one thing leads to another


allo everybody!

you know how it is…you start out doing one little thing and end up in another universe! i was researching the passages of paris and came across some wonderful sites and took a not so little tour through them this morning. i couldn’t have brought you on a better trip myself so if you have a minute, go inside with french icon ines de la fressange.


she’s somehow involved with roger viver (you can see it all here), iconic shoe designer and she’s the opener on his site. needless to say i got pulled into a gorgeous vacuum but have to get out and about now.


to read more about him and his legacy, visit adrian:


she was apparently not theh only one who was inspired by his work. this artist did some adorable sketches.

ok, well back to my work, i have new clients in town who are looking for all sorts of things including beds (which i love to source). i found this one last weekend and wouldn’t mind having it for myself.


some people would tear off the upholstery but i just adore it! it’s almost like crewel work up close. if it’s still there i’ll take a detail shot.


ok i’m off now! tonite i’m meeting the antiques diva at the hotel costes cause we’ll be visiting some brocantes over the weekend together and what better place to make our plans over truffle mac and cheese?


these great shots came from flickr by tg81 (not sure how she shot these cause it’s impossible to capture, i’ve tried so many times to no avail)! anyway if you haven’t been there, put it on the to do list next time you’re in town.

for now, bon journee and more to come!


April 24, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. meg manion silliker replied:

    great site!! and i am in love with that bed – it’s beautiful!!! have a lovely evening. xo m.


  2. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    That bed is just fabulous, it would be a shame it someone removed it. They wouldn’t would they?
    Have a great weekend, lovely post.


  3. Rebekka replied:

    I LOOOOOVVVEEE the bed! Of course you can find gems like that just lying around in Paris.


  4. lora replied:

    I’m with everyone else. Oh that bed! Sacrilege to remove that lovely blue.


  5. renee finberg replied:

    wow, just FAB !



  6. theparisapartment replied:

    yes! it’s a crime to change the fabric. it should be in the museum of arts decoratifs! anyway we just finished the last photo shoot and have to try to represent at the costes now. it’s hard to be fabulous here when you’re just a ragged wreck like me but damn it i’m gonna try!


  7. Judith replied:

    Oh Claudia! You are fabulous all of the time! I’m loving your trip to Paris, I’m seeing so much!!! LOL! I’m swooning over that bed…it’s ah~mazing! I still can’t get over all you’ve been doing over there! Have fun!!


  8. theparisapartment replied:

    thanks judith, i sort of pulled it together but am sure i’ll feel like it’s completely wrong once i walk in!
    anyway, i’ve learned my lesson about over booking, i have had something scheduled all day every day and will never do that again! next time it’s going to be all about la vie en rose!


  9. Sarah Arkanoff replied:

    The headboard & footboard is to die for!♥


  10. The Red Velvet Shoe replied:

    That headboard is amazing, what a color and such lovely workmanship!



  11. from the right bank replied:

    Oh, I love the Costes! Have a great night!


  12. Judith replied:

    Claudia! That’s good to hear because I will be there sharing la vie en rose with you! (hopefully)! I am doing my darndest to make sure I am there next time! Although, I don’t mind a packed itinerary or a lazy jaunt through the hoods! Bon Voyage!


  13. Cecilia replied:

    I’ll be in Paris in June/July and I’m so inspired by your blog and read it everyday! How pricey is Hotel Costes? For example, how much is the Mac & cheese?

    What are the best brocante markets?

    Hope you had a great day!



  14. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    you would spend a good time there , think about me ….


  15. tg81 replied:

    thanks for at least placing a reference to my flickr account but I would have appreciated being contacted about the blogging… Cheers, Thomas


  16. theparisapartment replied:

    Hi Thomas,
    I’m very sorry!
    Thank you for your gorgeous photos and next time i’ll contact you through flickr to let you know I used something.


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