compliment! i know i know what i know anyway! and luckily i have impeccable clients who love beautiful furniture! ;p


  10. gatherings home replied:

    I love all your selections. Perfection!!! Many things have happened since my last comment. I am a bit stunned at the lighning speed in which it all came about! I needed a retreat and you never dissapoint. Thanks Claudia.



  11. theparisapartment replied:

    really, cool! what happened with your comment?


  12. My Melange replied:

    Love all your finds my dear! Totally right up my alley. When I win the lottery and buy MY Paris Apratment- you of course will be the one I call. We’d have tons-o-fun scouring the markets and decorating

    xo bises


  13. Ianny Lau replied:

    Classical beauty in the making. The place will carry off ornately framed Monets or Picassos beautifully.


  14. Monica Furniture Removal replied:

    I just cant get over those apartments they are just gorgeous, you really get to see some beautiful things and places thank you so much for taking the time to show and share with us. I am really enjoying this blog and everything that is here.


  15. Ginnie replied:

    I love Paris too..but have never been there..But what a find! I am sure the living room shot with your caption “i mean come on” is from an apartment i tagged years ago as the dream pad i wanted to stay in when i finally get to Paris. I had all the details from the owner when my computer crashed and my dream holiday was lost forever..I tried the Paris perfect website but could not see it, could you please hook me up with a contact to book it…Perhaps a tall order but it was kismet to see the shot again….X Aussie interior designer


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