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bonjour friends, how are you? i miss you and feel so out of touch what with getting this trip together. it’s been all consuming. i admit i do things on the fly and expect great things but it was getting pretty scary there for a sec even for me.


it’s been tricky finding something great on short notice and waking up in a panic is no fun. but miracles do happen, just wait till you see what’s up! i hit the tip of infinity! (more on that later :)


i’ll be in four apartments throughout the trip! i’m looking foward to it cause they’re in different neighborhoods. i’ll just pack light and be ready to jet. it’s not like i have a lot to bring! (maybe i’ll get some scarves and advice from liz)



i’m staying with one of my favorite apartment services, I love Paris Apartments run by Porter Scott who among many things is also a gifted writer. i love reading his descriptions of the apartments and their histories.


we met a few years ago and clicked right off the bat. i thought of him as my male counterpart cause somehow he was just like me. well, maybe not me yet, but he’s into antiques, does tours, restorations, property management, real estate sales, and runs the company overseeing all of these beautiful apartments.


his collection is in the 1st through 6th arrondissements, right in the middle of everything but all tucked away on tiny side streets and courtyards. you know the big doors we all love? they’re back there!



st andre



i think he has a dream job! anyway he couldn’t be nicer or more helpful, i know because i test him all the time :)


each apartment is immaculate and has just what’s needed.


and each has its own personality after a few hundred years.




yet some seem as new as morning dew.



i’ve seen a few of these in person and hope to visit even more to shoot and include in the book.

you really have to go through them all on the site, it’s a great resource.




this is the one i’ll be staying in for my first few days (below).



fact is, they’re all real gems.

he even has a place in the loire valley that looks really inviting for a summer trip.


it’s both cozy and classic



Thanks, Porter for always being there!

To inquire about an apartment or for more information regarding services including:

  • Relocation Conferences, Publications & Consulting
  • Property Purchase Consulting, Search and Identification Services
  • Property Renovation, Antiques and Furnishing
  • Property Rental Management
  • Antique Market Tours and Buying Trips
  • Select Antiques for Sale

Contact Porter Scott, Manager in Paris

ok well that’s it for tonite. it’s almost midnuit and it’s my b’day tomorrow so gotta get some zzz’s. sweet dreams!

April 7, 2009. Paris Apartments, Paris Hotels, Paris Trip, Photography, Projects.


  1. Stephanie replied:

    I have coveted that St. Andre apartment on their website for months now. I want to stay there next time I go. It’s nice to know that you know them!


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    hi stephanie.
    i hope i get to see that one in person, it looks like a mini castle!


  3. Nadine Bouler replied:

    i once booked a lovely place in Montreal thinking it was a self-catering apartment, but I was actually in the hostel end of the place… sharing a bathroom with a floor, and all that entails. You seem much more careful than I was, though I have a great woe is me story to tell.


  4. theparisapartment replied:

    hey nadine, i know what you mean, that’s why i like going to see all the apartments i recommend first hand!


  5. Paul replied:

    Looks great Claudia – have a great time!


  6. theparisapartment replied:

    merci paul! i’ll go to a hemingway spot in your honor. any suggestions?


  7. Judith replied:

    Have a SUPER HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAUDIA!!!! Have a special and wonderful day today my sweet! Wishing you all the best and be sure to make a very special wish!
    *sigh* those apt’s are dreamy!


  8. Linda replied:

    An Aries, comme moi! Happy birthday.


  9. gatherings home replied:

    Happy Birthday Claudia!! May all your wishes come true :)



  10. Vanya replied:



  11. theparisapartment replied:

    good morning~i just woke up to find these gifts! it’s already a great birthday thanks to your good wishes! (ps linda, when’s you’re b’day aires girl)?


  12. Ivory Pearl Interiors replied:

    I love the St Andre apartment. It’s lovely!


  13. Carol replied:

    Happy Birthday!!
    and many more……..


