sunday, sunny sunday


happy easter, or passover or just plain sunday everyone! it’s early here and i’m about to make my first move. i’m thrilled to be working with HiP (Haven in Paris), a wonderful company run by an incredibly efficient team and headed up by owner Erica Berman. (more on her dream story later). she put together a fantasy itinerary for me where i’ll be changing apartments every few days, starting with this gorgeous flat:

it’s in the 2e so that’s exciting cause i’ve never stayed there and am looking forward to exploring the nooks and crannies this week. it’s the first on my series for the new book and i’ll be interviewing the owners who put it all together, and taking lots of photos. anyway i’ve got to get going cause i’m meeting laurence there to introduce me to the place. enjoy your day and i’ll be back once i’m settled in!



April 12, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Judith replied:

    Looks dreamy Claudia! I can’t wait to see some pics! You have the BEST life! :) Happy Easter dear friend!!!!


  2. Bonnie replied:

    Wow Claudia! I Just knew it would all work out really well for you. You are so lucky to stay in so many gorgeous places! I’m so happy for you! The Easter Egg cup is magnificent too! Happy Easter! :)


  3. YSLGuy replied:

    I can’t wait to see more pictures of your trip and the wonderful places you will be staying. Happy Easter!


  4. Isabel ~ Maison Douce replied:

    I’m anxious to see more pictures!! Have a wonderful Easter!


  5. Laura Ingalls Gunn replied:

    How wonderfully exciting! Happy Easter!


  6. Stephanie replied:

    Happy Easter! I am thoroughly enjoying your Paris pictures during your trip. It’s always so exciting to see what it looks like right now, in the heart of April. Thank you so much for sharing and bring all the paris apartment tips too. I’m bookmarking like crazy for my next trip!


  7. Fotocaffe replied:

    Scrumptous!!! Happy Easter Claudia.


  8. theparisapartment replied:

    hi gang
    it’s my first easter in 40 something years that i’ve been away from my family and it’s a little weird and sad. but i am spending it in this magnificent apartment so i’ll get over it! still, enjoy your family and loved ones for me and know that i’m thinking of you!


  9. Amy replied:

    The decor in those apartments is so inspiring! Just wait til I show my husband that chandeliers and bathrooms are a great combination! Heeee….


  10. Kirsten replied:

    What a beautiful site! Am putting you on my list of fav blogs! I am another Aries woman (All-Starter-but-not-quite-finisher-of-all-projects!) who spends a great deal of time in Paris. Hope the beauty of the place and your love of the city helps overcome the lonliness of being away from family on a holiday.
    Many fuzzy feelings and good wishes to you!
    (And to feel a little better, watch the short video I posted on my blog. You’ll feel happy in no time!)
    Happy Easter (and dance a little)!


  11. judy Aldridge replied:

    Happy Easter to you! You’re so lucky to stay in these fabulous places. I can’t wait to see more pictures!!


  12. theparisapartment replied:

    hi amy, i am all for chandeliers in bathrooms! and kristen that was a really cute video. more pics tomorrow judy :) for now, bon nuit, hope your day was terrific!


  13. lady jicky replied:

    All I can say is ….WOW!


  14. Casey McCormick replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    I just caught up with your blog and I am inspired and even more excited to go to Paris. The apartments you posted gave me butterflies. They do have a certain je ne sais quoi, your book idea sounds wonderful! I can’t wait to read it. I am so sad that we will be missing each other. I wish you the best trip and can’t wait to see more. Happy belated birthday!
    Bon nuit,


  15. betsy replied:

    I can’t wait to see more! Fab first place! And you’re never alone…we’re just a click or two away.


  16. Raquel Raney replied:

    all this beauty. so lovely.


  17. Karl replied:

    Such a fabulous and charming apartment in the heart of Paris!


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