au revoir paris, à la prochaine


well, c’est tout! 3 weeks and a lifetime of experiences.


this last day was filled with a wild cast of characters with just about every personality imaginable. it was a long road and a trip i won’t soon forget.


now it’s off to bed, i’ve had my fill of pretty things and will leave tomorrow with a new outlook. next time i come to paris i’ll be sure to make time to savor the treasures of this wonderland.


i can’t really get into it now cause i have to pack but i’ll share my thoughts on it all soon.


right now i have a slight sense of ennui tonight so will bid you adieu.

April 26, 2009. Antique Shopping, Fleamarkets, Furniture, illustration, Paris Trip.


  1. Michelle replied:

    Love those pics!
    Wish my shopping basket could look like that, but not with 3 teenage boys!


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    don’t you love the lilies of the valley?


  3. natasha replied:

    Have a safe trip home, Claudia!

    I have loved your Paris posts – am heading there in June, eek! :)


  4. Nadine Bouler replied:

    I can imagine how the trip enriched your life– your pictures alone enriched mine– and how leaving is bittersweet. It’s amazing how a place can transform our very souls.
    Best, Nadine


  5. Betsy replied:

    I was a huge fan of the store, love the book, and am SO glad to find the blog. Hooray!



  6. m replied:

    Gosh, that is about the 5th time I have heard “ennui” this weekend! Sorry you have to go! Safe trip!!!!!!

    m ^..^


  7. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks for the travel wishes guys. i guess one tiny word can sum up a lot of emotion. i’m feeling good this morning and ready to get back to miami and my beautiful life there!


  8. stilettoheights {Jennifer} replied:

    have a safe return voyage, savor each memory on your long flight back to reality.


  9. YSLGuy replied:

    I love all those figurines. I would want to buy them all!


  10. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    It has already been 3 weeks . Time goes so fast


  11. wendy humphreys replied:

    I adore all those beautiful cast of characters I would be happy with just a few…..oh who I’m kidding I want
    the all:)


  12. Kelli replied:

    All your pictures are SO inspiring! I look forward to hearing more once you are home and rested a bit.
    Bonne nuit, dors bien et bon voyage!


  13. Kelley replied:

    Dear Claudia:

    Your blog has inspired me to finally take my first trip to Paris. My charming Montmartre rental apartment was also found courtesy of your blog through Haven in Paris. Clignancourt will be my first stop. Was the photo of the table of adorable figurines taken at one the stalls there?


  14. betsy replied:

    I can’t believe 3 weeks have come and gone already! Thanks for the daily journal of pictures! I could eat a breakfast like that every morning! It looks divine.


  15. Charlie replied:

    Safe trip home! What a fun time you have given me these last few weeks. I have loved all your posts, makes me feel like I am there. Love, Love, love the gold satin bed/loveseat it is fabulous!


  16. a la parisienne replied:

    That bed is exactly what I want for my daughter when she moves from a crib to a bed…We can aim high, can’t we?! It’s the perfect size, style, everything! I guess now I just need a plane ticket to Paris!


  17. lady jicky replied:

    Its so sad to leave but …..
    Safe trip home!


  18. Judith replied:

    Happy travels! It’s off to New York now, non? Safe and happy travels!!!


  19. Deborah Milne replied:

    What a wonderful journey! Love the portrait of the woman.
    Safe travels home.


  20. tugce mertoglu replied:

    excelent pictures priceless…
    you just made me miss Paris and decided to write a post about it,I start to search Paris photos on the net for the my Paris post but couldn’t find so may I use your photos with giving reference…


  21. Di Overton replied:

    Just got to say that I have so enjoyed following your Paris trip but still felt regret at every post that we couldn’t get together this time :(
    Hope you had a safe trip back.


  22. judy Aldridge replied:

    I love that day bed!


  23. theparisapartment replied:

    hi gang! i’m back in the sun and having a moment of culture shock…from gilded lily to water lilies, it’s the absolute opposite of places. am so glad to be home and will bust out some stories of what really happened in paris!


  24. Real Card Studio replied:

    How do you not just overload on all the amazing finds?!


  25. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Paris is waiting for you to be back


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