what measures success?

Kate spade round box regift blog 001

kate spade boxes via agiftwrappedlife.blogspot.com

hi guys, i hope your weekend has kicked off right and you’re enjoying some down time. i’ve had a pretty rough few days truth be known, and ny’s dramas are still on my heels. i tried a walk on the beach to clear my head, a nap, meditation! nothing worked but blogging. why is that?

well nested

well nested

i think it’s cause this is a place we can get away and feel supported no matter what. haven’t you read a comment left where someone felt better after reading a post or even a comment? i just can’t overstate the force blogging has become in my life.



anyway by now you may be wondering what these delicious packages are. they’re masterpieces created by sande of a gift wrapped life. it’s actually a bit of a story and i guess i should start at the beginning since have no tv or dvd, no one’s home and my phone just died.

earth friendly

it started with janet, one of my fairy godmothers. (the other is lynn). they’re the ones who convinced me to take sponsors and ads on my blog which i debated. i finally set it up with their guidance and their ads were the first.

french blue

on friday sande wrote to let me know janet written a ridiculously adorable post all about it. to say it was humbling was an understatement. the comments were so supportive that i offered a free quarter of ad space to one of her blog friends who left a comment. word spread via sande’s post,

a gift wrapped life

and another by a-la-parisienne.

DSCN9554 A la Parisienne Banner wide tulle copy




and newromantic-1000markets.blogspot.com

and now i want to take it further. we all have platforms where we’re able to promote each other. if adding a link to a boutique can help grow a business it’s the perfect way to work together in a bad economy. for the first 4 commenters who have a blog and web business, i’m offering a free month of ad space. (just have to pay my web-gal her $60 fee). i’ll also offer space in my web boutique to carry your gorgeous items, you brilliant artists!

having you in my life is what i call success, you so have my back and i have yours.

janet’s drawing is on monday. if you have a blog and a boutique go to her site for the 3 month drawing. if you have something you think would sell in the boutique please let me know. i have stationery and textile sections just waiting to be macked!


speaking of advertising, i was fortunate to be included in this month’s house beautiful magazine and wanted to make a couple points. first, i’m honored cause it’s house beautiful and my mom gets it :)


but also, it was just a simple handle that was featured, nothing major. but this is what i mean about measuring success. it’s only a handle. but in this economy my handles have been good to me.


i guess i’m saying success is how you look at things. if i looked at my biz the way i did last year i’d be out. but having a little something like this can be an entire business. what’s your ‘widget’ and how are you promoting it? send it to editors and bloggers to review by email or with an actual sample.

by the by, the hb page was written by samantha emmerling if you’d like to send her something, and why not? magazines and blogs need content and you’ve got the goods! her email is: semmerling@hearst.com


so that’s it for tonight. i did get to see my lil muffy man for a minute yesterday when i picked up my car at liz’s. she and i both have to move yet again. it’s always like this with us. weird. i’m going to start looking tomorrow for that place i crave!


these were the only shots i got of the not so little guy. the good news is now he can hang in or out. what a man. well, c’est tout pour moi, bon nuit and bon weekend!

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back in the high life


hey guys! thanks for your well wishes home, i made it safe and sound without a hitch. i’m kicking back all alone with a bottle of coconut juice. the cable’s shut off (til sunday)! and the window’s wide open with a warm breeze. it’s kind of cool to be without the tv in a way. it’s going to force me to play with itunes radio, check out new things, maybe even read?!

elegance and decay

anyway i got an email from robyn who introduced me to a great site, houzz.com, and invited me to come by and look it over.

elegance and decay



on one hand it’s a lot of information. it’s a great tool and a resource for both sides, the designers and the clients or any one who wants to upload pictures and be seen in a great venue.

anyway i’m enjoying the sound of silence and there’s no place else i’d rather be right now than right here. see you chez vous over the weekend and happy friday!

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i’ve looked at life from both sides now



why is it that with all new york’s history, one single image captures it best?

bon soir mes amis, comment allez vous? i’m doing as well as can be expected, what with packing up my physical and emotional baggage and about to leave nyc. it’s been a long, strange trip full of life lessons, and please god, let them stick this time!


Photo by Charles Cushman via drx.typepad.com/psychotherapyblog/2008/08/vintage-phot-11.html

i went to look for a vintage photo of new york ‘real quick’ over an hour ago. i just wanted to say au revoir to this crazy city of ours. it truly has a life of its own and no one gets out easy.



funny how the streets still look the same everywhere you go.



when do things change?



at least some things never do



i came across this pretty vintage shop in my search and couldn’t help but post it.



and i’m dying to get this book



so that’s it tonight. so long new york, it’s good to know you’ll always be there, quiet and unchanging through all the noise and change.

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