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miss sixty window in the 2eme (wishing my wardrobe looked more like this)

hi mes amis! i feel like it’s been an eternity since i’ve been here. for some reason this trip has been non-stop action and when i’m not running around like a nut i’m fast asleep on a metro somewhere.


miss sixty windows in the 2eme

i don’t think i’ve pushed myself this hard even on the longest days in ny. guess cause it’s a high energy season and there’s so much to see and do. and i’m trying to expand every minute to the fullest extent of the law.


i’m buzzing all over town but still exploring the 2nd since the owners of the apartment have been gracious enough to send me a list of local things to do and delicious places to eat and drink. i could really get used to living in this area, it’s got something special on every block. ok, you can say that about any part of paris actually, but since i’m here i’m digging in.


you can go from a teeny tiny rue with vintage trims


and turn the corner to find topiary trees in the manicured lawns of the palais royal.


just down the block is an incredible store with those huge maps of paris. actually they have all sorts of antique ephemera, it’s truly something to behold. and the prices are good!



livres et papiers, 6 rue vivienne

the owner’s collection is truly one only a fanatic could amass. or a museum.


it inspired me to trek back to the market where i found some pencil sketches of my own the other day that i couldn’t live without apparently. having access to things like this is probably the most enticing thing about the city for me. original works of art for 10 euros! it’s the sort of thing that keeps me seduced by this city.



turns out this is an area full of trims and tassels which is one of my weaknesses. i was happy to find declerq, an unbelievable shop on the way to the metro, but there are lots of manufacturers tucked in niches all over.



of course there’s quaintness everywhere you turn, this little bistro is next to the palais royal.

tomorrow’s my first free day, and i’m going to take some advice from the apartment owners, ashley and manuel to hit some of these hotspots, all within a 3 block radius. that is if i can take my eyes off the windows!




– the japanese soba noodle shop on rue Ste. Anne
– the oyster bar and the venetian at the bourse
– LeGrand Filles & Fils for wonderful wine and jam and soup and things for the pantry
– the interior square and the reading rooms of the Bibliotheque National
– the 12 ‘Galeries de la rue Ste Anne’
– christian louboutin and jean paul gautier


in my travels i did get a chance to meet erica from haven in paris in person. she invited me to her fab apartment in montmartre where we had tea and got acquainted. she’s fascinating and down to earth and american! and i promise to post our interview in the coming days.


on another note, i met jeanne through madelyn at paris perfect. (more on her later too)! jeanne bought a sweet pied a terre as an investment and i was in the right place at the right time.saturday we’re going to outfit the new place with a trip to the flea and get her all set up, my favorite thing to do as you probably know :)


(jeanne’s view)

and last but certainly not least is a warm welcome and thank you to my newest sponsor, lora of lora hart designs. she’s a creative genius with a blossoming empire, creating unique pieces that have a sense of history and are modern at the same time. i hope you’ll vist her sites and take a good look around, she’s got a lot going on!

mailgooglecom & lora hart

well kids, that’s it for me tonite. it’s gotta be 3 am and i have to call it a night if i’m going to do anything at all tomorrow besides sleep some more! so sweet dreams and more to come. can you tell i bought flowers? funny how it really only takes one. anyway i reshot all the pics below and met with the fab photogs. they’re back from tokyo tomorrow so we’ll be working together on the project. ok c’est tout pour sure!


April 16, 2009. Tags: , . illustration, Paris Trip.


  1. FrenchBlue replied:

    SO AMAZING! You blow me far far away… I am speehless!
    Keep up your beautiful work! You are keeping so inspired!
    LOVE your pictures especially the maps and the tassels!
    Love you so much!


  2. gatherings home replied:

    That view…spectacular! Can’t wait to see how the apartment turns out! Keep all those lush pics coming. Just stunning.



  3. Casey McCormick replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    I am exhausted for you, but I can also feel the excitement and the passion of the streets of Paris in your words. I love the tips on places to go! I can’t wait to hear more. I contacted Erica after I read your previous post and it looks like she found us a great deal on an amazing apartment in St. Germain. I would be trilled to switch out our hotel for one of her apartments. Enjoy your day off, I am sure you will!
    Bon nuit,


  4. Judith replied:

    I can get a sense of this beautiful season in Paris by your writing! It sounds wonderful and just what was needed! :) I am so happy that you trip is turning out eventful and you are making so many new connections! Isn’t amazing that after spending so much time there over the years you can still go back and have an entirely unique experience!?! I love it! I have been searching and searching for a map just like that and now I know where it has been hiding! Oh well, c’est la vie, I suppose!
    Much love and continued success on your fabulous journey!


  5. theparisapartment replied:

    having this day off is a dream come true! of course i’m feeling a bit guilty but just realized that i deleted a whole couple days of photos. now the challenge as to whether to reshoot or move on…anyway, i’m just glad you’re enjoying them, i’m going to try to be more consistent and post each day but more guests start to arrive tomorrow and you know what that means! love you!


  6. Vicki Archer replied:

    Gorgeous pics Claudia – have a relaxing day off in Paris. That sounds like an oxymoron to me! xv


  7. YSLGuy replied:

    I love your pictures. I can’t wait to see more of the city through your eyes. I absolutely adore that sketch of the vanity!


  8. stilettoheights {Jennifer} replied:

    I am completely smitten with those pencil sketches, and of course they are of wonderful perfect chairs…as I am on a quest for the perfect chair for my living room but cannot find it anywhere.

    have a beautiful day


  9. rochambeau replied:

    Yum!! Such eye candy!
    Thank you Claudia!


  10. NouvelleOrleans replied:

    What a gorgeous blog! Can you post the name and address of the milliner’s shop window you photographed?


  11. Jean replied:

    Wow Claudia! You make me drool with all the beautiful photos! Brings back such memories of my very first time in Paris, which was also in April — 17 years ago! Some day when we take the kids to Paris for the first time, we definitely have to go with you!


  12. theparisapartment replied:

    hi guys, sorry nouvelle, i’ve been really bad about posting the credits. the milliner is utltramod and the address os 3 t 4 rue de choiseul, 75002, paris.
    and jean (my sis in law for those who don’t know her) i would DIE to be here with you and the twins! it would be a dream come true, i can’t stop shopping for them! ok window shopping, but still, let’s do it!


  13. Di Overton replied:

    Wow I hope you are wearing comfortable shoes


  14. theparisapartment replied:

    actually i bought a pair yesterday and got a blister already. you’d think i’d learn. god forbid i wear sneakers or flip flops tho!


  15. CashmereLibrarian replied:

    I don’t know what to say; I’m wonderfully overwhelmed.


  16. Karl replied:

    Congratulations! Your photos of apartments in Paris are extraordinary!


  17. The Red Velvet Shoe replied:

    I really can’t stand it, to visit your blog is like seeing someone from the past who has completely moved on~~untouchable!!!! Seriously, I have to root out this feeling of envy in my heart, to see what you see and be where you are!

    Enjoy and continue sharing the beauty. . .


  18. Milda replied:

    i love the stars on the balcony- its so dreamy and reminds me of one of my own memories as a child when i woke up in a half-asleep dream state and thought I was surrounded by stars, but it was only my sisters glow-stick that had shattered around me….so beautiful. Keep up the pics. I love your details.


  19. We are all made of stars » Milda Bublys replied:

    […] […]


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