  14. angela replied:

    oh my gosh, do you love your life or what! What an exciting time you will have.


  15. Lynn replied:



  16. theparisapartment replied:

    hi angela, you’re all still invited you know! thanks for the good thoughts darling friends!!


  17. Maddio replied:

    Thank you so much for bringing this website to my attention! We’re considering a trip to France this fall for my mom’s birthday, and an apartment would be ideal! Not to mention, these are GORGEOUS! Tres bien!


  18. Amy replied:

    Great resources. Thanks!

    Have a wonderful birthday:-)


  19. Carla replied:

    Gosh, what beautiful apartments. I live in the Marais but mines a little more wacky than these beauties. Carla


  20. theparisapartment replied:

    merci mes amis! the sun is shining, it’s a great day!
    carla, you’re in the marais? shouldn’t we make a date to have un cafe?


  21. Bonnie replied:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAUDIA! I hope you have a wonderful day and that all your birthday wishes come true!


  22. lora replied:

    Oh, insert annoying whine here! I wanna go too. Wahhh…..

    These are all so lovely. Thanks for sharing them. Makes me want to re decorate my tiny home. And Bonne Anniversiare! Many Happy Returns of the Day! Sweet to be celebrating in your favorite city.


  23. theparisapartment replied:

    as i mentioned you’re still invited! airfares are down so just do it! i know what you mean about these little places packing so much punch. i want to redecorate every time i see a new one!


  24. My Melange replied:

    Ah, stopped in for a nightly Paris pick-me-up and as usual- you don’t disappoint!

    Thanks…have fun on your trip. Say hi to Paris for me. Better yet, say Bonjour ;)


  25. petunia replied:

    I hope you had a FAB Birthday! And I sure do love the place you’ll be spending a few nights in! All of them…amazing!


  26. zelda replied:

    birthdayyy !!? in Paris lucky girl.
    actually because I’m oppening an office in Damas I need to rent a house and my choice is the old Damascus arabian house with the internal courtyard . it’s a blast ! an othe version of Riad of moroco. I will go french style furniture it will be the talk of the town .. inchalla ! and you are most wellcom asap I’m settle … a far away paris-appartment-in-Damas … why not .


  27. YSLGuy replied:


    I love the one you are going to be staying at. I have been looking at rentals at paris stays. I will have to check out this site as well.

    Thank you.


  28. theparisapartment replied:

    hi all, thank you! my birthday was a ton of fun! we’re about to take off so i’ll be writing from the other side when we meet again! love c


  29. Tanya replied:


    That lovely apartment that you’re going to be staying in is my very first find as a property search expert in Paris. I put the apartment in Porter’s capable hands and it’s thriving! I love that apartment, it was a real coup de coeur for both me and the owner!
    Funny thing is that I’m now working with Bonapart…

    But I’m proud of every apartment that I’ve ever found for each of my clients!


  30. FrenchBlue replied:

    Kiss kiss xx’s I love you…. Travel and distance does not separate. We are all connected on the same satin ribbon:)


  31. theparisapartment replied:

    hi guys! i made it! paris is as beautiful as ever and not to chilly thank god. it’s like 5am back home so i’m about to take a power nap before i check out the scene. it’s a different place each time i come.
    tanya, that is just too random a coincidence! i’d love to hear more about what you did, are doing and want to do!
    frenchy, no one can tear us apart!
    and so, to bed!


  32. Jen replied:

    Happy Birthday and I hope you enjoy your stay! I’ve looked at sites like this for apartment rentals in Paris and thought they were too good to be true! The prices are usually quite reasonable in comparison to hotels. The decor is always so “Paris…”


  33. renee finberg replied:

    find ‘ FIFI’ she is there too.


  34. Chessa replied:

    Rue de Buci is one of my favorites in Paris. I think that the next time I go I will have to call your friend rather than stay in a hotel:)


  35. Apartment in Paris replied:

    wow what a nice seen i was more happy to read your article


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