going nowhere fast


bonjour gang! hope you’re well and things are going your way. if not, hop on a plane and get over here toute de suite! it was my first day to just stroll around paris with no agenda.


i could have gone to a museum but really just wanted to wander. guess i had a tiny plan subconsciously cause i ended up at some of my favorite haunts looking for books and drawings.


there’s always something incredible tucked in a folder that no one seems to care is a hundred years old.


everything is old here so i guess it’s just de rigeur to the locals. i love to imagine the city as it was, when it was all brand new. well parts were new. funny how the faces of the people seem the same.


i’m normally only on the seine when crossing banks so it was fun to take it all in. the vendors are really uptight about taking photos so i didn’t even bother since i am tired of being yelled at.


but it was fun to wander aimlessly, there are lots of details i miss in a rush. tomorrow two more guests are coming so it will be back to a high energy daily vie.


j’adore french grafitti and it’s easy to miss.


anyway i didn’t score anything better than my treasures from the flea the other day. just kept an eye out for details and sunshine.


oh, and second hand shops. one of my clients is looking for vintage goodies so i needed to check my sources.


anyway since you enjoyed the sketches from the flea i thought you may like to see some more detail. i personally can’t stop looking at them!


there are still a few more there, i’m debating whether to get the rest and put together a little book on chairs cause every style is represented.


to think they can be gone with one swipe of an eraser. it’s hard to believe someone could draw this precisely. but then i can’t draw a thing so this amazes me.


ok well, it’s now 2am and genvieve arrives at 7am so i best hit the hay or i’ll be useless à demain. à bientôt! ps i know i’m making up my own language half the time so please don’t be offended if you’re french :)

April 16, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Chessa replied:

    walking around this city is an adventure in and of itself. of course there are treasures to see in the many beautiful museums but Paris is so gorgeous and rich in culture that the simple act of strolling down the street is a history lesson and a lesson in style and grace. Love the photos! can’t wait to see more and hear more about the trip.


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    well said chessa! i couldn’t really put into words why i felt like if i’m inside a museum i’m missing all the good stuff on the outside, so thank you!


  3. Fifi Flowers replied:

    Ooooh la la how I wish I was truly in Paris… we could meet up in a cafe… sigh! ENJOY your time there! LOVE your photos!


  4. Stephanie replied:

    The shop windows are my favorite. Those handbags….wow! I thought I was going to hyperventilate when I found Gabrielle Geppart at Palais Royale. There were so many vintage treasures there.


  5. Bonnie replied:

    Oh wow I love the sketches! Yes get more, get them all!!!!! Im so glad you are having a great time in Paris! I love seeing the treasures you discover!


  6. twinsgarden replied:

    Wow, amazing inspirations! Thank you!


  7. Di Overton replied:

    To think I could have been wandering around with you :( However I will be there soon. Enjoy, in my absence.
    Di xo


  8. theparisapartment replied:

    you’re with me in spirit, that’s for sure cause i’m thinking of you all. di, when do you get here?


  9. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Paris through your eyes looks beautiful, I guess I would not be able to meet you this time. I’m still trying to plan something but it is hard. I have a big fair at the beginning of MAY.


  10. theparisapartment replied:

    melanie, we WILL meet one day! i’ll just have to find you in the south of france. not too much of an inconvenience! what’s the fair you’re going to be doing in may and where is it?


  11. A replied:

    Just arrived!


  12. Judith replied:

    Oh Claudia! I LOVE to see paris through your eyes! I swear your eyes only see beauty. You have the ability to scope out the best of the best! Flawless! :) Have a great trip my friend!!!


  13. theparisapartment replied:

    what a sweet thing to say, judith! i do try to scope out beauty in the world. i knew it was time to leave ny when i stopped seeing it there. i hope when i go back this may the city and i fall in love again!
    welcome to paris alyssa! what are your plans (besides sleep)? want to meet for un cafe au lait?


  14. Marie Antoinette replied:

    Lovely, inspiring images. I am coming over to Paris in July, so hope to find some treasures half as good as yours!


  15. moggit girls replied:

    The grafitti – to die for! And those purses? OMG.


  16. Nadine Bouler replied:

    I gasped with the handbags– I love seeing Paris through your lens– It must be a totally invigorating way to see the world’s beauty. I look forward to every post. Best, Nadine


  17. meg manion silliker replied:

    well since i can’t be with you, it’s nice to take the journey via your blog and gorgeous shots. heavy sigh….. everything is better in paris. that’s my motto! i want those wooden “mod” letters – how fab are those?!! anything vintage from paris is wonderful – those bags are to die for. i love your shot of the keyhole. that would look cool in black and white. hint hint!! have a continued lovely time. i am so envious!! ps. how did your photo shoot go?! can’t wait for your book. xo


  18. Lauren replied:

    i am so jealous of your availability to simply take a stroll around Paris….I wish I could join. Great pictures


  19. Kelli replied:

    AMAZING photos, BEAUTIFUL finds, WONDERFUL stories… thank you for bringing us along. I do have to say though, reading your daily posts makes my stomach churn in pure yearning to live in the city of light once again. I was so afraid to take pictures when I lived there for fear of being yelled at by owners, strangers and others alike. But now, all I want is to go back and capture all I missed.
    Please give The Diva a hug bisous for me next weekend. I am a tad jealous that you get to see my fabulous friend!


  20. theparisapartment replied:

    i really appreciate your appreciation for paree and the pics! it’s been heaven with the weather so great and all the time in the world to enjoy it all. i’m used to getting yelled at for the photos and now the videos but it’s worth it and i just don’t care! i took some video at the flea and in one of the salons that i’m trying to download now to no avail. it’s so frustrating!


  21. renee finberg replied:

    i am loving all the pics.

    DO I LOOK GREEN ????



  22. kikislc replied:

    DYING to know where that second hand shop is with all the handbags. Do you recall the name of the shop and location? Thank you!


  23. Agnes replied:

    Greetings from Corning, NY often said to be the glas capital of the world.

    I sit here on a Saturday afternoon searching for ways to enhance my bedrom on a budget. How I loved your video and you did capture the chandalier. So beautiful!

    I was searching for an acrylic chair an d a click on a link and I was in Paris and enjoying your narration
    immensely. It was easy to imagine myself there sitting in a cafe sipping some Chardonnay. I look at the clock and it’s time to leave. Thank you so much for the tour.


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