i never knew the charm of spring


i’m going to miss these hearty morning breakfasts in the sunshine. i don’t think i could eat this much bread and this many croissants anywhere else in the world and not be rotund by now. tomorrow’s my last full day in paris and it’s going to be jam packed from the crack of dawn till sunset. it’s hard to believe it went so fast.


today was long hard work but we made some major moves! running around at clingancourt proved to be an all day endeavor. it was the first time i’ve ever covered the entire marked in one fell swoop and it took a good 8 hours. my clients had incredible taste and were sure about what they wanted which made all the difference.


among other treasures they got these chairs but this picture doesn’t come close to doing them justice (they’re chartreuse mohair with an incredible patina).


this chandelier was too tall but we fell in love with the amber and turquoise beads circa 1920.


we scored great beds in the way back where no one dares to go…


and found hand carved pieces throughout this incredible market. quel candy store it is! this is just a sampler, i didn’t take a lot of shots cause i was mostly running around like a nut, but you get the drift.


tomorrow a travel and leisure writer is coming to trail us and anthony is shooting the gala as we’re meeting with toma and, well, it’s going to be another major soiree!


there’s still so much to see and do and experience here in paris, i really want to hit this last exposition but don’t know if it will happen. we’re headed to vanves and then to some local brocantes in the 12e and 16e for starters. i’d love to have this sconce for myself.


if i have an ounce of energy left tomorrow i’ll recap our day, but it’s supposed to rain and i have a feeling i’m going to need all my strength to push it one more time. if i don’t pass out now there’s no telling what will become of me. so more tomorrow and hope all is well on your end. i’ll be stateside by monday night, so for now à bientôt!

April 25, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Judith replied:

    Have a safe trip home Claudia!!! I love these pics! Those beds are incredible!!!


  2. Hope replied:

    My mouth is watering just looking at those croissants. My one trip to Paris has forever ruined croissants for me…the poor imitations back here on the North American continent don’t deserve the name. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything so heavenly in my mouth as that warm buttery croissant avec cafe creme at a busy Paris cafe one lovely morning. Sigh….


  3. Stephanie replied:

    Gorgeous pictures of lovely finds. I can’t believe it’s coming to an end. I have enjoyed traveling vicariously through your posts. :)


  4. a la parisienne replied:

    There is something so dashing about the color chartreuse (besides how beautiful it sounds in the French language!)It just looks so good with so many other colors yet it also has enough panache to stand alone in a neutral-colored room. I just love the background where these chairs are “sitting!” Looks like a very romantic yet somewhat rustic decor!
    Be safe and take a deep breath of Parisian air before you leave!



  5. meg manion silliker replied:

    one of my favorite memories of paris is the delicious cafe au lait and croissant in the morning – nothing tastes better. enjoy your last day and safe travels home. xo m,.


  6. cityfarmer replied:

    this makes my head spin!!!

    PLEASE give me a jingle when you get home and settled…I’m counting on seeing you soon


  7. YSLGuy replied:

    Wow!!! What beautiful furniture choices!! I can’t beleive you are heading home already! thanks for takin us along


  8. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    No….stay there and find more Chartreuse….anything!
    Sounds like you are working hard, have some lovely drinks at some point.


  9. Michelle replied:

    So sad you are leaving. I love France and have been living through you. Everyday running to your blog to see your latest entry. I totally agree, you can only eat like that in Paris. I actually lost 5 pounds when I was there. Have a safe trip home.


  10. maureen replied:

    Thanks for sharing! Those finds are so beautiful!


  11. theparisapartment replied:

    bon matin from paris! the sun is up and i’m ready to hit the ground running. i will take all your advice from a deep parisian breath to having some lovely drinks! fortunately there may be a new project in paris on the horizon, one i never expected so i’ll keep you posted cause it’s a big one!


  12. Michelle Oates replied:

    Great pics,..enjoy reading your blog and imagining I am back in Paris,,,


  13. zelda replied:

    You are the best Paris embassador . I don’t know my city as you do !! . they should name a street at your name ;-)


  14. jen R replied:

    Love those pictures! THat breakfast looks perfect! Jen


  15. Chessa! replied:

    j’adore porte de clignancourt! I love these gems that you’ve found…especially those chairs and rich headboard. sigh…have a safe trip back!


  16. a la parisienne replied:

    Another possibility on the Parisian horizon sounds like a dream come true. Oh, I hope it all works in your favor and that you will please share! Felicitations!


  17. debby replied:

    Just discovered your blog, it is totally awesome.


  18. Di Overton replied:

    It’s always one of the highlights of my trips to Paris – to sit and drink coffee and people watch.


  19. Lia replied:

    I look forward to hearing more about your adventures. I love Paris in the spring and fall.


  20. Noel replied:

    Looks like an amazing last day you had there. Thank you for sharing your trip with us! I think it’s the closest to Paris I’ll get for a while ;) Have a fun and safe trip home~
    xo Noel


  21. The Antiques Diva replied:

    What fun we had!! I loved looking over your pictures and reliving the moments!!! Can’t wait until our next shopping trip!!


  22. My Melange replied:

    I swear, I can only look at your blog for so long before I am SAD that I am not IN Paris right now. It’s a double-edged sword for me girl! I adore the breakfast picture and the tiny little jar of Bonne Maman jelly is just too cute and trés French!! xo


  23. mixing business with pleasure « the paris apartment replied:

    […] news to share in a day or so. today is just a note to say hi and indulge in a scrapbook moment from my spring tour in paris which is featured in october’s travel and leisure magazine! it’s a great excuse to dig […]


  24. mixing business with pleasure – The Paris Apartment replied:

    […] news to share in a day or so. today is just a note to say hi and indulge in a scrapbook moment from my spring tour in paris which is featured in october’s travel and leisure magazine! it’s a great excuse to dig […]


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